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Who wore it better? TWICE’s Sana vs. Red Velvet’s Irene vs. Jessica

Today’s ‘who wore it better’ brings three beautiful Kpop idols, same dress and three different styles: TWICE’s Sana vs. Red Velvet’s Irene vs. Jessica.

All three idols wore a tight, sexy, shoulder-less black dress with flaring white sleeves, however, all managed to imprint on it their own styles, hence giving off totally different vibes.

Sana (TWICE)
Sana wore the beautiful dress for the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Revealing her shoulders, the sexy black and white dress is a perfect match for the white highlights in her hair. Choosing to wear a natural makeup and close to no accessories, she gives off a sweet, lovely aura.

Irene (Red Velvet)
Irene wore this exquisite outfit at the 2016 KBS Entertainment Awards. Wearing dark lipstick and big round earrings, she emanates a charming, sexy aura.

Jessica (Ex. SNSD)
Jessica wore the gorgeous outfit at J.estina red fansign event in September 2016. Wearing long, chain earrings, a glossy golden eye-shadow and natural-looking lipstick, she gives a chic, sophisticated aura.

Sana vs. Irene vs. Jessica: who wore it better?

Out of the three, who wore better this sexy, shoulder-less dress: Sana, Irene or Jessica? Feel free to comment below.