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What’s The Best Dancing Kpop Boy Group?

What’s The Best Dancing Kpop Boy Group?

What's the best dancing Kpop boy group? (You can vote for up to 5 groups)

Post by YoonTaeKyung

What’s the best dancing Kpop boy group in your opinion? Feel free to comment below! 🙂

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  • Seventeen <3

  • Elaine

    Stray Kids, NCT, Astro, Monsta X, The Boys

  • Chen

    Exo forever

    ps my bias is Chen (Kim Jon Dae)

  • sowon

    Where’s NCT?

  • Yoongi Min

    This is too crucial! I cannot decide who to vote when I like 25 groups in the list tbh ㅠㅠ

  • Ari_san

    People need to watch SF9’s O Sole mio and Now or Never to educate themselves

  • Hawa Muhammad

    I LOOOOVEE THE TOP THREEE YESS LITERALLY ALL MY BIAS GROUPS !! My ultimate boy group (EXO) followed by my second faves Seventeen then NCT. Honestly its not even question SVT AND NCT are best dancers of this generation and we can never forget EXO iconic and versatile choreographies

  • Hawa Muhammad


  • Hawa Muhammad


  • Kkaebsong is my style


  • @peachypcyeol

    seventeen, nct, the boyz & sf9 are the best dance groups in my opinion skkssk 🥰

  • Momo

    Seventeen, NCT, A.C.E, Stray Kids, BTS ❤
    I swear people are sleeping one A.C.E though smh 😒

  • Unicornsarereal


  • Linnea Boqvist

    Please add 14U😊


    I am a little disappointed because Seventeen isn’t even on the list! I can’t even vote for them? 🙁

  • Kpopsiren

    Up10tion deserves to be here. They’re debut stage was epic, everyone should watch So Dangerous from them

  • luci morgan

    y’all… have you SEEN ATEEZ’s music videos?? their dancing is incredible…

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Can you move 14U to the Top in the votes so it goes by alphabet order😊😊

  • YoonTaeKyung

    sorry for not including them, I updated the poll😊

  • If you haven’t seen A.C.E or SEVENTEEN you haven’t lived a good life periodt.

  • Shauna ♡s nct

    nct, the boyz & svt are groups with lots of members yet they are still sooo synchronized in their dancing , they have vry powerful moves too♡ . so proud of my bbs <3

  • EeZEe Vee

    i voted nct, stray kids, block b, astro, and exo

  • EeZEe Vee

    oh its there


    Goodness! iKON is on the top of BTS! Any iKONICS here?

  • Kenjie

    I voted B2st, Big bang, BTS, EXO and Got7

  • jungkookie “Allana Henriquez”

    SVT and NCT!

  • alice

    Please add VICTON

  • mrym


  • Yugyeom

    My picks were on 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th and 9th place😁

  • StanAprill

    A.c.e, ateez and seventeen!!!

  • wedlockm06_559

    Aww Stray Kids isn’t there!

  • Hallyu has hit me:O

    Gawwdd why just 5😭😭

  • minna

    They are there

  • minna

    Mine got 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 11th

  • Giorgia Schito

    I voted 1st,2nd,3rd,4th😂
    exo nct seventeen got7😍

  • sᴛᴀɴ ᴛʀᴄɴɢ & sᴛʀᴀʏ ᴋɪᴅs

    TRCNG, my boys didnt just do a bunch of b-boy moves for nothing

  • Yeonjun STUDIOS

    If you want to see txt and stare at their beautiful faces here is a link: https://txt.ibighit.com/


    BTS… Out of all groups BTS is the best… Besides BTS … No-one

  • Kpop History

    At least someone commented about voting for BTS

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Please can you do this but with GirlGroups too?

  • Bunny Matoki


  • Bunny Matoki

    and k.o too

  • Julia

    I did vote but I feel like it’s kinda unfair to vote like this, cause for some groups, we dont even know their full potential, cause companies doing easier choreography and other stuff. all these groups are great for different reasons

  • Maura Nichols (The Flower Chil

    Okay, well that’s your opinion. And in my opinion, I disagree with you.

