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Who is the most handsome KPOP idol?

Who do you think is the most handsome KPOP idol?

Jaemin (NCT Dream)

L\Myungsoo (Infinite)

Juyeon (The Boyz)

Wonwoo (Seventeen)

Park Seungjun/Park Seoham (KNK)

Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)

Minhyuk (Monsta X)

JR/Kim Jonghyun (NU’EST)

Ong Sungwoo (Wanna One)

Kai (EXO)

Mark (GOT7)

Kim Taehyung (BTS)

Jung Daehyun (B.A.P)

T.O.P (Big Bang)

Minhyuk (BTOB)

Lee Sejin (14U)

Wonpil (DAY6)

Lee Minho/Lee Know (Stray Kids)

Lee Gikwang (Highlight)

Hyungshik (ZE:A)

Hongbin (VIXX)

Leeteuk (Super Junior)

Choi Minho (SHINee)

Yanan (Pentagon)

Song/Yunhyeong (iKON)

Taeyang (SF9)

XiaoJun (WayV)

Who's the most handsome? (You can vote for up to 5 of them)

Post by YoonTaeKyung

Who is the most handsome KPOP idol in your opinion? Feel free to comment below! 🙂

Update: “All of them” choice has been added 🙂

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  • The8 <3

  • taewoo26

    jaemin~ah 💛🖤😭!!

  • Jonas200416

    Is Choi Minho not Lee Minho the SHINee’s member surname

  • seisgf

    whaaaaat there really is no rhyme or reason to the options here. half of these members aren’t even visuals in their groups…………………………………………………………………………

  • YoonTaeKyung

    I know that, actually all kpop polls include the “official” group visual so I included the 2nd visual for each group (most of them not all of them are the 2nd visuals)

  • YoonTaeKyung

    It has been changed. Thanks:)

  • YoonTaeKyung

    Wonwoo, Sungwoo, Minho (SK), Daehyun, Taeyang, JR, and Leeteuk aren’t visuals but we all know they’re super handsome

  • Nactine

    Voted for Lee Know, Park Seoham, Juyeon and Jaemin
    So many handsome guys here!!!

  • YouShallNeverKnow

    Cha Eunwoo is just too good looking hands down

  • Keila-Zhi

    Naw I ain’t choosing

  • mari


  • autumnseokgi


  • YoonTaeKyung

    “All of them” choice has been added

  • autumnseokgi

    yesss thank you

  • maggie

    he also did blackface

  • yeeeeetknkvixx

    why is there no pic for hongbin??

  • Reika

    I can see the photo for Hongbin o__o

  • spydiyo


  • Joyz

    jin from bts should be here

  • YoonTaeKyung
  • YoonTaeKyung

    I included one member of each group

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    Kim Taehyung deserves to be first💜…sry Cha Eunwoo

  • kayoung

    there is no ‘deserves’ except in your opinion. this is just what most people think

  • wastedideas

    I’d really need more pictures to decide… but I’d say Hyuk from Vixx or Jinyoung from Got7

  • Erjona Dembogaj

    ehm no..

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    Whatever, idc, He is the most handsome kpop idol and Jungkook too💜

  • Kkaebsong is my style
  • Azuray

    They all deserve first place, in my opinion.

  • Erjona Dembogaj

    eh yes i did (:

  • Erjona Dembogaj

    not just them!

  • Erjona Dembogaj

    your wrong their are not the most handsome kpop idol

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    Yeah, its not just them, but they are the top 2 for me and probably for the all💜

  • 장미 ponpon
  • Mikayla.Marich

    Omg they’re all so handsome! I could never choose 😂

  • UwU

    Honestly I think that they all deserve 1st, they’re all handsome to me

  • Jerick Adrian Mosquete

    don’t be rude. They’re all handsome.

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    Its not being rude, i was just telling my opinion !!

  • Nayanthara Baiju


  • Erjona Dembogaj

    i know! but i just told her not just v and jungkook

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Taehyung 🙂
    No One can beat his visuals.
    And i stan 318 boygroups.

