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Zior Park Profile & Facts

Zior Park Profile: Zior Park Facts

Zior Park (지올팍)
is a South Korean singer & rapper under Beautiful Noise. He made his debut on April 3, 2018, with a single “Benefits”.

Stage Name: Zior Park (지올팍)
Birth Name: Park Jie Won (박지원)
Birthday: October 11, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog
Instagram: @ziorpark / @isellthefantasy
SoundCloud: ziorpark
TikTok: @ziorpark_official

Zior Park Facts:
– He is a part of the SyndromeZ crew.
– His MBTI type is ENTP-T. [Live 20/12/28]
– He has a song with Wunderkid called “The Ellen Show”.
– He is a fan of BLACKPINK, especially Rose.
– In his early 20s, he moved to New York and San Francisco for work.
– His role model is “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” character Willy Wonka.
– His life goal is to go to Silicon Valley, set up a video production company, and enter Hollywood.
– He gets inspiration for his lyrics from circumstances and for the melody from other works of art like movies, paintings, fashion, and the Bible. [IG QnA 21/01]
– His favorite Bible verse is Luke 4:24 “Truly I tell you, no prophet is accepted in his hometown.” [IG QnA 21/01]
– His favorite artists of 2020 are Dominic Fike, Harry Styles, Fiona Apple, PartyNextDoor, and FKA twigs. [IG QnA 21/01]
– The football team he supports is Arsenal F.C.
– Every Christmas when he was young, his father played Tim Burton’s Christmas Nightmare. Zior liked the odd and bizarre atmosphere of this movie. Since then, he likes videos that stimulate childhood and fear at the same time. He also enjoyed watching Little Teletubbies. [Arena 2021]
– He’d like to shoot a music video with the concept of a medieval. [Arena 2021]
– He likes twists of anything. [Arena 2021]
– When it comes to his favorite movie it changes every time so there is no particular answer. [Arena 2021]
– As Wonstein became more known after SMTM9, many people became interested in Zior Park while looking up Wonstein’s name since they’re both under Beautiful Noise.
– He uses the name Chet Black (쳇 블랙) as a music video director. It is named after Chet Baker and Jack Black. He mixed the names of serious and funny people. [W Korea]
– When it comes to Tim Burton movies he likes visuals more than stories. [W Korea]
– As a teenager, he listened to British pop and rock songs by Queen, Mika, David Bowie, Prince, and Michael Jackson. [W Korea]
– Before he decided to become a musician, he lived in Silicon Valley where his plan was to create apps and web services for artists to interact with like SoundCloud and Instagram, which were not so widely known in Korea at the time, but now serve as portfolios for artists. [W Korea]
– In February 2024 he did a 2 weeks song camp with his music team, the purpose was to create his next album. The theme announced in live is “vampire”.
– Even if people might think that he is a maximalist, he is in reality a minimalist kind of person. [GQ Korea]
– One of his favorite Pixar movies is “The Incredibles”. [GQ Korea]
– He loves Bruno Mars, he even sang with him during one of his concerts in Korea. [GQ Korea + Zior IG].
– He and Sion participated in the music in the movie “Mona Lisa and The Blood Moon”. He made the song “Psycho Love” for the movie.
– The name of his guitarist is Kim Hanbin, they like to look like twins. [ Solarsido]
-When he was a child people used to call him “crazy”, once he fell from the rooftop, thinking he would fly with a towel as in cartoons, but he fell straight down and hat to go the the emergency. According to his mother after this, he has turned into this “crazy person”. [Solarsido]
-He suddenly became famous in Korea with the song Christian, he was literarly everywhere.
– One of his nicknames given by the haters is “A Genius Wannabe”, he has never called himself a genius but now he loves this nickname because it feels like a legacy between his fans and his haters. [Psick Univ]
– He doesn’t like trends but he understands them. [Psick Univ]
– He loves Pepsi. [Psick Univ]
– He said that he only sings in English because every language has its vibe, and English has this pop vibe that he loves. [Psick Univ]
– He wanted to go to the USA when he was 20 because he wanted to start his own start-up programming company. [Arirang Radio]
– He started music when he was between 23-24. [Arirang Radio]
– When he makes music he first thinks about the music video and then he thinks about the soundtrack of the video. [Arirang Radio]
– In 2023 he created the clothes brand SyndromeZ inspired by IA and Robots.
-All the tracks of his album WHERE DOEST SASQUATCH LIVES pt.2 have a Music Video.
Zico contacted him on Instagram for the featuring on “Nocturnal Anim
als”. [Arirang Radio]
– He and his team made “Christian” in approximately one hour. [Arirang Radio]

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