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Yeonhee (Rocket Punch, EL7Z UP) Profile

Yeonhee (Rocket Punch, EL7Z UP) Profile and Facts

Yeonhee (연희) is a member of the girl group Rocket Punch under WOOLIM Entertainment and of the project girl group EL7Z UP.

Stage Name: Yeonhee (연희)
Birth Name: Kim Yeon Hee (김연희)
Japanese Name: Kimu Yonfui (ギムヨンフイ)
Birthday: December 6, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Flower Language: Yellow (Cheerful thoughts, sunshine)
Height: 161 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 47 Kg (103 lbs)
Blood Type: B

Yeonhee facts:
– She was born in Gwangju, S. Korea.
– She has a younger sister (born in 2004).
– Her Specialties are: Cham Cham Cham, Skateboarding.
– She was the fourth member to be revealed.
– Her role model is BoA.
– Favorite color: Pink.
– She trained for 2 years and 7 months.
– She waited 946 days to debut.
– Her Hobbies are: Sudoku, watching concerts.
– Her favorite song is “A Whole New World”.
– She is in charge of waking up the members in the dorm.
– Special Skill: Going to bed quickly.
– Sleeping Habits: None.
– Favorite Food: Meat, Chocolate.
– Foods She Hate: None.
– Song She Sing Often: “BIM BAM BUM” By Rocket Punch.
– Favorite Delivery Food: Chicken Feet.
– Words That Make Her Feel Good: “You did good”, “You’re So Pretty”.
– Words That Make Her Gloomy: “I Can’t do it”.
– Personal Secret: Talk A Lot Offcam.
– A Must-Carry In Bag According To Her: Letters From Fans.
– Compliment Word: “You Did Great”, “You Are Really Pretty Today”, “Thanks”.
– She in One Word: Stage Expert.
– Name Syllable Poem: “Yeonhee like Kimbap”, “Hehe Do You Want to have a Bite”.
– She and Golden Child‘s Seungmin attended the same dance academy.
– Among all members, Yeonhee trained the longest.
– Fans say she looks like Twice‘s Dahyun.
– She looks cold, but inside, she has the purest heart of all.
– Yeonhee always nags about is for the members to clean up well.
– The member Yeonhee wants to put in her bag is Dahyun.
– Yeonhee is #3 in the group for Arm Wrestling.
– Yeonhee thinks that out of all animals, she resembles a rabbit.
– She is the most flexible member.
– Yeonhee auditioned to Woollim with “Atlantis Princess” by BoA.
– She was a contestant on the survival show “Queendom Puzzle” (2023). Yeonhee finished in 6th place, becoming a member of EL7Z UP.

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