  • K-pop gurly

    Kim Taehyung Mark or Kai it was sooo hard P.S. I PICKED MY BABY KIM TAEHYUNG (sorry other 2 babies)

  • The sheep in Yixing’s MV

    Guess it depends on perspective since I’ve seen many idols whom I find way more handsome than him, sorry.

  • soomi

    I’m an ARMY too, but Taehyung isn’t the MOST handsome kpop idol in the industry, for me it would be Na Jaemin and Cha Eunwoo, and I’m not surprised the two of them are on the Top 2

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Visuals is not how Handsome YOU think someone is. lol

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Please add Lee Sejin from 14U, his visuals are CrAzY😍

  • minjoo
  • minjoo

    Please add Taeyong and Jeno from NCT


    You know you could choose up to 5 people??


    Do you only stan bts?

  • theyre.. all handsome. we shouldnt have to compare idols

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    Nope, i stan Bigbang and Exo too

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    Cuz everyone has their own point of views and diff taste…for me, i think Kim Taehyung is the most handsome person I’ve ever known in this whole universe💜

  • Qara

    in these pictures I liked the guy from KNK, the guy from The Boyz and the guy from Stray Kids

  • Red Velvet trash

    Younghoon, Jungkook and Jin, Vernon and Jun, Sehun and Baekhyun and Suho, Taeyong & Jin Longguo should have been on the list

  • YoonTaeKyung

    I added just one member of each group

  • didz

    cha eunwoo’s visuals are just too much for this world stan this visual king

  • KAnden

    I love the fact that Wonwoo’s picture was so weird 😂 but I don’t think anyone who doesn’t know him would vote for him based on that…

  • EeZEe Vee

    I picked eunwoo, jaemin(how can u not?), yanan, kai, and mark

    i see nana, i click.
    i can vote for nana, i vote.

  • EeZEe Vee

    lol i just realized the ppl from the groups that were chosen are all my biases from the group.

  • taewoo26

    I think that all of them are handsome but Eunwoo , Wonwoo , L , Juyeon , Lee know and Jaemin have the best visuals in K-pop 🙂🖤

  • Linnea Boqvist

    In the tags you wrote taehyng instead of Taehyung

    Also please add more underrated idols:
    HueningKai – TXT
    Hyobin – NTB
    Kangmin – veriVery
    XiaoJun – WayV

  • TenAndJihoonLover

    Jaemin has the best visual (Don’t get mad at me it’s my personal taste/opinion)

  • TenAndJihoonLover

    a6a7f90ce829d87e57686c63f53b60ef34cec1f0f2.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ac006a1b467ba509bdb6cea6a7f90ce829d87e57686c63f53b60ef34cec1f0f2.png

    Jaemin is so handsome and cute and hot at the same time I even forgot how to breathe

  • mrym

    You have to see and know a lot of kpop boy groups to chose the most handsome guys
    If you don’t know NCT 90% of them are visuals also SEVENTEEN has alot of visuals like Mingyu, Vernon, Wonwoo, Jun etc…
    also taehyung is cute and handsome but he will never can beat Jaemin, Eunwoo and L Visuals
    Sorry… but that the truth

  • mrym

    Yeah why…

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    Ohh really?? Keep your opinions with yourself ! Maybe you’ve fixed this as a truth in your mind but not for me ! The idols whom you mentioned can never beat Tae / Jungkook / Jimin😊…. I’m not sorry, but this is the truth for me, your opinion doesn’t matter to me !!😊

  • Yugyeom

    Kai, V, Lee Know, Taeyang and Eunwoo are top five in my opinion(IN THIS LIST) but god damn Eunwoo, too beautiful

  • 코코넛

    what about jin? he’s the visual of bts. also taeyong? nct’s visual.

  • wenny

    as it was mentioned in comments only 1 member/ band has been added

  • s.a.k.a.m.o.t.o

    eXcuSE me but where the heck is Sehun???

  • wenny

    it was mention that only 1 member/ group has been added…

  • erin

    stop with txt…

  • stella

    you still can’t vote for xiaojun

  • Katie

    I know half of these groups and think of them are handsome (expect some are more cute than handsome) so how am I ment to pick one????????????????????????????????? ????????

