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AVOKID Profile & Facts

AVOKID Profile: AVOKID Facts and Ideal Type

AVOKID (에이보키드) is an independent singer-songwriter. She debuted on April 10, 2019, with the digital single “Color”.

Stage Name: AVOKID (에이보키드)
Birth Name: No Ju-ae (노주애)
Birthday: April 18, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Instagram: @av0kid
Twitter: @av0kid
SoundCloud: avokid
Spotify: AVOKID
Apple Music: Avokid
YouTube: AVOKID 에이보키드

— She speaks a little bit of English.
— She’s active as a musician since 2010.
— Her stage name is AVOKID because she likes avocados.
— She has a dog named Hari since 2018 and it’s a girl.
— She is friends with BOiTELLO after he messaged her first on Instagram to collaborate together.
— She loves documenting beautiful things.
— New York City is the city of her dreams. She visited it once.
— Her business email is [email protected]
— She is a big fan of OnlyOneOf member Love.
— She likes grass and leaves more than flowers.
— She creates and produces songs for other artists.
— When she writes for other people she looks at it from their perspective.
— She learned singing in high school.
— Her mom recommended her singing.
— As an independent artist, sometimes she feels abandoned but also free.
— Personally, she thinks that she’s better at composing than writing lyrics.
— When she searches her name online she wants to delete her picture, height, and weight.
— She’s into playing Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch. She can spend up to 8 hours playing it.
— She would rather hear that she has a good voice than a good song.
— If she wasn’t a singer right now, she thinks she would be a producer.
— She learned how to make beats on YouTube.
— An artist she would like to work with is Justin Bieber.
— Her way of relieving stress is traveling.
— The best vacation spot she went to is Đà Nẵng, Vietnam.
— She visited Turkey.
— After starting music she was the happiest with it when all songs she worked on got released.
— Something she wants to archive before the year 2020 ends, is to release a single in December that she already has prepared.
— When writing songs she starts with beats first then lyrics because she cares about the vibe of the song.
— She gets inspiration from traveling.
— Her role model is Justin Bieber.
— She sang an OST for the drama “Dr. Prisoner” in 2019.
— When she’s stuck she watches videos of artists she likes.
— She’s a very active person so when she gets famous, she’d like to appear on variety shows like “Running Man”.
— She follows at home work out videos.
— Her own song “Deep Water” means the most to her because it talks about how everyone looks bright on the outside but feels lonely on the inside.
—  Something that she wants to tell her fans is to keep showing her support.
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