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October 2021 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

If there’s any songs I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.) (OST’s Not Included) (Always listed by Title Track & not album name).

⤑ September 20th ⬸
Yang Yoseob [HIGHLIGHT] ║〘BRAIN〙[Solo Release]
Yukika ║〘Loving You〙[Release]

⤑ September 22nd ⬸
Lee Honggi [FT ISLAND] ║〘DRAWING〙[Japanese Release]

⤑ September 23rd ⬸
Beautybox ║〘RAT A TAT〙[Debut]
CHANMINA 〘ハレンチ[Comeback]
Chillin Homie ║〘CHRISTIAN DIOR (ft. Octavian) | BUSINESS IS BUSINESS (ft. Oygli, Raf Sandou, Ourrealgoat)〙[Comeback]
WJSN ║〘Let Me In[Release]
Stray Kids ║〘ソリクン (Thunderous)[Japanese Release]
Woosung [The Rose] ║〘Dimples〙[Solo Comeback]

⤑ September 24th ⬸
ITZY ║〘LOCO〙[Comeback]
Coldplay and BTS ║〘My Universe〙[Collab Release]

⤑ September 25th ⬸
PIXY ║〘Still with me〙[Pre-Release]
Hanse [Victon] ║〘Take Over〙[Solo Debut]
SKYLIZE ║〘SKYLIGHT〙[Pre-Debut Release]

⤑ September 26th ⬸
Qri [T-ARA]║〘SURI SURI〙[Solo Debut]

⤑ September 27th ⬸
ITZY ║〘SWIPE〙[Release]
Key [SHINee] ║〘BAD LOVE〙[Comeback]
Dowoon [DAY6] ║〘문득 (with. Song Heejin)[Solo Debut]
NIK ║〘Santa Monica[Korean Debut]
AB6IX ║〘CHERRY[Comeback]
RHEA ║〘Time Travel[Debut]

⤑ September 28th ⬸
Ciipher ║〘콩깍지 (Blind)〙[Comeback]

⤑ September 29th ⬸
2PM ║〘僕とまた (With Me Again〙[Japanese Release]
HOT ISSUE ║〘Icons〙[Comeback]
Kim Woojin ║〘in my space〙[Release]
E’LAST ║〘Dark Dream〙[Comeback]
CL ║〘Lover Like Me〙[Release]
Ungjae [IMFACT] ║〘Drama〙[Pre-Release]
Soup ║〘SRR(스르르)(zZZ)(ft. Hong Euijin(홍의진))〙[Collab Release]

⤑ September 30th ⬸
ARIAZ ║〘Hot & Cold〙[Comeback]
SKYLE ║〘DA DA DA〙[Release]


🌪 October 1st 🌪
TWICE ║〘The Feels〙[English Release]
☠EXN ║〘THUG (ft. Punchnello)〙[Release]
☠ADG7 ║〘Get Together〙[Release]
☠Ash Island ║〘Play (prod. TOIL)〙[Release]
☠B.I x Bipolar Sunshine x Afgan ║〘Lost At Sea (illa illa)〙[Release]
☠WEi ║〘반 고흐의 밤 (Starry Night) (prod. dress)〙[Release]

🌪 October 2nd 🌪
ron ║〘Einstein〙[Release]
Lee Seung Yoon ║〘BENCH PRESS (벤치프레스 (밀어붙여))〙[Release]
ATEEZ ║〘Eternal Sunshine〙[Release]
羽多野渉 (Wataru Hatano) ║〘Breakers〙[Release]

🌪 October 3rd 🌪
JT ║〘Color〙[Release]

🌪 October 4th 🌪
Jung DongHa ║〘Imagine (너의 모습)〙[Release]
LU4US ║〘MY LOVE〙[Release]

🌪 October 5th 🌪
Aespa ║〘Savage〙[Comeback]
Youngjae [GOT7] ║〘Vibin’〙[Solo Debut]
WOODZ ║〘Kiss of Fire | Waiting〙[Comeback]
GoldenChild ║〘DDARA〙[Comeback]
Super Junior D&E ║〘-8〙[Comeback]

