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Woozi (Seventeen) Facts and Profile, Woozi’s Ideal Type

Woozi (Seventeen) Facts and Profile; Woozi’s Ideal Type

Stage Name: Woozi (우지)
Birth Name: Lee Jihoon (이지훈)
Birthday: 22 November 1996
Zodiac sign: Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp
Nationality: Korean
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Height: 164 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 53 kg (116 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @woozi_universefactory
Sub-Unit: Vocal Team (Leader); SVT Leaders
Woozi’s Spotify list:  Songs that Woozi likes

Woozi facts:

– He was born in Busan, South Korea.
– He’s an only child.
– Education: Hanlim Multi Arts High School (‘15); Hanyang University Institute for Future Talents (Practical Music KPop Division Major)
– He was a trainee for 5 years.
– He was a former member of ‘Tempest’ before Seventeen was created.
– When he was younger, he did classic music for a long time. He played the clarinet and band instruments.
– Because he’s a little too serious sometimes, he has the nickname ‘Documentary’.
– Another nickname of his is “Tofu”, due to his pale skin.
– He plays the guitar & piano.
– He enjoys producing, composing, writing lyrics.
– He composes and makes the lyrics for most of Seventeen’s songs.
– He admitted he feels burdened being Seventeen’s composer because he’s afraid if they fail, it would be his fault.
– Woozi has worked with Ailee, Kanto, and composed for 4 other groups (I.O.I included).
– Articles have titled him as a composing monster.
– Woozi is close to B.A.P‘s Himchan. (B.A.P’s Celuv iTV ‘I am Celeb’)
– He wants to meet Justin Bieber.
– Woozi was supposed to be in the performance team, but since he’s making songs he got into vocal team.
– Woozi never had a girlfriend. (As of 2017)
– He was voted by the other members as the most hard working member, along with Soonyoung.
– He views himself as being very calm, serious and careful.
– DK has chosen him as the member he was awkward with before, so Woozi started calling him Dokyeom-shi (formal).
– His hobby is enjoying music.
– His favorite food is Jjajangmyun (Black Bean Noodles) & Spicy Ramyun Noodles mix together.
– He can’t eat really spicy food.
– He doesn’t really like curry.
– He likes sports.
– He likes dogs.
– He’s a fan of the X-Men series. He likes watching films with Hugh Jackman in them.
– Between Winter or Summer, he prefers Winter.
– His shoe size is 260mm.
– He was in Hello Venus’ “Venus” MV, NU’EST’s “Face” MV, and Orange Caramel’s “My Copycat” MV
– His role models are Chris Brown and Park Jin Young.
– S.Coups felt sorry for Woozi because he felt like Woozi was more of a leader than he is, because Woozi is the one who makes Seventeen work.
– He probably seems shy and blunt, but he has profound emotion, and once he becomes close to someone, such a close relationship will continue forever. (Japanese Seventeen Magazine)
– He is the album producer. He decides the concept, makes the songs, writes the lyrics, and thinks about what order they should go in. Seventeen’s musical composition is worked on by all the members, but about 80% of it is done by him. It makes him happier than anything when fans says their songs are good. (Japanese Seventeen Magazine)
– He spends his time listening to music and playing games on the computer. He’s loved anime since he was young.
– He liked exquisite clothes that aren’t too fashionable, but also aren’t too comfortable. he’s the type of person who buys simple yet detailed clothes without hesitation. (Japanese Seventeen Magazine)
– He was an active kid, playing baseball as a catcher in elementary school. (Japanese Seventeen Magazine)
– The meaning behind his real name is that Ji means ‘know’, Hoon means ‘service’. It means to know my service.
– Woozi and Suga (BTS) are said to look alike. Woozi is said to look like Suga’s little brother.
– Woozi collaborated with EXO’s Chanyeol for a song entitled “Give Me That”.
– In the old dorm he used to share a room with Mingyu. (Dorm 1 – which is downstairs, floor 6th)
– Update: As of June 2020, in the new dorm he has his own room.
Woozi’s ideal type: a girl who is bright and friendly.

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