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XIN Profile and Facts

XIN Liu Profile and Facts

XIN is a Chinese solo artist and professional dancer under Asian Music Group (AMG) and Enjoy Music Records. She was a member of the project girl group THE9 under iQIYI.

Fandom Name: Umbrellas (UM, 雨伞/Yu Shan)
Fandom Color: blue lake

XIN Liu Official Media:
Personal Instagram: lyx0420
Personal Weibo: 刘雨昕
Personal YouTube: 劉雨昕 XIN LIU
Enjoy Music Instagram: enjoymusicworld
Enjoy Music Weibo: 喜欢音乐EnjoyMusic
Enjoy Music Facebook: 喜歡音樂 Enjoy Music
Enjoy Music Youtube: 喜歡音樂

Stage Name: XIN/ XIN Liu
Birth Name: Liu Yuxin (劉雨昕)
English Name: Sarah Liu
Birthday: April 20, 1997
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
Weight: 48 kg (105 lbs)
Blood Type: B

XIN Facts:
– XIN Liu’s home province is Guizhou.
– Her ethnicity is Manchu.
– Family: mother, who is an opera singer.
– Graduated from Art and Culture College of Tianjin University of Sport.
– She is calm, kind and always thinks twice before saying something.
– She is obsessed with her right half of her face and does not want to show another half on camera.
– She is a perfectionist.
– Her nicknames are Rain (given by her fans because of her first character in her first name), Liu Cuihua (YWY2 The Eve team code name) and Liu-laoshi (Teacher Liu, she taught dancing and singing a lot of trainees during Youth with You 2) and Ms.Pitbull.
– She can beatbox, play guitar and play piano.
– She is good at popping dance, she also practices hip-hop, ballet and jazz.
– She started writing songs at the age of 17.
– Her favorite number is 3.
– She loves to go shopping.
– She eats a lot but struggles to gain weight.
– Her favorite foods are potato chips, apples and strawberries.
– A food that would represent her is potato.
– Her role model is Popping John.
– She loves bullterrier dogs, lapdogs and seals.
– Metal accessories are an important part of her wardrobe.
– She began street dancing when she was 10 years old.
– She left her home to pursue dancing. As for 2020, it is been 10 years she did not come back to her family.
– Her dance teacher for some time was Jin Xing, a media person famous in China.
– She went to an EXO concert once before in South Korea.
– She participated in Go Up! Junior (向上吧!少年) in 2012 with KikuTFBoys‘ Karry and Jackson and former NINE PERCENT member and Youth With You 2 National Producer KUN. XIN won the Most Upward Junior Award in this show.
– She participated in Street Dance of China 2 in 2013, she won votes of all four judges.
– She tried to pass the auditions for The Rap of China in 2017.
– She participated in the Chinese survival show Ladybees in 2015, where she won and debuted with the formed girl group Ladybees.
– She debuted as a soloist on March 23, 2018 with the single album “Feel Good”. Later she released the EP “XIN” on May 20, 2018 and the single album “Beatholic” on June 1, 2020.
– She was ranked 1st with 17,359,242 votes in Youth With You 2 Final Episode.
– In the THE9 dorm, she shared a room with Snow Kong and Shaking.
YWY2 Information:
– She was given an A rank on the first judges evaluation.
– She was ranked 23rd on the episode 2.
– She was ranked 16th on the episode 4.
– She was ranked 11th on the episode 6.
– She performed “The Eve” in the Dance section for the first round.
– She was ranked 12th by live voting on the episode 7.
– She was given a B rank on the second judges evaluation.
– She was given an A rank on the third judges evaluation.
– She was ranked 8th on the episodes 9-10.
– She was ranked 6th on the episode 12.
– She performed “Miss You 3000” (Team A) for the second round Team Battle.
– She was ranked 1st by live voting on the episode 13.
– She performed “Ambush On All Sides 2” (Team A) for the second round Revenge Evaluation.
– She was ranked 2nd on the episode 16.
– She was chosen for and performed “Lion” for the third round.
– She was ranked 1st by live voting on the episode 18.
– She was ranked 1st on the episode 20.
– She performed “I’m Not Yours” (Team LISA) for the Mentor Collab Stage.
– She performed “A Little Bit” (Team Purple) for the Final Team Stage.
– She was ranked 1st, earning a spot in the group, on the final episode 23.

XIN Liu Filmography:
Lady Bees (蜜蜂少女队) | iQIYI (2018) – Herself
Lady Bees 2 (蜜蜂少女队2) | iQIYI (2018) – Herself
Who’s the Drama Queen (青春加点戏) | iQIYI (2020) – 31 year old straightforward single lady (Episode 2), cool and mysterious secretary to Shaking (Episode 7)

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XIN Liu’s clips and fancams from YWY2 and Let’s Party on iQIYI
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