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YANGHONGWON (Young B) Profile and Facts

YANGHONGWON Profile and Facts:

YANGHONGWON / 양홍원 formerly known as Young B is an South Korean rapper under Indigo Music.

Former Rap Name:
Young B / 영비
Birth Name: Yang Hongwon / 양홍원
Birthday: 12th of January, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 173 cm / 5’7″
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: yanghongwon
SoundCloud: yanghongwon_iww

– His MBTI is INFP.
– Born in Seoul, South Korea.
– Currently living in Mapo, Seoul, South Korea.
– Family: Parents and a younger sister.
– Education: Seoul Macheon ES, Ogeum MS, Shindongshin Information Industry School.
– Started his career as an underground rapper in 2015.
– Stopped using Young B with the release of ‘The End’ in Jan. of 2020.
– The winner of HSR1.
– He’s signed under Indigo Music as of April, 2017.
– Would like to work with all the artists from his label.
– A crew member of D.O.G (DrugOnlineGate).
– He’s currently in a happy relationship, going six years.
– A rapper in the IMJMWDP group which consists of artists from Indigo Music, Just Music and Wedaplugg Records.
– Participated in SMTM4, SMTM5 (disqualified), SMTM6, and SMTM8.
– Former leader of the Dickids crew with artists such as KUZI, Agunu, Bryn, and many more. They disbanded.
– Favorite alcohol changes according to the mood, day, and whom he drinks with.
– Whenever he drinks alone, he picks beer as he likes it the best.
Teen Titans is one of his hit songs when performing.
– His favorite song of his own is Khaki as it’s about 3 years of his life.
Changmo is an artist he’d like to collaborate with the most.
– He really likes NELL (넬).
– An artist he likes is XXXTENTACION.
– Usually, when he likes an artist, he doesn’t really get the feeling of wanting to work with them.
– Was involved in a bullying controversy and wished to apologize, but the victim didn’t want to be in the center of it.
– Decided to change his stage name as he didn’t like the things that were associated with it.
– He won’t answer if someone call him by his former stage name as he prefers people to use his real name.
– He said that in the past he should’ve been beaten by a person like YunB.
– As a student, he tried to copy C Jamm‘s rapping.
– Him and C Jamm has more of a father-son like relationship.
– His song 아침에 means a lot to him as he made a lot of money from it.
– When he’s listening to an artist, he thinks of the musician’s behavior.
– The title TL came from the first drug he was prescripted to “Brintellix”.
– Went to see a psychiatrist as his younger sister attempted suicide, but she fortunately survived.
– He became addicted to negative comments.
– His first full-length album is Stranger.

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