  • and this is the definition of a delusional person. You need to go and watch some other groups beside BTS. You’re missing out on amazing groups . And , have you even seen other groups dancing? NCT, Seventeen, Infinite, ACE, Exo etc? apparently not, what a pity..

  • and NCT..Infinite as well.. oops

  • I love this poll. Finally bts is not on the top!!They are not much compared to the other groups. ACE are really underrated and people should definitely check them out THEY ARE AMAZING. Also i love how NCT and Seventeen are on the top!!

  • kkaebsong

    I love how nct and exo are at the top

  • Hailey

    ateez’s choreos are so cool and the members pull them off very well

  • Linda Jones


  • A.C.

    For some reason i read that as Cheerios lol idk

  • 「spirited spirits」

    hell yea, all the love for nct, stray kids, seventeen, exo

  • dani

    A.C.E are extremely talented dancers, they’re absolutely amazing!! And so is infinite!

  • Amin

    Seventeen at the top? Cause hella they’re amazing. Voted for svt, nct, got7 and ace. Now gonna check other groups too🙆🏻‍♀️

  • mxlonz

    honey n0. bts is my favorite group but they are definitely not the best dancers. it does come down to opinion after all but you cant say that. personally i think seventeen is the best.

  • mxlonz

    i voted svt nct ateez bts and ikon uwu

  • kandyce4ever

    I voted for Seventeen, Bts, Exo, Astro, and Straykids

  • stan ji changmin

    i voted for seventeen, astro, the boyz, nct, and stray kids 😀

  • Hoe101

    got7?????????🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠why so high 🙂

  • Hoe101

    at least we agree that nct is vital

  • Kpop_Trivia

    I don’t know why, I only voted for one:
    NCT (They deserve my vote. :D)

  • Erjona Dembogaj

    haha same

  • Alicia

    Because they do the performances by themselfes and they are doing great.
    -someone who ults them

  • Neo127

    Being a multi-fandom its so difficult to even choose 5 out of so many 😓

    These are really deserving groups and top best out there..

  • takoyaki_prince

    I vote for nct, seventeen, exo, stray kids and bts

  • MiniJaeEun

    I chose NCT, GOT7, BTS, Stray Kids and Pentagon.

  • #Hannah

    U guys really don know tvxq skills ?

  • its ya boy urja

    nct, seventeen, and teen top (come on, guys! have you SEEN rocking???)

  • RAIN💧

    I love Astro… but sadly, so underrated

  • anon

    the original kings of synchronization, INFINITE!!!

  • Minty

    Oh peeople you just have to watch up10tion dance practices right now
    Trust me

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    Voted for BTS💜💜, their dance makes me dance together with the song😍😍, they are amazing💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • kpop darling


  • Ana


  • ʍօօղɾíՏҽ

    gotta say seventeen ,,

    their choreography is no joke owo

  • Wisdom Konu

    Stray kids dance line is one of the best male dance lines in this generation.

  • Lu

    Teen top we gonna rock it drop it top it hey don’t stop it pop it
    Teen top we gonna rock it drop it top it hey don’t stop it pop it
    Teen top we gonna rock it drop it top it hey don’t stop it pop it
    Ok I’m sorry

  • Cassie

    Bts please Vote they are sooo cool!😊

  • Lia Giba

    Ikr ACE’s dance skills are no joke! They deserve a lot of recognition for doing such an amazing job when their company once couldn’t even afford a mirror in their dance studio😢

  • Martina Nyström

    The real answer is Speed, shame they’ve disbanded 😛

  • My TaeTae My WooSan

    For me the best dancers are BTS and ATEEZ that’s my opinion because they are my favorite group.

