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Nieah Profile & Facts

Nieah Profile & Facts

Nieah (니아) is a South Korean R&B singer and songwriter who debuted in 2013 with the digital single album Belief.

Stage Name: Nieah (니아)
Birth Name: Yeom Hyein (염혜인)
Birthday: N/A
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Twitter: iamnieah (inactive)
Instagram: iamnieah
SoundCloud: NIEAH

Nieah Facts:
— Her stage name “Nieah” is the reverse of “Haein”
— She’s wholly involved in creating her own music. She’s part of the ChillWithUs team, consisting of her, Jay Dope and Mute
— She never thought she’d ever work with Jay Dope and Mute. Still, they met at school and had similar music interests; so, they interacted frequently. They decided to name their crew ChillWithUs after five months of working together
— She and her crew get along very well to the point that they prefer the exact same tracks on an album, which makes it easier for them to work together and better with each other
— Although she never set her mind on becoming a musician, she loved singing since she was young
— She gets inspiration from songs she likes listening to
— She wants to be someone who inspires other
— She’s currently the only member in her family doing music, but her parents still support her as they say it’s natural that she does music
— Her deceased grandmother used to do Korean traditional music
— She has considered offers for stage collaborations, but still finds the songwriting part more enjoyable
— When she was 13, she had a chance to hear songs by Stevie Wonder and found them different from the Korean music she used to listen to. She has since started to discover more R&B music and listen to it
— She believed the way music is taught in South Korea tends to stick to the traditional way and she was uncomfortable conforming to it
— When she writes music, she always starts with the melody. Whenever lyrics come into her mind, she writes them down on her iPhone
—Most of the songs she writes are set with their own concepts right at the beginning but can turn out different from original expectations
— She finds it hard to ask people to work with her. As a result, she has never contacted artists she doesn’t know. The artists who have featured in her songs so far (such as Kamo, KittiB, Jay Dope and Rick Bridges) are close acquaintances or friends of friends
— She’d like to collaborate with Jay Park and Sik-K
— She uses YouTube and SoundCloud to show her music to the audience, but believes she needs more ideas to promote it
— She likes listening to 6LACK, 11:11 and H.E.R
— She likes drawing. Even though she has only done scribbles so far, she’d like to do it professionally later on
— She was a member of the Amourette crew with KittiB, Hoody and Nam Seri

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