  • YoonTaeKyung

    sorry for the mistake, it has been fixed 🙂

  • MissPerfectTae

    Taehyung is the Most handsome ❤ for me

  • I love all the support on our Nana! He definitely deserves his spot ( i mean, just look at him!!) STAN NCT, STAN TALENT!!

  • Hailey

    how do y’all choose between all of these handsomes

  • Kylene Kim😄


  • YoonTaeKyung

    He’s there.

  • YoonTaeKyung

    There’s just one member of each group

  • Karissa Thai

    If Lai Guanlin and Minhyun fro Nu’est was in the polls i would pick them
    They are SOOOOOOOO handsome

  • rxse-

    I wish Ten from Nct U/ WayV was here, his smile is a blessing <3

  • rxse-

    It’s only one member per group, so Jeno can’t be on
    I don’t know about Taeyong though;;

  • rxse-

    You clearly ONLY stan BTS, aka an army.
    Don’t tell people to keep their opinions to theirself.
    As you say the other has “fixed their mind”, you basically said that their mindset won’t be switched on who the most handsome kpop idol is, which is exactly YOU.
    Tae-JK-Jimin could never beat 1/4 of the list here. Have you seen them without makeup of whitewash? Their faces are very bumpy and have spots on their skin (i was an army in 2014-2017, believe me I know), which isn’t that attractive.
    Supposed “armys” like you are the reason thousands of people drop the fandom every day;; they refuse to change their mind about anything thinking that no other group is more talented than BTS, who aren’t even stable live anymore.
    YOUR opinion doesn’t matter to anyone because it’s literally irrelevant.
    You clearly don’t know how beauty is measured. It’s based on how symmetrical one’s face is, and that why I voted for Xiaojun, Jaemin, Eunwoo, and 2 others: they have symmetrical faces! I don’t even know the other 2! But I found them extremely attractive due to their symmetrical faces.
    So if your going to talk about BTS all day, just go to Amino or something.
    Good day/night.

  • hadeel💟

    well they are handsome lmao?

  • 「spirited spirits」
  • mxlonz

    whats wrong with txt lmao theyre handsome

  • Dae Baby

    JUNG DAEHYUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hoe101

    for all yall PERVERTS who chose jaemin hes BARELY legal dont let the fbi catch yall

  • Hoe101

    Hongbin’s face is a need for survival

  • Hoe101

    Leeteuk cant really dnace that well but his face??? is a yesssss nexT

  • Hoe101

    i love my boy xiaojun but he debuted like two minutes ago what are yall doinggggg

  • Hoe101

    not gonna lie im surprised taehyung is so low 🤠

  • autumnseokgi

    wholly disagree , his dancing skills are gr8 dont @ me its just facts

  • Siti Suhaila

    Even though i’m army, i cannot denied that Cha Eunwoo is definitely the most handsome!!! 😂

  • You’re so delusional lmao

  • Hoe101

    Im not here to judge so I respect your opinion but I believe it is very incorrecto 🙂

  • Kim Taehyung, CGV, looks like he came from a manga world – voted as the most handsome man in the world in 2017! I love his visuals.

  • its ya boy urja

    TOP tho,,,,, face of a god

  • autumnseokgi

    ah , considering leeteuk is bias i take that to heart. if you’re going to comment something negative and try to pair it with something positive to hide that fact , don’t comment at all.

  • Have u seen Lee Taeyong 😍😍 He is literally a living anime character 😍😍

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    I never said that only BTS is talented !! Why can’t you people understand the term “others point of view”?? For me, KIM TAEHYUNG is the most handsome guy in the world and no one can change that….yeah, i have seen them without makeup/whitewashing and still they are handsome..! You have to visit many other sites and check ! But whatever, your opinions, your taste doesn’t matter to me..! I’m not at all saying that you’ve to change ur ur opinion but don’t come to me saying all those lame stuffs like Kim Taehyung can’t beat those idols…even i respect them, but i dont think they are more handsome than him! 👋🏻

  • RAIN💧

    ChaEunWoo really snatched me… his face is perfectly sculptured..

