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Best Kpop band of 2016?

Which is the best Kpop band of 2016?
According to the Korean Music Shows, the most popular bands of 2016 were: G-Friend, Twice, EXO, Red Velvet, BTS, GOT7, MAMAMOO, VIXX, IOI and CNBlue.

We all know which bands got the most award wins in music shows during 2016, but regardless the number of trophees they got, which one out of these “most awarded” bands of the year impressed you the most? Which is the best Kpop band of 2016 in your opinion?


With a total of 29 wins in 2016, GFRIEND became the no. 1 girl group in K-pop history for music show wins in a single year.


With two popular singles in 2016, Twice ended the year with 23 music program awards.

EXO 17 wins
EXO ended 2016 with 17 music program trophies.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet got a total of 11 music program victories in 2016.


BTS got 10 wins in 2016.


GOT7 gathered 9 wins in 2016.


MAMAMOO also did well, with 9 wins.


The guys fromVIXX ended 2016 with a total of 8 music program wins.


IOI did extremely good for a rookie group, ending the year with 8 wins.


CNBLUE got 6 wins, pretty impressive as well!

Best Kpop band of 2016? (You can vote up to 3 bands)

Who’s the most popular band of 2016? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Exotic

    They didnt get the most wins this year, but for me still EXO remains no. 11

  • Mine_E

    Twice is the best for me!

  • Gladyato Haise

    full power ARMY!❤

  • Gladyato Haise


  • Famery

    GOT7 and Twice! JYP power!

  • Lili yaya

    I’m in a dilemma to vote this bcoz i know exo n still in them .but now ,i like most all of this list .by the way ,i wish 4 gudluck to all kpop group.

  • Bts Army’s

    #BTS #ARMY #HWAITING !!!!!

  • Andisa Nakani

    lol exo is 4th

  • Jungkook Chanyeol
  • wey

    for me is G-Friend! after all they got the most wins!

  • Lahelia

    Yes for me too. They worked really hard and had a lot of succes. Plus they are so cute and friendly ^^

  • kun_ge

    BTS owned 2016 for me

  • Eni Sentei Khiangte

    BTS always… 💓💓

  • Taehyung is life

    BTS for life

  • BTS fighting..

  • Howlia Frost

    She just said that she like Twice..what’s wrong with that? You haters are so immature and you hate for the dumbest reasons and ruin the moment.

  • Howlia Frost

    Enjoy being a b to everyone

  • RAWR :3

    Which means she likes untalented people.

  • RAWR :3

    What? It’s true. SM are racists; they treated the chinese members worse than the korean; that’s why 2 people left. Just the truth.

  • BTS❤️❤️

    Kim Namjoon
    Kim Seokjin
    Min Yoongi
    Jung Hoseok
    Park Jimin
    Kim Taehyung
    Jeon Jungkook

  • Food

    So you like Rosa Parks? She fought against racism yet here you are spreading hate and Racism to Chinese members of other groups. Hypocrite. Enjoy being a retarded non diverse nationalist. Loser.

  • Food

    Do you hate Chinese that you would say such words?

  • twiny


  • Kpop’ s Jams

    No BTS after all they won artist of the year!

  • ThatBoy Dino

    – Sure I agree these dominant groups had great comebacks
    – Had great album sales
    – And they were received well by the public
    But this poll is clearly plagued with subjective favoritism instead of an objective compliance.

  • ThatBoy Dino

    Your the perfect example of an imperfect kpop fan

  • Lee Var Payawal Antolijao

    BTS FOR ME !!!!!!!!!!
    GO BTS !!!!!!!
    FIGHTING !!!!!!!
    A.R.M.Y HERE !!!!!!

  • Amy, Got7 is life i <3 jackson

    I LOVE EXO, BTS AND GOT7 you go guys! I’m disappointed with what got7 got and bts please do your best (even though u did)

  • Aysha thaziya

    You really like to put your nose on other people matter na….you people judge others from what you saw in the front……if you really think so lay/yixing would have left too then y didn’t he ah??? Id8 understand and think spit utter nonsense…if they lest its because they had their own intention behind it

  • okay, untalented? we respect your opinion but if they’re untalented why do you even bother to pay attention to them?

  • Roudyy2005

    So what?

  • Maebara Kaia

    ya’ll gotta admit all o these groups did a pretty good job

  • Chaelisa is life
  • sophia


  • Elizabeth Feirouz

    thats with almost every pole, and annoys me so much

  • Hana

    So what they’re number one in my heart

  • Anouk Van Dijken

    i.o.i was the best i miss them

  • AERİ


  • Kim Joo Ron


  • xiuchenny

    ikr its really overrated tbh

  • xiuchenny

    same ^-^

  • IArmyOnce7
  • Aragorn Lee

    I hate how people can’t sit there for a second and think “Even though I like Bts, Gfriend got over double the amount of wins, whilst BTS is my favourite Gfriend should be picked” but no. Y’all gotta be like “omg BTS and EXO are the best groups my Junkookie omg” Ugh girl please BTS isn’t the only Kpop group y’know.

  • YoonTaeKyung

    I’m so fuckin done with thse ARMYS (ofc not all of them but it’s like 99.9% of them)
    They’re acting like BTS is the best in everything and they always put them on top of everything especially if it’s about votes, and I really hate voting sht because BTS will always be on the top and even if they release sht, armys will still support it and stream the mv to make them look better? idk why does the views really matters when we all know that ARMYs always stream BTS videos…

  • Aragorn Lee

    IKR! BTS is an amazing group but for the likes of MAMA n all that. They were picked for everything can could be picked for. It’s because you have all those people that are into only one group and only vote for them. SMH.

  • kandyce4ever

    That is there opinion. They may not have liked Gfriend’ssong in 2016 so don’t get mad based on other people’s opinion’s because that isn’t fair