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Yan Yu (THE9) Profile and Facts

Yan Yu Profile and Facts

Yan Yu is a Chinese actress and solo singer under Joinhall Media and its filial company Yu Yan Studio and a member of the girl group THE9.

Fandom Name: Yuminious (喻各军/Yu Jun)
Fandom Color: blue bellflower

Yan Yu Official Accounts:
Personal Instagram: not_stint
Personal Weibo: THE9-喻言
Secondary Personal Weibo: 超级宇宙二踢脚
Joinhall Media Weibo: 嘉会传媒
Yu Yan Studio: 喻言YuYan工作室

Stage Name: Yan Yu
Birth Name: Yu Yan (喻言)
Birthday: May 26, 1997
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
Height: 172 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 48 kg (105 lbs)
Blood Type: A

Yan Yu Facts:
– Yan Yu’s hometown is Beijing.
– Her ethnicity is Han.
– Family: mother, father and younger sister.
– Graduated from Beijing College of Politics and Law and majored in Business English.
– She has tattoos: on both wrists saying “F***g Perfeck” and self-designed one of the phoenix on her back.
– She likes to cook.
– She is the main cook in her family.
– She loves spicy food.
– She does not eat sweets and greasy food.
– Her nicknames are Yan Zi, Yu Lin and Special Trooper.
– She is good at drawing.
– She can play guitar.
– She is known for being extremely self-disciplined.
– In fact she has a lively personality but does not know how to show it.
– Her role model is Beyoncé.
– She got an A in all 3 evaluations throughout YWY2.
– She debuted as a soloist with the EP Bad Girl in 2015.
– She was a contestant in the survival show Girls Fighting in 2016 and was ranked 3rd, making it into the final lineup. Unfortunately, that group Diamond Girls did not debut at all and silently disbanded.
– She was ranked 4th with 7,198,164 votes in Youth With You 2 Final Episode.
– It was announced that November 9, 2020, a company named after her is established by Joinhall Media in order to promote her.
– In the THE9 dorm, she shares a room with Kiki Xu and K Lu.
YWY2 Information:
– She was given a A rank on the first judges evaluation.
– She was ranked 30th on the episode 2.
– She was ranked 31st on the episode 4.
– She was ranked 21st on the episode 6.
– She performed “Flammable & Explosive” in the Vocal section for the third round.
– She was ranked 8th by live voting on the episode 7.
– She was given a A rank on the second judges evaluation.
– She was given a A rank on the third judges evaluation.
– She was ranked 15th on the episode 9-10.
– She was ranked 4th on the episode 12.
– She performed “Ambush On All Sides 2″ (Team B) for the second round Team Battle.
– She was ranked 4th by live voting on the episode 13.
– She performed “R&B All Night” for the second round Revenge Evaluation.
– She was ranked 3rd on the episode 16.
– She was chosen for and performed Lion for the third round.
– She was ranked 2nd by live voting on the episode 18.
– She was ranked 3rd on the episode 20.
– She performed “Goodnight Song + Yes! Ok!” (Team Ella) for the Mentor Collab Stage.
– She performed “A Little Bit” (Team Purple) for the Final Team Stage.
– She was ranked 4th, earning a spot in the group, on the final episode 23.

Yan Yu Filmography:
– Waiting for You in a Long Time (在悠长的时光里等你) | iQIYI (2018) – Sorceress
– Pet Departures (萌宠入殓师) | Zhejiang TV (2018) – Liu Pian
– Special Forces Return (特种兵归来1: 血狼之怒) | WeTV (2018) – Ya Ta
– Special Forces Return 2 (特种兵归来2: 黑色罂粟) | WeTV (2018) – Ya Ta
– Special Forces Return 3 (特种兵归来3: 绝密战场) | WeTV (2018) – Ya Ta
– Farewell To My Long Past (告别我的悠长过往) | iQIYI (2019) – Sorceress
– Who’s the Drama Queen (青春加点戏) | iQIYI (2020) – Daughter of Commander of the Bordered Red Banner (Episode 8), COO of the cosmetic brand (Episode 10)

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