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Yueni Heroine Tensei Members Profile

Yueni Heroine Tensei Members Profile and Facts:

Yueni Heroine Tensei (∴ヒロイン転生) is a Japanese girl group. They released their first song, “∴Heroine Reincarnation” on October 15, 2023. The group also has illustrated characters for each member.

Illustrated Characters:

(Left to Right): Shiota Mio, Hoshinomiya Sena, Tanaka Rei, Hanasaki Yuna, Nanairo Otoka, Kusunoki Ayana

Yueni Heroine Tensei Socials:
Website: yueniheroinetensei.jp
Twitter: heroinetensei
TikTok: heroinetensei_official
Instagram: yueniheroinetensei_official
YouTube: ∴ヒロイン転生

Yueni Heroine Tensei Members:
Tanaka Rei (田仲れい)

Member Colour: Rose Red
Birthday: 2007
Twitter: rei_yueni
Instagram: rei_yueni
TikTok: rei_yueni

Tanaka Rei Facts:
– She was a contestant on the AKB48 reality show OUT OF 48.
– She is said to be hard working and caring.

Hanasaki Yuna (花咲結南)

Member Colour: Margaret Pink
Birthday: February 5, 2007
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Twitter: yuna_yueni
Instagram: yuna_yueni
TikTok: yuna_yueni

Hanasaki Yuna Facts:
– She was also a contestant on OUT OF 48.
– Hanasaki Yuna seems to like rabbits.
– She says she is good at blowing kisses.
– She previously used the name Wakabayashi Yuna.

Hoshinomiya Sena (星乃宮せな)

Member Colour: Lily White
Birthday: February 22, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
Blood Type: O
Height: 146 cm
Twitter: sena_yueni
Instagram: sena_yueni
TikTok: sena_yueni

Hoshinomiya Sena Facts:
– She was a member of AKB48 Team B under the name Ishiwata Sena.
– Her hobby is watching stage plays.
– Her charm point is her squishy cheeks.
– She admires Murayama Yuiri and Yokoyama Yui.
– Her favourite foods are fruits and ox tongue.
– Hoshinomiya Sena’s favourite hairstyle is a ponytail.
– Her pros are that she does things until the end.
– Sena’s con is her shyness.
– She can play the clarinet.
– Sena is right-handed.
– She was the last member of Team B to graduate before the dissolvement of the teams.
– Her favourite school subject is maths.

Kusunoki Ayana (楠木彩菜)

Member Colour: Mint Green
Birthday: December 27, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Twitter: ayana_yueni
Instagram: ayana_yueni
TikTok: ayana_yueni

Kusunoki Ayana Facts:
– She loves Love Live!.
– Her hobby is watching anime.
– Ayana is bright, sociable and caring.

Shiota Mio (汐田澪)

Member Colour: Nemophila Blue
Birthday: October 13, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Twitter: mio_yueni
Instagram: mio_yueni
TikTok: mio_yueni

Shiota Mio Facts:
– She loves to eat natto (Japanese fermented soybeans) with rice.

Nanairo Otoka (菜々色乙華)

Member Colour: Daisy Yellow
Birthday: 2009/2010
Zodiac Sign:
Twitter: otoka_yueni
Instagram: otoka.nanairo

Nanairo Otoka Facts:
– She was revealed on February 27, 2024.
– She applied for OUT OF 48 as Matsumoto Otoka.
– She is the youngest member.

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