  • Joyful

    i would also add Monsta X and ATEEZ to that list, there are plenty of boy groups that have more complicated better synced choreographies and i have a deep appreciation for BTS

  • shedea nuraz zhalami

    NCT at second place

  • Yess Monsta X and Ateez are definitely amazing and Bts as well, but they aren’t really comparable to groups like Nct, Seventeen,Infinite, ACE etc. and i have nothing against bts and i think they’re pretty good but the original comment just triggered me because she clearly knows nothing about other groups beside bts.

  • taewoo26

    umm.. EXO doesn’t have anything to do with BTS being close to last place. and in all polls ARMYs fake the votes to put BTS on top so why are you so mad? That’s the only pull with BTS being below 1st place

  • taewoo26

    just watch exos dance practices

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Exo-l’s fakes the votes.
    Stop being biased.
    I don’t even stan bts but the Fact that exo is overrated is true.

  • taewoo26

    what’s wrong ! BTS and EXO are not related plz stop that , i don’t understand why do people compare them 🙄

  • YoonTaeKyung

    Please stop these fan wars, If u’re not bts stan then why you’re everywhere defending them? bts and exo are talented no need to compare them

  • YoonTaeKyung

    in BTS, there’s Jhope and Jimin, in EXO there’s Kai and Sehun. They’re all good dancers. i made this post just for fun not for fan wars

  • No hate but you forgot Lay 🙂

  • i don’t care

    If Exo have easy choreos, then so does Bts ! You clearly haven’t seen any of Exo’s dances if you think they’re easy because they for sure aren’t..And you say bts is not overrated? I swear army’s are the most delusional fandom. You know no one will like your comment and you do it yourself..pathetic

  • Wonpilonfire

    Wow, you really need to get a grip in yourself hun, just because I’m an army, doesn’t mean that I won’t defend EXO. They work equally as hard and produce beautiful things. It’s true, just because BTS was noticed first, doesn’t mean a person can down grade other groups. I’d like to see you try and be an idol.

  • Azuray

    Because that’s how humans think. They don’t have anything to do with each other except that they might be friends with each other, I think Tae of BTS and Baekhyun of EXO are friends, or at least on good terms, but people just take joy in comparing them and fanwaring even though they’re unrelated.

    Neither EXO or BTS are overrated, and it doesn’t matter who’s in first, second, third or last place, they all put effort and hard work into it to get results, and I think that’s what we should respect and admire more than what place they get on some polls.

  • Durratun Nasihah

    I agree with you

  • Durratun Nasihah

    They are king

  • Alyssa

    Stray Kids should be in the TOP 3 I think 🙂 No hate to other groups <3

  • If you didn’t vote for A.C.E, SEVENTEEN, or ATEEZ, you’re lying to yourself 😂

  • Ugh sorry I forgot 😔

  • A.C.E is literally a group of 5 main vocalists, main dancers, AND visuals. They deserve so much recognition, and lately I’ve been seeing some people paying more attention to them!! So happy ((“:

  • *insert clever username*

    It’s SEVENTEEN obviously lol. Their sychro is amazing and they are 13

  • No problem :’)

  • noreca_07

    People forget about K.O. and Jungle Game 🙁

  • Hoe101

    They only do performances by themselves because JYP is zero help, and the fact that they do everything by themselves is no reason to be so high up but okay

  • Kailash Singh Khatri

    It’s about all the members ….. Don’t put your biased group always. Seventeen and Ateez are really superb. First watch them and then decide. Even though I am an iKONIC.

  • Kailash Singh Khatri

    Well to be true……. If it comes to the whole team …. I think EXO got the best dance synchronisation. But SEVENTEEN and ATEEZ are on another level.

  • wenow

    Seventeen and NCT, imo.

  • Loona

    Yall think bts cant dance but we been knew they work harder then ur favs so….also their stage presence is the best yall cant even 🙂

  • Loona

    Yeessss finally JUST FACTS

  • Baldbumkey

    Still bts!!

  • We know BTS can dance, but Seventeen is an amazing dance group who’s stage presence is perfect

  • Can we not start fan wars?

