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Who wore it better? Daniel (Wanna One) vs Taehyun (Hotshot)

Today’s ‘who wore it better’ brings us two hot Kpop idols: Wanna One’s Kang Daniel vs. Hotshot’s Roh Taehyun.
Who wore it better Daniel vs Taehyun
Daniel and Taehyun wore two different versions of the same top. The shirt caused a bit of a fuss among fans due to the presence of the words ‘Deep Dick’ in a coincidentally precise location (spotted in Daniel’s outfit).

Daniel (Wanna One)
Kang Daniel wore the top during one of Wanna One’s performances at KCON, Los Angeles, 2017. Daniel wore the dark version of the shirt and dark pants, accessorizing it with a red belt and a red and black choker. As usual, Daniel oozes sex-appeal.
Kang Daniel Who Wore it Better
Daniel Who Wore it Better

Taehyun (Hotshot)
Recently, Hotshot’s Taehyun wore the same top, but its white version. Taehyun chose to hide the ‘incriminating’ words, as his shirt was tucked inside his pants. He, as well, chose to pair the shirt with a red choker and some silver jewelry. Wearing red pants, he gives a more casual, yet charming aura.
Taehyun Who Wore it Better
Roh Taehyun Who Wore it Better

Daniel (Wanna One) vs Taehyun (Hotshot): who wore it better?

Out of the two, who wore better this controversial shirt: Daniel or Taehyun? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Emily

    Daniel!!! He looks so hot!

  • Saeng

    I chose Taehyun, but actually I think they both look equally good in it

  • its Me Ashley

    This made me laugh so much i bet it was the soft stans who started it me being a hard stan thsi makes me laugh so much XD

  • Sayani Chatterjee

    daniel making the “deep dick” written over his shirt obvious

  • Lisa M


  • Lisa M

    Daniel is sexy his attitude match that type of shirt better I think…

  • Taehyun <3

  • Silver tail


  • Asking21sirens

    Taehyun <3

  • JinBiased


  • Muscle hyung ฅ•’ω’ ฅ​

    강다니엘 kang Daniel

  • chaeyoung’s

    taehyun hands down, i’m sorry

  • Gerryel Kiele Cantos

    KANG DANIEL😍😍😍❤💕

  • hyoonjeans

    deep dick daniel hands down

  • Keila-Zhi

    Ok i luv Taehyun so much!!!!!! hell yeahhhhhh!!!!

  • eve i guess

    the stylists did a great job in both of these outfits. Its interesting how similarly the stylists did these but they work really well for both idols. I picked Taehyun tho because I love a well paired red pant and I think this was the perfect outfit to use that with. the red pant and the red choker with the white shirt work really well on Taehyun. Daniel looks sexy as heck and the red belt is great but overall, I gotta give it to Taehyun.

  • Mickhela

    Both were quite similar and so well styled. I really like both of them, but what made me choose is I prefer the combination of red belt + red choker of Daniel more then red pants+ red choker. I think it’s a little bit too much and Taehyun would have looked even better with a black choker IMO. I would have chose him if so, coz red pants + white shirt are definitly a jackpot. But the red choker na
    Daniel for me

  • Alyssa

    Daniel, because I prefer black over white 😍

  • 𝒵𝒾𝒶𝒽 ♡ 지우

    Taehyun because I love red.