🌪 October 6th 🌪
Blitzers ║〘실수 좀 할게 (Will Make a Mistake)〙[Comeback]
NIK ║〘Santa Monica | Universe〙[Japanese Debut]
N.Flying ║〘Sober〙[Comeback]
Luna ║〘Madonna〙[Comeback]
OKDAL ║〘푸른밤 (Blue Night)〙[Comeback]
Stray Kids ║〘Scars〙[Japanese Release]
Hyuk ║〘Sometime〙[Release]

🌪 October 7th 🌪
Craxy ║〘GAIA〙[Comeback]
PIXY ║〘Addicted〙[Comeback]
Jo Yuri ║〘GLASSY〙[Debut]
BANDAGE ║〘Youth21〙[Release]
Lay [EXO] ║〘(三昧真火 (Samadhi Real Fire (ft. GALI))〙[Pre-Release]

🌪 October 10th 🌪
ZSunder ║〘Luminescence〙[Release]

🌪 October 11th 🌪
Raiden ║〘Love Right Back〙[Debut]
Sunmi ║〘Go or Stop?〙[Release]

🌪 October 12th 🌪
Enhypen ║〘Tamed-Dashed〙[Comeback]
TRI.BE ║〘우주로 (Would You Run)〙[Comeback]
KANGTA ║〘아마 (Maybe)〙[Release]

🌪 October 13th 🌪
LIGHTSUM ║〘Vivace〙[Comeback]
OWV ║〘CHASER〙[Comeback]
DEEP SQUAD ║〘変わりゆくもの変わらないもの〙[Release]
SKY-HI ║〘Good 4 You (ft. DABOYWAY)〙[Comeback]
Kim Gihyeon ║〘너와 나로 채워지던 모든 날〙[Debut]
Donghae [Super Junior] ║〘California Love〙[Solo Release]
Jessi ║〘Cold Blooded (with SWF)〙[Release]
BUDDiiS ║〘To The Top〙[Release]
TAEKO ║〘I’ll Be There〙[Release]
Stray Kids ║〘CALL〙[Release]
Chancellor ║〘Midnight (ft.Gaeko)〙[Comeback]

🌪 October 14th 🌪
Peach Day ║〘솜사탕 (Cotton Candy)〙[Debut]
Giriboy ║〘You Turned Around (그리고 돌아섰다)〙[Comeback]
JT & Marcus ║〘너에게 닿기를(Dear you)〙[Debut]
Blackswan ║〘Close To Me〙[Comeback]
ROTHY ║〘COLD LOVE〙[Comeback]

🌪 October 15th 🌪
ØMI [J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE Tribe] ║〘You (Prod.SUGA of BTS)〙[Release]
Eric Nam ║〘I Don’t Know you Anymore〙[Release]
Meng Meiqi ║〘MUTE〙[Solo Release]
LOONA ║〘Hula Hoop〙[Release]
4EVE ║〘Booty Bomb〙[Release]
HYNN ║〘To You (Prod. JUNGKEY(정키))〙[Release]

🌪 October 16th 🌪
Oh HeeJun [KNK] ║〘밤 (Night)〙[Release]

🌪 October 18th 🌪
Choi Suhwan ║〘NEW HERO (ft. Layone)〙[Release]
Lee Jinhyuk [UP10TION] ║〘Work Work〙[Comeback]
DAVICHI ║〘나의 첫사랑 (First Loss)〙[Comeback]
from20 ║〘가을 어쩌고 F**k You〙[Comeback]
LUMINOUS ║〘Home Alone〙[Release]
Kim Jeonguk ║〘lullaby〙[Release]
THE RAMPAGE from EXILE Tribe ║〘No Limit〙[Release]
Coldplay x BTS ║〘My Universe (SUGA’s Remix)〙[Remix Release]
CherryB ║〘hello (ft. 이민혁(Lee MinHyuk) (HUTA)〙[Release]
Raiden ║〘SIDE EFFECT (ft. Miyeon (G)I-DLE))〙[Release]

