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Who wore it better? Jessica vs. Black Pink’s Jennie vs. Red Velvet’s Irene

This ‘who wore it better’ fashion challenge brings forward three beautiful Kpop ladies: Jessica vs. Black Pink’s Jennie vs. Red Velvet’s Irene.

All three idols wore the same ruffle trim cropped jacket, a very elegant and chic top from the well-known fashion brand Gucci, item currently sold for £1,290 (about $1,750).

Part of the Gucci SS17 collection, this black long-sleeved glamorous jacket is made from silk-wool crepe in Italy and features a broad white fancy collar and front placket detailed with intricate ruffles as well as front decorative buttons bearing Gucci’s famous GG logo.


Jennie (Black Pink)

Irene (Red Velvet)

Jessica vs. Jennie vs. Irene: who wore it better?

Out of the three, who wore this extravagant, classic Gucci jacket better: Jessica vs. Jennie vs. Irene? Feel free to comment below.

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  • fei

    I think Irene wore it the best.


    SLAYY our Queen NINI💓💓💓💖💖

  • KeykieeGummballs

    Both jennie and irene

  • Leila Yifan


  • i mean jessica of course. but Irene has the same birthday as meeeee…..and jennie is my bias….wait they’re all my bias….wait oof

  • sharkbaiter 03

    irene can make anything look good

    but, since i’m sone i chuz jung jessica noona

  • Zuly24

    Jennie Queen

  • Kayla Acebuche


  • shiri peled

    Irene IS SO BEAUTIFUL its actually hurt

  • Deidre Ruelan


  • Multifandomgirl


  • Arianne Chalut

    I think the way Jessica wears it makes it look like a vest she took from her grand mother. I’m not insulting Jessica, it’s far from that. She has a pretty smile and everything ! But If I’m not wrong, Jennie wears it buttoned and not unbuttoned. I like the way the puffy around the buttons looks like when the vest is buttoned. So I choose Jennie.

  • Minyoonie

    Jessica makes it look like a normal everyday jacket
    Irene makes it look like a vest or something
    Jennie looks hot in it
    I don’t know these three I was only here because my friend asked me to give an honest and unbiased answer because I wasn’t into kpop
    Ps.this isn’t my account

  • kitty zheng


  • Uchiha Sarada


  • Mel K

    uh irene is known as one of the prettiest female idols out there and why r u being an ass just cuz someone doesnt agree with u ur opinion is ur opinion and u have no right to be a b*tch to someone u dont even know lmao

  • idontknow

    that’s a little rude to call two wonderfully successful ladies ugly 🙂
    they are all queens, no need to disrespect them

  • Risha

    Deidre Ruelan Sorry but Irene is known best and far more because of her beauty, she can rock any piece of clothing so don’t disrespect her or Jessica

  • Deidre Ruelan

    thanks we need someone like you more in our world i was testing how pepole would react if their baised group disrepected thank for caring for your irene and jessica i look up to you

  • Deidre Ruelan

    thanks dont worry i dont want to be a b*tch i was just testing for your reaction
    and we need more people you like in this world i look up to you

  • Deidre Ruelan

    dont worry i did not mean it your reallly a good person i was testing for some reactions if their kpop or fav girl group get disrespected your a good example sorry

  • Deidre Ruelan

    im sorry btw

  • Risha

    Deidre Ruelan WTF

  • Deidre Ruelan


  • Risha

    Deidre Ruelan I’m sorry but you shouldn’t commit these types of testes even though ur trying to prove something.
    this was very annoying for me as a person. First say something bad for an idol then receive a harsh comment and get pissed. I’m sorry but this was very idiotic for me to realize ur TEST on something I wasted my time on.

  • Risha

    Deidre Ruelan Is this also a test for the person? because I clearly didn’t see u say “Oh I’m sorry I was just joking…. and all….”

  • Risha

    For all the Jessica and Irene fans out their:

  • mina’s universe

    Irene is so god damn beautiful , even my parents who don’t know her say that💀 and people are being biased…

  • Deidre Ruelan

    i know it was bad and all im really sorry for my mistake

  • ane

    jennie and irene are my bias… and both is very beautiful… i don’t know. :-:

  • mahima hayat 🌿

    Irene 💘 what a goddesssssss wow
    but Jessica looks really pretty in it too

  • Deidre Ruelan

    i know it is very idiotic of me but i wish someone like you would give a chance cause im very sorry

  • eve i guess

    Irene is my rv bias, but I don’t like the white shirt with the cream trim of the jacket, I think it kinda clashes. She looks gorgeous in that photo (and every photo) but I have to say Jessica really pulled this jacket off best. The contrast of the black turtleneck looks really good with the cream ruffles. The jeans make the outfit casual and then the little black purse pulls it together. It looks like an outfit I would put together haha Well done all three.

  • Vjintae

    my neighbor wore it better than jehney

  • ItzVickeh

    Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Jennie, I think she wore it the best :3

  • Kpop Neverland

    omg i was listening to exo – monster, and when the lyrics said ”goddess” i read your comment haha


    i like red velvet and love blackpink but jessica ( i love you kim taehyung from bts)



  • arvy

    Jennie. I almost picked Irene, but that white top peeking out is kinda weird.

  • Taehyun Rose

    Jennie is beautiful and anothers too