  • Who said Bts can’t dance? Most of us just think they’re overrated in the terms of dancing skills. I know Bts has amazing dancers like Jimin and J-Hope, but comparing them to groups like Seventeen, ACE, Nct etc. where literally EVERYONE could be a main dancer, it’s obvious that Bts isn’t the best dancing group. They have a good stage presence? Ok, i can give that to them, but have you seen any other groups? They have just as much stage presence as Bts and maybe even more. I don’t get your point ‘they work harder than your faves’ what do you mean? How do you know how hard my faves work? You just sound lowkey ignorant and delusional now..

  • 「spirited spirits」

    nct, stray kids, and seventeen have the most amazing choreos

  • I am a multi-fandom K-Popper but SEVENTEEN is really a group with the most in-sync, well-thought, visually appealing routines ever. They don’t just dance to someone else’s choreo, they do their own and it always has a story to tell.

  • YoonTaeKyung

    ‘They work harder than ur faves’ srsly? did u meet them or smth? do u even know everyone’s fav to say that bts work harder than them?

  • xiaodan

    yeah but this isn’t a poll for “best stage presence” and a presumed “harder work ethic”

  • xiaodan

    lmao, even though i dont really stan them i have to admit that they slAy the dance game.

  • xiaodan

    also, i think that straykids are really talented dancers and they definitely deserve the votes!

  • Sonnet Shreya

    nct has 21

  • True!

  • Seventeen definitely deserves the first place, their synchronization is no joke. Their choreography is amazing and i swear it’s impressive how in sync they’re, considering they have 13 members! Nct comes second for sure because well..it’s obvious lol

  • Cecille

    Bts is overrated

  • Jung jieun

    Seventeen, EXO, Got7, BTS and Infinite is what I choose. I don’t really know NCT. And no, I’m not new to Kpop I’ve just not checked them out yet.

  • I recommend checking out Nct dance practices for Simon Says, Boss, Cherry Bomb, Regular and performance video for 7th sense (iconic!) etc. And don’t be surprised when you’ll see many units since Nct now has 4 subunits (Nct 127, Nct u, Nct Dream and WayV ) and i highly recommend listening to their music because i know you will not be disappointed! ☺ (they have really unique music btw )

  • MysteryTK

    Don’t sleep on ATEEZ now that group is hardcore skilled👑🤦🏼‍♀️

  • tag1981

    Are you insane? GOT7 be killing them choreos!

  • Hoe101

    girl, I guess🥳

  • Linnea Boqvist

    The best group:
    Teen Top

  • Sa

    Gtfo with that , as an army I can proudly say svt deserves the first spot , bts are amazing but svt are the best Dancers , if the whole south Korea agrees , why would your complains matter ? Every group works hard , most get their companies privilege , we can’t deny how hard bts worked , but svt worked just as hard because they’re under pledis , they need to if they want to continue their careers

  • samira

    seventeen stays killing the game, from sync to charisma and originality.its also noteworthy that they make their own choreography! ive also checked out ateez recently in say my name and they dance extremely well and have good presence!

  • ItzVickeh

    No matter what, the ones at the top deserve a spot. (Including Seventeen and their powerful dances) And going as a STAY, I’m proud of Stray kids :3

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Why did you deleted BTS votes? 🙂
    They was on third Place with 19000 votes.
    Please stop being biased and accept the results.

  • lmao

    BTS isn’t the best dancers, actually they have some of the weaker dancers I’ve seen. You’re the biased one 🙂

  • Jung jieun

    I will check them out, always looking to add more to my playlist.

  • Good (: tell me your thoughts then!

  • Linnea Boqvist

    You don’t even know anything about Kpop. And you don’t even know what ”biased” means.

  • Did you like them? (::

  • Do you even know how the polls work? She didn’t delete the votes lmao. maybe you should just accept the fact that Bts is not always gonna be on the top??

