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Who is the best dancer in Seventeen?

Who is the best dancer in Seventeen?

Who is the best dancer in Seventeen?

Post by YoonTaeKyung

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Who’s the best dancer in Seventeen in your opinion? Feel free to comment below🙂!

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  • Without a doubt…The8

  • mereee

    Im glad dino is getting the recognition he deserves, but why tf does jun have only 50 votes? he aint in the performace team for nothing

  • mateo 🇺🇾

    Dino, Hoshi, Jun and Minghao

  • carm3n

    omg whoever made this is a legend

  • Caratzen

    When you realize carats looks at the vocal unit to have better dancers than the performance unit

  • Abouud

    Can you add one more spot ” All of the above” coz I can’t decide they’re all best dancers

  • carm3n

    Dino is such a good dancer.

  • YoonTaeKyung

    It has been added, thanks for the suggestion:)

  • Ls

    I’m surprised Woozi isn’t right below the performance team! Woozi could easily have been part of the performance team if he weren’t so good with songs and production. Pay attention to his moves, folks! He is powerful, balanced, sharp and coordinated.

  • Ls

    It’s really hard to choose between performance team members!
    One of the things I find really important in dancing is expression, and aside from all his choreographing work, Hoshi wins this category for me. You can see it in backstage segments when he casually mimes things through dance, but what really struck me was that episode (4?) of Seventeen Project where the three units had to perform separately on a kind of outdoor stage. Performance unit was on chairs, with a musical montage that sounded like they were going on a road trip, listening to the radio, swaying as their car moved. Their car crashed and Hoshi got out of the driver side door and danced to the sound of an angry yelling person’s voice, I don’t even know what was going on but Hoshi somehow /danced/ road rage.

  • carat cute

    I’m just wondering why Vernon is under Jeonghan and Joshua …same for Woozi :/ .. because I think that they are really good dancers along with the performance team (of course) 🙂 but both of them were supposed to be in the performance team so I don’t get it .. plus Boo is really good too (I saw some vids of him doing a solo performance) ..

  • carm3n

    Maybe people want to show that Joshua and Jeonghan have really been improving since pre-debut and debut.

  • carm3n

    Please vote for who you actually think is the best dancer in SVT not your bias you can pick up to three

  • XxNoJamsxX

    To be honest I think Hoshi actually, he isn’t my bias tho

  • carm3n

    yeah but people are voting for their biases and joshua isnt on the level of vernon and woozi

  • carat cute

    yeah maybe 🙂 but I hope not because it’s not about improving at all .. if it was like that, everyone deserve in the group because they all improved since pre-debut.. some of them are pretty good too but really underrated like DK who was also part of the performance team in Isaac 2017 for the aerobic dance.. or Seungkwan who is last but not bad at all :/ …

  • carm3n

    yeah there all great i cant see a difference between jun, jeonghans and joshuas dancing.

  • Kenneth Tyler

    Finally why is woozi not lead dancer like come on PLEDIS he is my bias but the reason he is my bias is because of his dancing