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Cai Xukun (Nine Percent) Profile and Facts

Cai Xukun (Nine Percent) Profile: Cai Xukun Facts

Stage Name: KUN / Cai XuKun (蔡徐坤)
Birth Name: Cai XuKun (蔡徐坤)
Nationality: Chinese
Birthday: August 2nd, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 184 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: caixukun
Weibo: @caizicaixukun
Youtube: KUN

Cai Xukun Facts:
– His birthplace is Zhejiang, Hunan, China.
– He has a younger sister.
– His Korean name is Chae Seo-gon (채서곤).
– Cai Xukun graduated from Grace Brethren High School.
– Cai Xukun’s nickname is Kunkun.
– His English name was August, but he officially changed his English name to “Kun”.
– His fans are called IKun
– Hobbies: Playing basketball, swimming, and fitness.
– He loves Minions.
– Cai Xukun is afraid of heights.
– Cai Xukun feels very embarrassed and awkward when people tell him or himself to act cute.
– He studied in the United States
– He composes his own songs and rap.
– He did not come on Running Man (Season 6 Ep 11) due to his ongoing law case with his previous company.
– Trainee Period: 2 years 6 months
– He almost debuted with popular Chinese boy band TFBOYS.
– Cai Xukun was chosen to be a trainee with TFBOYS, but his parents felt he was too young and think he should focus on his studies first.
– Xukun participated in Super Idol (星动亚洲) season 1 and finished in the top 15.
– On March 4, 2016, he participated in season 2 and finished among the top 3, joining the program’s debut team
– He debuted with SWIN-S in Shanghai on October 18, 2016.
– He’s now suing that company
– He debuted as an actor in 2012
– He’s the spokesperson for L’Oreal Youth Code
– In March 2014 he was in his first film called “Perfect Wife”
– He played YuFeng in a Tv show called Fairy Tale in 2012.
– He was the main character of “ I Won’t Get Bullied By Girls “ that came out in2018.
– He is the leader and center of the project group NINE PERCENT and former rapper of SWIN-S
– Cai Xukun also participated in Idol Producer and have ranked 1st with a total of 47,640,887 votes.
– Xukun was the chosen center of “Ei Ei” (“Pick Me” of Idol Producer)
– Cai XuKun shares a room with Wang Ziyi.
– His role models are BTS & Big Bang.– Motto: “Dreams accompany me when I sleep. If I don’t fulfill them I lose sleep.”
– Xukun is ranked 27th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”.
– Cai Xuncun Ranked 35th TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2019.
– Kun was the PD of IQIYI’s 3rd season of Youth with You (青春有你).
– He was also a mentor along with Lisa, Ella Chen, and Jony J.
– He also participated in the recording of the reality show “Keep Running”(Running Man China) as a resident guest.

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    “– He did not come on Running Man (Season 6 Ep 11) due to his ongoing law case with his previous company.” is incorrect. The correct show was Keep Running. Running Man is Korean whilst Keep Running is the Chinese version that Xukun was unable to attend

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    I don’t think he’s overrated, the other trainees had a chance to debut even if they didn’t win but Xukun couldn’t. He doesn’t have a company so he had no cushion to fall back on and if he didn’t debut with Nine Percent, he would’ve gotten lesser chances of appearing on other shows. He can sing, rap, dance, compose and he has the visuals + youth. Sure he needs to buff those skills up, but once he does then he’ll be the ideal idol.

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    he has a younger sister
    in idol producer episode 5 they choose which trainee to introduce to their younger sister


    He’s honestly perfection in its self!

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    I don’t know if this is legit. But knowing that he idolizes BTS & Bigbang affirms my speculations. He has the same vibe as Jimin and GD

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    He has the same stripping habit as BTS’s Jimin 😀

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    actually no, he’s an only child. They did it as a game in idol producer do they pretended that all the trainees had a younger sister…

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