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Bruh, i know You’re One of those jealous haters. And i still don’t stan bts 🙂
    they was in the Top, i’ve voted here since this poll was out.
    I’ve written down all votes for each day.
    They was deleted. Well idc about u, we all know that you don’t even know or like Kpop. U just here to spread hate 🙂

  • Yomi

    Yeah this guy is clearly a child LMFAO throws a fit simply because someone disagrees with them.

  • Yomi

    I also don’t know why you’re upvoting me because I was talking about you, not the other guy lmfao. Don’t get crazy now.

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Lol idc?¿
    What are you even doing here if you hate kpop. Grow up darling😘

  • Ishita XXX

    check out NCT’s Black on Black performance vid, they are amazing as well!

  • Sara Thao

    Yall need to shut the fuck up about your faves not getting to the top. I love BTS, but I am not going to be like “Oh BTS deserve the first place.” I believe SVT has dance that re reallllllyyyyyyyyyyy in sync, but other groups does a great job with dances too.

  • My TaeTae

    For me is BTS! and ATEEZ!

  • Lia Giba

    Yeah dunno who allowed a three year old in here to annoy others on every poll 🙂

  • Tinki Mingi

    For me are SVT, Infinite, and the hardcore on ATEEZ!! DON’T SLEEP ON ATEEZ, THE ROOKIE KING

  • I voted for ASTRO as I think their choreography, synchronised dancing and singing is on point. MY BOYS ARE ON POINT – but they are so under-rated, but it doesn’t matter us AROHAS will give them love and appreciation to make up for it. So proud of their growth. Keep fighting boys <3

  • Sansaversity

    I listen to all of the groups can I can’t choose

  • Yomi

    I love how you’re telling me to grow up yet you clearly didn’t understand anything I said. Not once have I said that I hated kpop. Now you’re just putting words in my mouth. If you don’t care then keep you mouth shut and stop trying to start shit.

  • Jung jieun

    Yes, they’re pretty good

  • Good! Which songs did you like?

  • Alisha

    I would, but I can’t dance to save my life, lmao. 😅😂🤣

  • Alisha

    Also, I like Stray Kids’ dancing too. Have you seen/Stan them?

  • Ak

    Yes I agree stray kids choreo is no joke

  • mereee

    svt and ateez as a group are the best at dancing, nct has a few weak dancers but the best dancers are ten, jeno, and mark (ig). taeyong just doesn’t stand out that much to me but i still love him please dont attack me lmao

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    Yeah, I listen to their songs but am not too familiar with them ! 😊

  • I respect your opinion but i don’t think nct has any ‘weak’ dancers. At least anyone who is noticeably ‘weak’ compared to others. And what about Jisung though?

  • Alisha

    What songs do you listen to from them? Also, which BTS dance is your favorite? Mine is the I Need U dance. Only becuase it’s easy enough for me to (sort of) go through the motions. Otherwise, I like the Save Me, Fake Love, and Mic Drop dances.

  • Alisha

    For me, it’s like this:

    1)Seventeen (I’m not super into them, but I’ve seen them perform, and dang. Their sync is like…. O-O)
    2)NCT (Have you seen Cherry Bomb? That’s some straight up talent, the way the stay together!)
    3) Stray Kids (You’d have to be straight up blind if you think they can’t dance.)
    4) Got7/EXO (lol, I couldn’t choose)
    5) BTS (This is going to be highly contreversial, but here it goes. I think BTS as a whole isn’t as awesome as NCT and Seventeen, becuase their choreos are NO JOKE. BUT! BTS’ individual dancers (AKA: Jungkook, Jimin, J-hope) are among the best dancers in Kpop. Ofcourse, not THE BEST, but highly ranked amongst others like Stray Kids’ Hwang Hyunjin and Lee Know, as well as NCT’s Lee Taeyong, Jisung, and Ten, of course, Seventeen’s The8 and Dino, EXO’s Sehun and Kai, and Got7’s JB, Yugyeom, and Jinyoung.

    That is all.