🌪 October 19th 🌪
Nam Woohyun [INFINITE] ║〘Calm & Passion(냉정과 열정 사이)〙[Solo Comeback]
IU ║〘strawberry moon〙[Release]
Xydo ║〘아이(ft. 민서)〙[Release]
Myssong ║〘Midnight〙[Release]
GIRIBOY ║〘That’s How We Ended Up (우린 결국 그렇게) (ft. Seori)〙[Comeback]

🌪 October 20th 🌪
CNBLUE ║〘싹둑 (Love Cut)〙[Comeback]

Huh! ║〘ᗰᗷT〙[Release]
Yohee ║〘說出口〙[Release]
RoV X ALLY X AR3NA ║〘Ride On〙[Collab Release]
CL ║〘Tie a Cherry〙[Release]
INI ║〘Brighter〙[Release]
CHOOONiYONGi (후니용이) ║〘Welcome (어서오세요) (ft. ChangMin Lee(이창민) Of 2AM)〙[Release]
EUNHYUK [Super Junior] ║〘be〙[Solo Release]

🌪 October 21st 🌪
Kingdom ║〘Black Crown〙[Comeback]
MIND U ║〘When The Morning Comes (아침)〙[Comeback]
Lim SangHyun ║〘이럴거면 (I’d Rather)〙[Comeback]
BLITZEN ║〘What’s That About〙[Debut]
JUNGKEY ║〘Alone (ft. Gsoul)〙[Release]
JERO ║〘Think about you〙[Release]
잔 파엘 Jan Fael ║〘INSM (ft. Chiban)〙[Release]
BÍCH PHƯƠNG ║〘nằm ngủ emru〙[Release]
F.HERO x MILLI ║〘Mirror Mirror (ft. Changbin of Stray Kids) (Prod. By NINO)〙[Collab Release]

🌪 October 22nd 🌪
Seventeen ║〘Rock with You〙[Comeback]
Keshi ║〘SOMEBODY〙[Release]
PLUMA ║〘freaky〙[Release]
PIXY ║〘Moonlight〙[Release]
DJSnake & Ozuna x Lisa x MeganTheeStallion ║〘SG〙[Collab Release]

🌪 October 23rd 🌪
Woo Taewoon x IONE ║〘알아줘 (YouKnow)〙[Collab Release]
BXW ║〘ONE〙[Release]

🌪 October 24th 🌪
신용재 (Shin YongJae) [2F] x 고백 프로젝트 ║〘고백〙[Release]

🌪 October 25th 🌪
bugAboo ║〘bugAboo〙[Debut]
Kaachi ║〘Get Up〙[Comeback]
Epik High ║〘Face ID Face ID (ft. GIRIBOY, Sik-K, JUSTHIS)〙[Comeback]
NCT 127 ║〘Favorite〙[Comeback]

🌪 October 26th 🌪
EPEX ║〘Do 4 Me〙[Comeback]
DreamNote ║〘Ghost〙[Comeback]
BOL4 ║〘Butterfly Effect〙[Comeback]
XRO ║〘ALL IN〙[Comeback]

🌪 October 27th 🌪
Wonho ║〘On The Way ~ Embrace ~〙[Japanese Debut]
Ailee ║〘가르치지마〙[Comeback]
BUGVEL ║〘Warning/彩雲〙[Debut]
JUST B ║〘TICK TOCK〙[Comeback]
Secret Number║〘Fire Saturday〙[Comeback]

🌪 October 28th 🌪
Park Jihoon ║〘Serious〙[Comeback]
DKB ║〘-〙[Comeback]
Lee Youngbin ║〘-〙[Debut]

🌪 October 29th 🌪
MINIMANI ║〘-〙[Comeback]
SOMI ║〘XOXO〙[Comeback]
Son Taejin [Forte di Quattro] x Wendy [Red Velvet]║〘-〙[Collab Release]
Taeho [IMFACT] ║〘Tell Me〙[Solo Release]

🌪 October 30th 🌪
BXW ║〘EMOTION〙[Release]


