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Who wore it better? Daniel (Wanna One) vs Suga (BTS)

Today’s ‘who wore it better’ brings face to face two popular Kpop idols: Wanna One’s Kang Daniel vs. Suga of BTS.

Both Daniel and Suga wore the same shirt, a Black & White Stripe Shirt from the South Korean designer Juun. J. It’s a long-sleeved, striped shirt that has the text ‘Shadow Conceals’, respectively ‘Light Reveals’ embroidered on the sleeves. Currently the shirt can be purchased for $475.

Daniel (Wanna One)
Kang Daniel was spotted wearing the Black & White Stripe Shirt in the beginning of August, at Incheon Airport. Daniel chose to wear the trendy shirt with its sleeves rolled up and tucked it into a pair of elegant, black pants. As usual, Daniel was very well accessorized, wearing bracelets, earrings, an elegant watch and a belt and carrying a big Louis Vuitton bag.
Daniel Who wore it better

Suga (BTS)
Suga wore the same striped shirt on the end of August V-Live broadcast ‘BTS NEWS: Behind The anSwer’. As Daniel, he paired it with black pants and shoes, but wore less accessories, limiting himself to earrings. Suga didn’t roll up the sleeves, nor tucked the shirt into his pants, creating a more baggy, hip-hop look.
Suga Who wore it better

Daniel (Wanna One) vs Suga (BTS): who wore it better?

Out of the two, who wore better this striped shirt: Daniel or Suga? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Nimy

    I voted for Suga

  • Washi

    Daniel is more elegant

  • Suga 100% <3

  • Ebony West


  • Erjona Dembogaj

    DANIEL >#

  • Suga <3

  • G

    Kang Daniel!

  • SourApplez

    Even though i don’t know Daniel, i still think he look slightly better in the shirt. Not hating on Suga, i love him, but i choose Daniel from Wanna One. I might have thought differently if Suga also tucked his shirt in.

  • SourApplez

    I agree. I love Suga, but Daniel wore it better

  • Kritzy Wp Vãĺetîńø

    강다니엘 wore it better ofcourse 😻

  • Suga forever <3

  • Suga is so cute in the shirt, I mean Daniel is attractive and all but Suga still wins for me <3


    I love Suga

  • ♥︎벨-Belle-벨♥︎

    Suga! Duhhhhh. As u sed Daniel is cute and all… but Min Yoongi, u just can’t resist. And that’s coming from me. My bias is TaeTae beches. U r my favorite person right now. Thx for the comment on my face reveal. Do u really think I’m pretty?

  • Of course, ur beautiful! <3

  • freakykpopfan

    As a BTS stan, i must go with Daniel. He looks really manly and handsome while suga looks so cute TT but imma go w daniel for this look!

  • Megan

    I think you meant “As a BTS stan, I must go with Suga.” BLAH BLAH BLAH “but umma go w Daniel for this look!” but I get what you were trying to say anyway.

  • Megan

    I love both these looks but I think the way Daniel wore it is more manly so I will choose Daniel. Suga looks so cute the way he wore it tho.

  • Cyrup

    Sometimes I feel like people only pick BTS, since they are famous and all. BUT NO NEGATIVITY AGAINST THEM. I mean you can tell. I literally put V as my profile picture.

  • Sofia

    I agree with you. People can be so biased especially Armies.

  • disqus_THNPn3rhJG

    I chose Suga- I mean he’s my bias but that’s not the reason- he’s actually cute as heck in that shirt
    The grandpa can just about wear anything tbh

  • Cyrup

    Ya. I mean the only poll that BTS hasn’t won yet was a poll about who has the best abs, and to be honest, I stan BTS they were the first K-Pop band I’ve ever listened to and I praise them for the messages they have hidden in their music. But when it comes to the truth or just picking them because they are your biased group is just wrong. I hope some ARMY’s can realize that BTS cant always look/be good in/at everything.

  • Anime_KPOPer

    I love sugar more😍💜

  • eve i guess

    listen, as an army, suga looks good in everything. THAT BEING SAID. I think daniel styled the shirt better. I like the tucked in look ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • me

    i like how daniel looks but suga looks so cute and its not bc im biased bc i love both of them i mean they look great i think we can all agree on that

  • Jasmine 💕

    Yoongi is my ult male bias but honey Daniel is slaying that shirt (I pick Daniel)

  • death「死」

    I agree. I stan BTS so hard, and Yoongi is my bias as well, but even so I think it looks better on Daniel because he actually styled it, unlike Yoongi who literally looks like he just threw shit on lol. I love Yoongi so much though and he looks adorable in almost everything he wears, including this 🙂 but y’all gotta give it to Daniel come on, it looks way more put together than Yoongi’s. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e98441a27e3cc0137849e3405211d96dd1d9716d03b3bbcf23f6a699e9ca0070.png

  • Cyrup

    Lol Ok.

  • Jassy Unicorn

    Danieelllll~~~ But i still like Suga’s cute style

  • Jordan

    He meant to say, “Even though I’m a BTS stan…” He’s saying that despite being a BTS stan, he acknowledges that Daniel pulled the look off better.

