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Who wore it better? BoA vs. Black Pink’s Jennie

Today’s ‘who wore it better’ fashion challenge brings face to face two beautiful Kpop female idols: BoA vs. Black Pink’s Jennie

Both BoA and Black Pink’s Jennie wore the same Asymmetric Leopard Print Mini Dress Noir Jade, a glittering silk dress from well-known fashion brand Saint Laurent, which impresses with its jade-hued leopard print and bare-shoulder style. The fancy dress is currently sold for $5000.

BoA wore the beautiful dress for her picture and video teasers of her comeback ‘CAMO’, in June 2017. As always, BoA looks classy and chic, choosing to wear a bright red lip stick, big, metal linked earrings, while her dark cherry hair flows naturally over her left shoulder.

Jennie (Black Pink)
Jennie, as BoA, looked stunning in the beautiful Saint Laurant dress while posing for DAZED Korea’s April 2017 Issue. She chose to wear a very natural make-up, her lipstick’s hue matching the color of her big tassel earrings.

BoA vs. Jennie: who wore it better?

Out of the two, who wore better this chic Saint Laurent dress: BoA or Jennie? Feel free to comment below.