  • HOWZ
  • NCT New Unit (NCT Hollywood)
  • WD Trainees
  • BNK48
  • Rocking Doll
  • Purplebeck
  • DIA (?)
  • Monika
  • Kang Daniel
  • (G)I-dle
  • Big Dipper
  • RHEA
  • Black Level
  • Everglow
  • Dawn
  • HyunA
  • Hwasa
  • Weki Meki
  • Ex9
  • Chawon [AWEEK]
  • MVP
  • Kep1er
  • Hyeran ║〘Have A Niceday〙(2021) *Debut
  • Hyomin [T-ARA] 
  • JTG Entertainment New Boy Group
  • Yuehua Entertainment New Boy Group
  • IOK Company New Boy Group
  • MNH Entertainment New Boy Group
  • BK Planet New Boy Group
  • Starcom Entertainment New Boy Group
  • nCH Entertainment New Boy Group
  • ———————————————
  • I’ve (Second half of 2021) *Debut 
  • MIRAE (2021) *Japanese Release
  • Evermore Muse (2021)
  • MAXIMUM (2021)
  • GAIA (2021)
  • Bugvel (2021)
  • 05Class (2021)
  • Evermore (2021)
  • Kevin Woo (2021)
  • Sam Kim x Preditah (2021)
  • Kim Sungkyu (2021)
  • Eruda Entertainment New Girl Group (2021)
  • Choi Yena (First half of 2022) *Debut
  • SkyRabbit (April.23.2022) *Debut
  • 143 Entertainment New Girl Group (2022)
  • Purple Contents New Boy group (2022)
  • JYP New Girl group (February 2022)
  • BLAZE (2022)
  • Epik High (2022)
  • Jisoo [Blackpink] *Solo Debut (Summer 2022)
  • JYP New Japanese Boy group  (March 2023)
  • ———————————————
  • Brave Girls (Fall 2021)
  • ———————————————
  • Baekhyun [EXO] ║ (September or October 2021) *Japanese Release(?)
  • Onew [SHINee] ║ (December 2021) *Solo Release 
  • Kep1er ║ (December 2021) *Debut
  • GNJB (GENJIBU) ║ (December.08.2021) *Comeback
  • MONSTA X ║ (December.10.2021) *English Release
  • JO1 ║ (December.15.2021) *Comeback
  • TWICE ║ 〘Doughnut〙(December.15.2021) *Japanese Release
  • Somi ║ (November or December 2021) *Album
  • ———————————————
  • Source Music X Big Hit NEW GIRL GROUP (2021)
  • BIGHIT x Universal Music (UMG) NEW BOY GROUP (2022)
  • ———————————————

💀October Releases💀

  • Kim Jaehwan (10.-.2021) *Comeback
  • GHOST9 ║ (10.-.2021) *Comeback
  • Celeb Five ║ (10.-.2021) *Release
  • —————————————————————

💀November Releases💀

  • MJ [ASTRO] (11.-.2021) *Solo Debut
  • G.I.G (11.-.2021) *Debut
  • Billlie ║ (11.-.2021) *Debut
  • Witchers (11.-.2021) *Debut
  • NATURE (11.-.2021) *Comeback
  • MONSTA X (11.-.2021) *Comeback
  • T-ARA (11.-.2021) *Comeback
  • —————————————————————
  • 2am 〘-〙(11.01.2021) *Comeback
  • THE BOYZ 〘MAVERICK〙(11.01.2021) *Comeback
  • Super Junior D&E ║〘-〙(11.02.2021) *Comeback
  • BE:FIRST 〘Gifted〙(11.03.2021) *Debut
  • LABOUM 〘-〙(11.03.2021) *Comeback
  • TO1 〘-〙(11.04.2021) *Comeback
  • ONEUS 〘-〙(11.09.2021) *Comeback
  • TXT 〘Chaotic Wonderland〙(11.10.2021) * Japanese Comeback
  • B.I 〘-〙(11.11.2021) *Comeback
  • TWICE 〘-〙(11.12.2021) *Comeback
  • Mark [GOT7] 〘Last Breath〙(11.12.2021) *Release
  • Jeong DongWon 〘-〙(11.17.2021) *Release
  • BLACKON 〘FIRST LOVE FIRST SNOW〙(11.18.2021) *Comeback
  • ORβIT 〘ECLIPSE〙(11.23.2021) *Comeback
  • NiziU 〘-〙(11.24.2021) *Comeback

Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the October Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any October comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