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YOURA (ex QI.X) Profile and Facts

YOURA (ex QI.X) Profile and Facts

YOURA (유라) is a member of QI.X under Sweet Potato Productions.

Stage Name: YOURA (유라)
Pronouns: They/Them
Position: Lead Vocalist
Birthday: May 7, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: O
Representative Emoji: 💜

YOURA Facts:
– They stated that they were in a constant state of questioning their gender, and did not wish to label themself as it was a complicated identity (ildaro interview)
– They have a dog called Hoyang.
– They have been studying acting whilst they have been on break.
– YOURA wants to try sexy floor crawling dance.
– They majored in acting but they are interested in traditional arts as well as music and movement. [X]
– They auditioned to become a K-pop idol when they were in elementary school, but they were eliminated and were excluded from the industry.
– They were insecure of themself because they thought K-pop didn’t match their body and appearance.
– On February 9, 2023 YOURA stated that they are taking a break from QI.X, after having conversations with the other members and their producer Jiyeon. (Source)
– On October 10, 2023, QI.X announced Youra has left the group due to moving to a distant area.

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