  • Jordan

    I agree with you. I honestly just cannot stand ARMYs. I understand why people find them so annoying. It’s always “BTS THIS” and “BTS THAT”. Like, they aren’t the only kpop group about! And In my honest opinion, they are definitely not the best in terms of talent. They’re only really at the top in terms of popularity and success. (I don’t dislike BTS. I love them. I just hate how ARMYs treat them like they’re gods or something.)

  • Kpop_Trivia

    It’s not based on who you LOVE better. But based on who wore it better. Geez, your so biased.
    BUT, I chose Yoongi because he looked cute in the outfit, and basically looked like a baby in their parents clothing. Lmao what am I saying?

  • Kpop_Trivia

    I’m an ARMY, but I SO agree. I mean, yeah, people like BTS, but sometimes (like all the time) it get’s SUPER intense! I hate other ARMIES to be honest. I DESPISE THEM.

  • Kpop_Trivia

    I chose Yoongi, because of how cute he looked in the shirt.
    I mainly go for cute things, because i’m the kind of person who just clicks anything cute~
    Lmao what am I doing with my life?

  • Ilona

    Even though she is a BTS stan doesn’t mean she has to go with Suga:/ I am an Army and a Wannable and I prefer Daniel.

  • 순히

    I liked both , but for me i liked the way Daniel wore the shirt better he looks very manly while Yoongi lookin more like a hiphop vibe

  • Mini Master 8989

    Daniel cause he’s hawt in it lmao

  • Cyrup

    To be honest, I’m one of those people that praises BTS like they are from the heavens. But i’m not one of those ARMY’s that only choses them because they are in the polls. I take time to pick which one is better. I mean MAMA 2018 is very close, and I honestly didn’t pick BTS as “Artist of the Year” or any other award, (Except for a few)because many other KPop groups deserve that title more than them. Like NCT 127, BlackPink and GOT7 also Stray Kids, considering they have so much popularity even though they debuted this year. But BTS doesnt ALWAYS deserve the award they have been nominated for. It just sickens me when ARMY’s are really biased about BTS. (I still love them though)

  • madarame

    Daniel freaking sexy those broad shoulders will slay any clothing lbr

  • Jordan

    Yeah, those types of ARMYs irritate me so much. I honestly love BTS and have since debut, but I’m not gonna vote for them or my favourite group just cause they’re them, unlike most ARMYs. And personally, I did vote for them as they have put in the most work this year out of the options. I wouldn’t vote NCT 127 or GOT7 simply cause they only have one cb this year. I wouldn’t vote Stray Kids as they’ll be around for a while so they don’t need it right now. And Blackpink have only brought out 4 songs so… I’d rather vote for iKON tbh. They’ve done so much this year and really deserve more attention then they’re getting. YG are doing a shit job at promoting them. I hate that ARMYs know how to vote now as well. Its no longer balanced at all. BTS have just become a bandwagon for kids where they’re willing to do anything for them. Hell, they’d push their grandma down the stairs if BTS told them to. I don’t like it at all.
    (Also, I think Blackpink are overrated AF. Don’t get me wrong. They’re good. But they’re yet another bandwagon that new “K-POP fans” hop on after they get into BTS. The only reason they’re as big as they are is social media and a hell of a lot of promotion).

  • Cyrup


  • jihoonie’s life

    I choose Daniel. Cause damn, he look hawt in that 💕💕

  • vycycktoria brigeman

    i voted for suga cause he is adorable

  • amen sister, finally someone who’s NOT trying to start a fan war like lmao

  • leah

    Imo the vibes were too different to compare. Suga looked like a full on child in clothing that’s too big. But Daniel looks older and polished and really good. I picked Daniel because hee looks damn fine in that, but if suga had it tucked in I would have probably picked him.

  • vivy

    Truthfully if Daniel was wearing that all rumpled and sleeping, he will still look fantastic.

  • vivy

    Daniel has a way of pulling things off without trying.

  • Chanel

    I think people are way biased. Daniel obviously looked better than yoongi

  • Person


  • Person

    And U arent biased by saying dat? I picked something random ‘cuz my friend was bugging ma……. It’s a drag………….. I hate ma life…….. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e42a5fc52d7ff61842dae53f4d735d866c4a263e6c9f4311079d5b7ed58e0c90.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e8846425fdaafb8f7de117ba068b3766736b6d055be5d70319bec72641b89657.gif https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/afa69471474f4e080a2c7f944427b3bdb48547cdcb654b4159b9ad5badbc8173.jpg
    FEIST YA EYES ON MA DANCING GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now I’m bored again………… what a grag…………….

  • Masako Thanvan

    well…they both look good though. Daniel looked manly and sexy in that shirt, while Suga look adorable with that shirt on.

