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Baby Zhang Profile and Facts

Baby Zhang Profile and Facts

Baby Zhang is a Chinese actress, voice actress and solo singer. She debuted as a solo singer in 2005 with the EP “我很张含韵”. She was a contestant in the survival show Sisters Who Make Waves.

Fandom Name: —
Fandom Color: grass green

Baby Zhang Official Accounts:
Personal Weibo: 张含韵
Her studio Weibo: 张含韵工作室

Stage Name: Baby Zhang
Birth Name: Zhang Hanyun (张含韵)
English Name: Kristy Zhang
Birthday: April 9, 1989
Astrological Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Height: 162 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type: AB

Baby Zhang Facts:
– Her hometown is Deyang, Sichuan province, mainland China.
– Graduated from Central Academy of Drama and Sichuan Normal University.
– Nicknames: Rhymer, Obedient Rhymer, Big Zhang Bao, Zhang Xiaohua.
– She can rap, play piano and guzheng.
– She is known for her voice acting skills.
– She was a contestant in a singing survival show Super Girl in 2004. She got the second place.

Baby Zhang Filmography:
Waves Hitting the End of the World (浪击天涯) | 2007 – Jiang Shu
– Dragon Phoenix Lucky (龙凤呈祥) | 2009 – Jiang Xixi
– Andox & Box (安逗与黑仔) | 2010 – Huhu/Youyou
– Marvelous Family (奇异家庭) | 2012 – Du Xiaoban
– Singing When We Are Young (初恋未满) | 2013 – Dong Jiujiu
– Because Love is Sunny (因为爱情有多美) | 2013 – Qi Qi
– Xiao Shi Yi Lang (新萧十一郎/蕭十一郎) | 2016 – Xiao Gongzi
– Princess of Lanling King (兰陵王妃) | 2016 – Yuan Qingsuo
– The Story of Minglan (知否知否应是绿肥红瘦) | 2018 – Sheng Shulan
– The Legends of Chong Er (重耳传奇) | 2019 – Qi Jiang
– Delicious Romance (爱很美味) | 2021 – Fang Xin
– The Grand Merchants (一代洪商) | 2022 – Liu Tian Juan
– The Lady In Butcher’s House (玉面桃花总相逢) | 2022 – Hu Jiao
– Her World (她的城) | 2023 – Ying Xiao Mei
– The Love of Hypnosis (南烟斋笔录) | 2024 – Dai Wanqing
– Delicious Romance: The Movie (爱很美味 电影版) | 2023 – Fang Xin

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