  • RAIN💧


  • Hoe101

    And you could have just kept scrolling but we can’t all get what we want 🙂 so if you could just leave me and my opinion to the peace we had before you decided to reply thank you🥳

  • Taeyong wife

    I think Xiaojun isn’t too handsome.
    He looks very handsome only in the introductory photos of SM Rookies (which in people’s opinion, he resembles Taeyong).
    When I saw His pictures from his fansite , he looked nothing special compared to the other NCT members.
    Many other NCT members, whose visuals are better than him.

  • Azuray

    TXT is awesome

  • Eunwoo is cute but not my type tbh . I just don’t see the hype..

  • Yes I saw him he is also very handsome but I prefer V 😀

  • He is 😍😍

  • potattoow

    Lee crybaby Donghae is the most handsome for me.

  • Ana

    Kim Taehyung, Kai and Mark

  • Faseha comaliles

    Cha Eun Woo Astro!!!

  • stanstrayboyztechnology

    in this household we appreciate lee juyeon’s talent and visuals
    tho if younghoon was here he would have had a lot of votes aswell
    hyunjae too :3

  • YoonTaeKyung

    You can say “he’s the most handsome guy i’ve seen” not “the most handsome in the world” cuz u didn’t see all men in the world to say that he’s above them all..

  • Jahli

    I mean taehyung actually won most handsome man of 2017 and 2018 so….

  • But it was based on popularity.. It’s not like he is actually the most handsome face of 2017 (in the whole entire world!!) of course army is going to vote for their fave and you know how big the fandom is…so i wouldn’t say that it’s accurate (it’s not uhh) like no offence but he is there only because he is from bts (he is pretty good looking, don’t get me wrong but we’re talking about the most handsome face in the world ) and just for a correction, Taehyung didn’t win in 2018 (:

  • trash cannot

    In this house we appreciate yanan and seohams visuals

  • Katie

    My top five
    1: Xiaojun WayV
    2: Minhyuk BTOB
    3: Minhyuk Monsta X
    4: Han Stray Kids (Even tho he’s not there)
    5::Minho Stray Kids

  • Katie

    Why is there only NCT dream??
    What about NCT U and NCT127??

  • fluffyyoongi

    Along with popularity votes, Doctors from around the world deadass analyzed his face so no it was not solely based on popularity but scientifically aswell. He’s deadass not only there cuz hes from BTS lmfao, he’s there cuz hes shockingly good looking, search it up there are so many doctors who’ve talked about his face and how its almost perfect. lmfao and putting a smiley face cuz he didn’t win in 2018 is hilarious, do your research 🙂

  • fluffyyoongi

    Tae is a living, breathing perfect sculpted face,, damnnnnn

  • fluffyyoongi

    bruh wheres Jin from BTS?? He was called the most sculpted face in the world and his face is sculpted into glass

  • Nctzen

    You’re just salty that taeyong ain’t there, grow up and without hating, thanks.

  • shedea nuraz zhalami

    Where’s Lee Taeyong????

  • Ikrr 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 TYYY

  • taewoo26

    It was based on instagram likes on his pic, and yeah we all know that armys are..

  • taewoo26

    When did doctors talk about him? Then let me tell you that a Korean plastic surgeon said that Doyeon from weki meki doesn’t have ANYTHING wrong with her face and that it’s literally PERFECT.but she wasn’t in this list, why? cuz weki meki aren’t popular as Twice. The same thing with L, He’s extremely handsome but Infinite aren’t as popular as BTS, Tzuyu got 2nd place or smth, and fyi he didn’t win in 2018, Jason Momoa did, and as i said it was just voting on instagram

  • Thank you so much for the response and agreed! It’s hilarious to claim that Taehyung didn’t win in 2017 because of his popularity. And i can name tons of Idols with ‘perfect face’ but as you said, they’re too underrated to get on the list. It’s funny how army can tell me do to my research when she’s being completely delusional lol as if she just didn’t say that Taehyung didn’t get on the list because of being in bts. Haha..

  • —-

    this is why everyone hates ratmys oops 🙂 grow up, kpop is more than just bts and bts members arent even that good looking, its all based on popularity and we all know how biased and delusional you guys are :/

  • —-

    but there arent 318 boygroups.. and i assume you are pretty new to kpop and know only bts and pretend like you are a god lmfao. grow up and stop being delusional. its your opinion so i wont judge.

