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Who rocks orange hair? (Kpop female edition)

Who rocks orange hair? (Kpop female edition)

Orange is a definitely a hard color to pull off. However these Korean idols rock it. From light shades to vibrant orange, their colorful appearance just brightens your mood. Let’s see which Kpop girl band or single singer idol looks best with orange hair. 🙂

Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Tiffany (Girls’ Generation)

Yoona (Girls’ Generation)

Seohyun (Girls’ Generation)

Yenny (Wonder Girls)

Park Bom (2NE1)

Gyuri (Kara)

Jihyun (ex 4Minute)

Hyuna (ex 4Minute)

Qri (T-Ara)

Jiyeon (T-Ara)

Krystal (f (x) )



Suzy (Miss A)

Jia (ex Miss A)

Shin Yoonjo (Hello Venus)


Hyorin (SISTAR)

Soyou (SISTAR)

Hyosung (Secret)

Sunhwa (ex Secret)

Yura (Girl’s Day)

Hayoung (APink)

Hani (EXID)

Jeonghwa (EXID)

Solji (EXID)

Jimin (AOA)

Irene (Red Velvet)

Joy (Red Velvet)

Yeri (Red Velvet)

Kei (Lovelyz)

Hwasa (Mamamoo)


Mina (Twice)

Dahyun (Twice)

Chaeyoung (Twice)

Mina (I.O.I)

Jieqiong (Pristin)

Sally (Gugudan)

Rose (Black Pink)

Jenny (DIA)

NOTE: Please don’t ask for new entries in the poll, especially if that specific band already has a member listed. We know there are a lot of other Kpop idols who could be added to this poll, but with each new picture added, the page loads even slower for the visitors with slow internet connections. So, please be understanding! Thanks! 🙂

Who rocks orange hair? (Female version)

What’s your opinion? Which kpop female idol look the best with orange hair? Fell free to detail your choice in the comments below. If your bias isn’t listed in the poll, feel free to share her pic with the community in the comments section.