  • Alisha

    Also, Stray Kids and Got7. They have some amazing dancers, and they come up with their own choreography. BTS has a choreogrpaher, and TBH, I think it’s nice to have the group make their own choreos.

  • Alisha

    I totally agree, mine’s literally the same, except I put SVT on top of NCT, and I tied EXO with GOT7, and put BTS in last place.

  • NanananaRythemTa

    ATEEZ has good dance skills so I understand that one but honestly there are way better dance groups in Kpop than BTS like have you ever watched Seventeen or NCT? It’s crazy how good they are and I don’t think BTS can keep up with them

  • Orbitiny

    I can’t believe my eyes that people don’t talk about ACE. They are so comparable to the respective top groups! They are able to choreograph and everyone is a main dancer without having disappointment. They are rookies but they were well trained, they were also fairly popular when they were doing some busking during pre-debut. I hope some of ya’ll can check out their dance covers to bs&t, bang bang bang, and candy! Wake up on ACE guys!

  • Orbitiny

    No attack but as a non-nctzen and being unfamiliarized with them I don’t think they have any weak dancers at all, i’ve seen each sub-unit’s live stages and their performances seem really good. I voted for them lol. And i agree svt and ateez are really good 🙂

  • Orbitiny

    I think people need to realize that ACE exists

  • mereee

    sorry, i was a bit vague. nct are all good dancers but i do think that some need like idk slight improvement? idk they all have made definite improvment but yea. i do love nct with all my heart and im not trying to attack anyone

  • mereee

    i literally hate myself so much for forgetting jisung, i knew i was missing someone. and i don’t mean that weak that its noticable, but just need some practice idk what to call it lmao but since some members had never danced before so yea im rambling idefk

  • yeah i get what u mean and it’s ok, lol

  • Lia Giba

    Idk ever since their debut stage raised controversies people have been ignoring them. It’s so sad. ACE literally has one of the best dance lines out there (who am I kidding all of them are part of the dance line).

  • Omg right! Their dancing is no joke TT

  • Verve

    There is no one who knows the boyz ….. they are really good at dancing…. if you guys haven’t seen there dance I will suggest you to please watch it … mainly their covers of bts and exo you will get to know them ……if any one is interested in new group please watch there MV they are really good 🙌🙌.

  • Izzati

    Why everyone hate bts? They didn’t do anything wrong… but you guys did it to them… don’t be a human if you guys hate human being!!!

  • Lily Charles

    i know them, they’re great

  • Fey Christie

    Agree. This is like the best and the most accurate comment tho (well for me). At first I thought that NCT were “The Best Dancer” and deserve the first place (’cause I’m an NCTzen so it’s only natural to biased your own kpop group right?). But then I saw Seventeen choreography video and I was like– “Dang it’s so sync. They totally nailed it.”
    TBH I totally agree if Seventeen won the first place (even though I’m not in the family of Carat). I mean– No matter whose your kpop group biased was, you just have to admit the truth right?
    *It’s still my opinion tho. Pls don’t hate me or anything*

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Almost everyone that likes Kpop knows them.
    They are not even underrated anymore lol

  • Lol okay- they have about 9-16 million views in their mv’s, so everyone totally knows them !1!1 they are underrated and definitely not known by everyone who likes kpop?? lmaOoOo you clearly don’t know the meaning of underrated

  • why everyone hates my faves?1?1 ask your fandom lmao

  • Linnea Boqvist

    9-16 million View are way to much to be called underrated.
    Lol, Maybe you should search up some facts before comment sweetie :***

  • karl

    y’all y’all y’all, usually I do these polls and I roughly agree or have something to say but keep my mouth shut BUT THIS
    genuinely the best dancing group is ace, like I know the other groups may be better overall or the choreographies are more your style but these 5 kids are literally amazing dancers put together in one group

