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Who wore it better? BoA vs. Black Pink’s Jennie

Today’s ‘who wore it better’ fashion challenge brings face to face two beautiful Kpop female idols: BoA vs. Black Pink’s Jennie

Both BoA and Black Pink’s Jennie wore the same Asymmetric Leopard Print Mini Dress Noir Jade, a glittering silk dress from well-known fashion brand Saint Laurent, which impresses with its jade-hued leopard print and bare-shoulder style. The fancy dress is currently sold for $5000.

BoA wore the beautiful dress for her picture and video teasers of her comeback ‘CAMO’, in June 2017. As always, BoA looks classy and chic, choosing to wear a bright red lip stick, big, metal linked earrings, while her dark cherry hair flows naturally over her left shoulder.

Jennie (Black Pink)
Jennie, as BoA, looked stunning in the beautiful Saint Laurant dress while posing for DAZED Korea’s April 2017 Issue. She chose to wear a very natural make-up, her lipstick’s hue matching the color of her big tassel earrings.

BoA vs. Jennie: who wore it better?

Out of the two, who wore better this chic Saint Laurent dress: BoA or Jennie? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Minhae

    BoA for me. She looks classy.

  • Yumi

    BOA looks better in this outfit

  • EXO Xiu


  • Jess Yeon

    Honestly I think they both shine in different ways so it was a hard choice for me but l went for BoA unnie


    Jennie 💕💕

  • tatjana kece

    Omg jennie

  • 5triple

    Are you serious ? BoA is queen of the kpop.Who is Jennie?


    Duh……you dunno Jennie?Like seriously dude?

  • Deidre Ruelan


  • Deidre Ruelan


  • bangtan_emily

    Hey Deidre, I’m a BLINK, but you’re seriously so rude. I love Jennie, but I love BoA and Irene and Jessica and so many others. You need to open your mind, and stop being rude. BP is not the only group out there.

  • bangtan_emily

    jennie from blackpink. amazing girl <3

  • Deidre Ruelan

    Im just joking seriously your a good example i was testing for people’s reactions if there favorite girl groups get disrespected your a really great example i look up to you

  • bangtan_emily

    ahh, good.. thank you~! i’m glad i could be a good example to the k-pop community <3

  • Ayesha Patel

    BoA! Come Best of Asia, is literally best. Jennie looks great as well but I think BoA rocked it!

  • Uchiha Sarada

    you don’t know jennie?

  • Uchiha Sarada


  • Christina Mulloy

    The outfit is kind of mature, so I’d say it definitely looks better on BoA who’s much older than Jennie. Jennie, although she has a great fierce expression on, still has a very young, cute face. The only reason Jennie has more votes is because she has more fans on this site. This poll is barely about the outfit, it seems to be more about who has the most young fans with enough free time to take polls on Kprofiles.

  • mily is sad🇲🇽🇺🇸🇪🇸

    Both of them look beautiful. i have to say Jennie.

  • Kpop_Trivia

    They both look great, i’d like to say, and I wish I had the option to choose both of them. I couldn’t really decide, so I closed my eyes and spun my mouse around the screen a few times, and clicked on anything. At first it wasn’t going on anything, so I just spun around myself, kept the mous inbetween both options and clicked with my eyes closed. In the end, it clicked Jennie. I think BoA showed a mature side of the outfit, and really slayed the outfit. Jennie showed a cute, diva side to it. To be honest, I think everyone should agree it was a tie. <3

  • Aragorn Lee

    I think Jennie looks better only because she looks more fierce and like a diva. This isn’t biased cause I like BOA more than Jennie but I think Jennie looked better.

  • Nova GLXY

    Jennie is a really popular idol from Blackpink! If you followed kpop news, you would know about her!

  • lol, new queen coming in girl.

  • Kookiest with I and U

    Lol Jennie nothing compared to BoA. The only reason why kpop is popular is because of boa she was the first star and the first real popular Korean.

  • Kookiest with I and U

    Shut up we didn’t ask you, blackpink ain’t the only girl group out there, and they are nothing compared to BoA. If it weren’t for BoA none of your bp business would have existed

  • Kookiest with You and I

    She’s joking.jennie is nothing compared to BoA though… why? Do you know BoA? If you think Jennie is more popular than BoA then you must not know who the fucking queen of kpop is. (Yes,she’s literally called that)

  • Taehyun Rose

    wow this site love Jennie, because there a lot of questions with Jennie BoA voice is better but I am blink so I support Jennie