  • —-

    this comment selection has so many ratmys .. im getting cancer by this delusional and toxic fandom.

  • JeongI.NsNetfelixAccount

    I find them all attractive in their own ways. Please stop being idiots and saying ‘WhY iSn’T *name* oN tHe LiSt’ or ‘HoW iS hE nOt NuMbEr OnE’

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Darling, i stan 320 boygroups.
    And i don’t stan bts.

    U’re new to Kpop lol😘

  • YoonTaeKyung

    He’s stunning in all pictures, (maybe i’m saying that cuz he’s my bias lol) anyways I was going to add Taeyong but I think it’s too late to add more since there’s so many votes already

  • Eva

    Who is the most handsome KPOP idol in your opinion? Feel free to comment below
    The most handsome K-Pop idol by Eva :
    👉 WayV LuCAS
    👉 BTS Jungkook
    👉 The Boyz Younghoon
    👉 EXO Chanyeol – Sehun
    👉 Seventeen Mingyu

  • ħopeƑul

    For me it’s JYJ Jaejoong and BTOB Minhyuk and SHINee Minho 😍😍

  • typicalt3a

    hey don’t be too mean your bias wouldn’t like it if he or she found out you’ve been talking shit about other fandoms wouldn’t they

  • 😶🙃

    that’s my question as well

  • 😶🙃

    you’re missing the real life anime character. lee taeyong ..

  • YoonTaeKyung

    She’s talking about armys, why do u have to bring EXO? please stop creating fanwars in all posts

  • THE8 <3

  • And what was the point of this comment ? For you to say that he isn’t that handsome ? Sure the other members are handsome as hell but don’t say that he doesn’t deserve to be on this list ..

  • 안나킽티에

    Daehyun 😍

  • Carmina Gabriela

    Where is Taemin? Prince of kpop

  • Chisa

    Where is Jin of BTS ? He’s so handsome

  • Carmen

    Yeah what a crappy list to vote from. Jin is the main visual of BTS and he isn’t here?? He’s more handsome than V IMHO. V is handsome, but wears too much makeup and gets overhyped all the time just because he’s part of the maknae line and most BTS fans are in the teen age group. I definitely would’ve voted for Jin because he really is ridiculously handsome and many people who have seen him in real life can confirm this.

  • Azuray

    I think Tae’s around instead. They’re both incredibly good-looking, and some fans say Tae is the visual, even though it’s actually Jin.
    I guess there’s a visual line, consisting of JK, Jin and Tae, but since there seems to be the one guy per group rule here, Tae was chosen.

  • Azuray

    Not an EXO-L, but I find this comment inappropriate, oh and completely ironic.
    I don’t know why you even think you’re entitled to tell others to grow up when you’re one of those childish, immature people who cause ridiculous fanwars. What’s the point of it all? So what, every fandom has both idiots and good people, every remotely well-known group has at least one hater and sasaeng.
    Why are you so toxic to EXO’s fandom? It looks to me that you’re specifically hating on EXO and their fandom.

    You’re nothing but a troll who wastes time writing hate when you could be doing something in your life. I honestly suggest you stop wasting your time trying to make other people feel bad. Why do you do that? Are you THAT desperate for attention?!
    You say ARMYs don’t tell others to kill themselves, but I’ve witnessed it. I once was shocked outta that fandom because people were telling trolls to kill themselves, or laughing about things you shouldn’t laugh about.
    But do I say that only ARMYs do that? No. Every fandom has that one group of toxic idiots who try and ruin others lives, and while I don’t know what fandom you are in, but you’re technically one of them.
    You outed yourself as one of them by hating unnecessarily on another fandom. Just leave them alone if you don’t like EXO and EXO-Ls, nobody’s asking for your hate or for your liking.

    Don’t tell others to grow up when you’re the actual brat, a nasty brat who creates unwanted fanwars for no reason. That’s damn immature, childish.
    Now you may well block me for this post, but I don’t care, I just want to make my point, and I want to urge everyone who sees this to not feed the trolls, don’t give them attention, ignore them and they’ll either give up or do actual damage that will backfire if you kept a cool head.

    Thanks for reading, and I won’t engage in any further discussion.