  • orbitzen


  • orbitzen

    Very true. They should at least be on the top 5, not on the 15thth !! I swear i was shook when i first saw Cactus and Callin! Their dancing is incredible but because they’re so underrated (i mean they haven’t even hit 5 million on their mv yet??!!) Some of these groups shouldn’t be so high tbh . But popularity will always win sadly …

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Yikes on you cutie :*

  • ByTheCliff _SKZ

    “Work harder than your faves” Seventeen Produce, write, and choreograph their own songs 🙂

  • Antho_SSJ_アンソニー

    You have to understand that this is about who’s the best DANCING group…it’s not about your favorite or the most popular group, it’s hard to get a REAL and HONEST answer to this question since so many people are clearly biased

  • Alisha

    Yeah I actually started stanning NCT and seventeen recently and they’ve just been coming for my it like I’m feeling so aTaCkeD. NCT has such amazing dancers and can keep up on music that is changing speed it’s insane. And seventeen damn. They even make their own choreography and is like insan because it’s like watching one huge person dance

  • Sarah Zimmerli

    Honestly Uniq should be included in this poll, how come everyone keeps forgetting about the Legendary Team C dance practice? Although all of the members are very talented dancers, you can’t overlook their maknae Wang Yibo who is personally the best dancer in both Kpop and Cpop.
    Check it out for yourself:
    (The second dancer is Wang Yibo)

    The legendary Team C dance practice:

  • Chae_hyungwon

    Monsta x they are so talented unique and slick they do all kinds of cool moves you would of never thought of they all are pretty close in their dancing skill which makes them really great as a whole and even when feeling down they put all there effort and confidence into their dancing to impress monbebes and monbabies and even non fans.i think it’s not just about their skill but also the style and the whole dance choreo how well rounded it is and unique it is is what we want to see and I’m a proud monbebe and have no regrets with my decision👌❤😁

    watch this to see monsta x’ s skills you’ll be surprised by how talented they are.

  • Stiffany Benlota Raso

    seventeen is the most synchronize group in Kpop (In my opinion) that’s why I stan them (I’m a multi fan)

  • Stiffany Benlota Raso

    Victon should be recognize ya know… I suggest you to dig other underrated groups and you’ll be amazed by them

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Bts are not even my Fave group so don’t say that 🙂

  • Ringdingdonghyuck

    Exactly. I personally choose Seventeen because they’re “The Best Dancer” as one whole group and not as an individual. ‘Cause many people actually vote a group because there is this “One Member” who is really good at dancing. But for me, I choose Seventeen as “The Best Dancing Kpop Boy Group” because every member in Seventeen can be considered as a main dancer.
    *And again, It’s still my opinion*
    *It’s fine girl. Both NCTzen and Carat were attacked too :’D. We’re all in this together lol.*

  • Ringdingdonghyuck

    I do agree on this one tho. I just check their dance practice because of this comment (And if I said “Just”, that means I really “Just” check their dance practice about like… a minute ago or smth). And yeah, Exactly as you said, “Popularity will always win”.

  • Alisha

    Wow Nctzens are by far one of the most welcoming fandom I’ve entered haha. GrAss FiGhTiNg!

  • karl

    it’s so crazy, i wish people would vote for what’s actually asked haha, not for who their bias group is :”)

  • karl

    it’s great that you actually checked it out!! like most don’t do that and i appreciate it 🙂

  • Ringdingdonghyuck

    Why, thank you girl~
    I appreciate this kind of mature comments too :)).

  • Ringdingdonghyuck

    Glad to hear that~
    Yasss let’s work hard Grasses! *by Mark*
    and Sunflowers! *by Haechan*
    and Trains! *by Taeyong*
    and– ok I’ll stop now.

  • Ringdingdonghyuck

    This one comment somehow manage to trigger all fandoms *maybe* in one paragraph I can’t even–
    This is funny but I’m triggered as well :’D.
    And yeah– This is “The Best Dancing Kpop Boy Group” and not “The Hardest Worker Kpop Boy Group Than All Of You People Favs” poll so… Yep. I think you’re in the wrong site girl.