  • Kylee Collins

    I am a Wannable and an Army…but I Picked Yoongi because how he wore it and thats how I would wear that shirt so how he wore it was more appealing to me…Daniel was lookin fine ash thou I can’t lie it was kinda hard to choose bc they both are on my bias list

  • Aragorn Lee

    Personally I think Daniel looks better. They way it’s tucked in and everything just looks cleaner. But whatever. I guess whoever is your favourite. Cause that is the whole point of this.


    suga i love bts exo and got7 wanna one etc etc but suga made the look cute and lazy and daniel made it to professional they both looked very attatractive though


    say his name right *eye roll* SUGA



  • I love BTS and Suga is one of my all time favorite artist but I picked Daniel bc the way he wpre the shirt made him look professional and it suited his body. But Suga made his body disappear in the shirt. it looked very cute but it didn’t do anything for him.

  • Yza Gregorio

    Yoongi is my ultimate bias, but I gave Daniel the chance instead. It suits him more.

  • Pop Love

    I think Daniel looks better (it looks better tucked in to me 🙂

  • Cher Enriquez

    me, too.

  • Cher Enriquez

    Daniel, formal look while Suga, informal… It should be the same outfit to compare though

  • exoticbangtan

    I’m both ARMY and wannable , and I LOVE Yoongi , who doesn’t , but Daniel , to me , looks better 🙂

  • Jamalliday Gacha/maybe animati

    Ofc suga he’s my bias, I mean who doesn’t like the savage meow meow?

  • Mark Lee

    I don’t stan wanna one but Daniel did look better, I don’t know why but it just looked better on him. 🙂


    They both rocked it.


  • Ray

    Definitely Suga. DUH.

  • erin

    He didn’t look better…

  • Levi’s girl

    I’m an Army but in my opinion Daniel wore it better.

  • Levi’s girl

    This is not a bias contest sis. I’m an Army too but I voted for Daniel coz he rocked it.

  • Can you read ? Or are u just dumb ? It says ‘who wore it better’ not ‘who’s your bias’ stfu.

  • Daniel of course. This is not ‘who’s your bias’ but who wore it better and as you can clearly see , Daniel rocked it !!

  • Dorji Gyelso

    Why do u care who votes for whom? Every1 will vote to the 1 they like…or are u just worried that suga might get high votes😝
    And u don’t have the right to call others dumb or anything 😑

  • Pure Love

    no they are simply stating facts, the shirt looked better on Daniel, Suga wasnt styled well at all, and i couldnt care less about either, even tho i have a bias more towards BTS than WannaOne

  • Lia Giba

    You sound so damn desperate for attention sis.

  • Megan

    Lmao no I was just correcting the way she said it but okay lol

  • Megan

    yeh exactly

  • Army

    Can’t i choose both ? 😭

  • DoneWithHumanity [Luna]

    Suga went for that cozier look. While Daniel went for a more professional style. So it all depends on what style you prefer. I love them both but I’ve personally been into a more laid-back look a lot lately. Still love a good neat-and-tidy look though.🙃

  • olivia okpara

    I dont pick bts because I love only them, im a fan of nct, ikon, winner, momoland, sunmi, jessi and blackpink. I pick bts because I actually like their music better than the others. the only reason I started watching kpop was because the first song I heard after Gangnam style was bts’s songs. bts album this year was fantastic and so I vote on the song I liked the best “take it or leave it”(a selena Gomez verse), I talk and vote bts because their songs matches my taste better than other kpop songs so beat it.

  • Maria Koledzjane

    She didn’t call anyone ‘dumb or anything’. Although her opinion was a bit more than that, she still wasn’t saying anything wrong or offending.

  • 𝒵𝒾𝒶𝒽 ♡ 지우

    Yoongi is my ULT…but the way Daniel has it tucked in and such…I LOVE it.

  • It’s funny that people get so defensive over me saying Daniel rocked it. All you need is eyes and there you go! I’m not playing biases here because i don’t stan or care for either one but let’s be honest, Daniel just looks more polished whereas Suga looks rushed and like he put no effort into the outfit. I have nothing against him, but it’s funny how bts members win these polls. every.single.time. it’s not possible for them to look better every time. but hey, vote for your bias lol

  • I Love Taehyun

    Lol I guessed that Yoongi was going to get more votes before I voted myself and I was right

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    that isn’t a fact dumbass

  • wonyoung

    I like Suga’s style more
    suga looks comfy while danielle went for more of a fancy look
    my style is just like suga’s

  • Eunwoo’s Left Leg

    I can’t choose. BTS was my first kpop group and Yoongi is my bias and the way he wore it made him look so soft and squishy and cute. I don’t really stan Kang Daniel but he looked really good. Just the way he tucked it in is a big OOF. I really can’t decide. Both idols looked great in their own way

  • A

    Daniel wore that so well!! It suits him. I like it better tucked in as well.

  • A

    I agree wholeheartedly. I’m not even a wannable. I do Stan BTS and other groups but damn Daniel wore it like amazingly he looks awesome.

  • A

    Agree sis

  • A

    Sis she didn’t call anyone dumb. Who’s dumb now. Besides she’s right. It’s not who you like better. It’s who wore it better regardless of whether or not you like them.

  • Pure Love

    It is 🙂 The large majority shares that opinion to back up the facts
    Stay pressed!