  • Azuray

    Don’t get triggered or feed them, they’re a troll, that’s what they want.

  • xiaodan

    you could also stop being an inconsiderate twat and start respecting other people 🙂

  • xiaodan

    well, he’s legal now so stop being a crybaby

  • xiaodan

    you can’t get anything but your amazing kings into your thick-biased skulls, can you.

  • xiaodan

    gRAss fiGhtinG 💚

  • xiaodan

    shes right though,,, there aren’t 320 boygroups. let alone girl AND boy groups combined. grow up and stop acting like a child.

  • Linnea Boqvist

    There aren’t???
    Well sure, who the Fuck are all these boygroups i stan then??
    I don’t know if i should laugh or cry.
    You all can just gtfo, u know Nothing about Kpop xD https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a12230767fbab1b23c167fd0f4332e989f911b9df8c6b26db65b0dda114f00f4.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/57bd352cb0e491d830483b717586bcfe50f22723db395fd8cd959abf4f1211b4.jpg

  • The8 <3 and RAVN from Oneus

  • Ah I love everyone <3

  • Hoe101

    ah yes because suddenly having an opinion others don’t agree with makes me not only disrespectful but also an inconsiderate twat 🙂

  • Yeri Silverwings

    Where is Taemin the Prince Of Kpop and The evil Maknae of SM😂

  • Hoe101

    I- 💀 I cannot believe I was just called out for being a crybaby because I simply pointed out the fact that Jaemin is barely legal. I have to laugh

  • xiaodan

    like she had done anything in the first place. keep offensive opinions to yourself, thanks 🙂

  • xiaodan

    PFFT, barely legal? he’s an adult who should be treated with some goddamn respect. or you’re just pissy because your faves didn’t get that high to the top, huh?

  • xiaodan

    i think i should be laughing honestly. all it would’ve taken was a 10 second google search. stop telling white lies that can easily be proven wrong. bet you can’t even name the 300 groups that you stan… oh, that’s right! that many don’t even exist.

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Wow sure. Search them up then.
    Do you even know One group in Kpop?
    I guess you don’t lmao

  • YoonTaeKyung

    I added just one member of each group and most of the ones i added are the 2nd visuals of their group since the 1st visual is in so many polls.

  • xiaodan

    nothing about kpop? please, i think its YOU who knows nothing about kpop. all it would’ve taken was a 10 second google search but no, im gonna tell bullshit lies that can easily be proven wrong.

  • Megan

    Tae is also the visual. People always just think bts only has jin as the visual smh but Tae is the visual as well.

  • Hoe101

    for starters, the last time I checked, my opinion was interpreted by YOU as being offensive. My opinion is my own business and you never had to respond and yet you did. If anyone needs to be keeping anything to themselves it should be you and the misguided mindset that made you think it was okay to insult me and then attempt to silence my right to say whatever I want whenever I want. How embarrassing

  • Hoe101

    While jaemin is indeed an adult who should be treated with respect, being 31 and being 18 are two different ages. He hasn’t even been an adult for an entire year and people suddenly think it’s okay to treat him as if he isn’t new to this whole “adulting” thing. Whether people like it or not, jaemin still has the mindset of an extremely talented teenager and it’s disgusting to even think people were waiting for him to come of age so that they could do stuff like this to him.

    P.s. you really shouldn’t try to validate your claims by jumping to conclusions that make absolute zero sense. Why on earth would anyone argue that an idol shouldn’t be treated as some object that y’all can’t wait to get your crusty hands on because theyre quote unquote “pissy” because their faves didn’t get the top spots? I certainly would not, and that’s definitely what I did not do.

    You sound dumb and I’d be embarrassed if I were you

  • xiaodan

    what a shame. you think its okay for someone to say that after degrading one for their opinion? the same should be said to you. disagreeing and judging her for her opinion doesn’t give you the right to put justice on one other. last time i checked, it was you who was being disrespectful to her because of her own opinion. me trying to defend her opinion doesnt mean yours is always right. don’t try and change other’s minds.

  • Hoe101

    Actually, I do have a right to say that. I never degraded her opinion, nor did I ever try and change it, nor did I ever say that I’m quote unquote “always right” as you put it. She has her own opinions and I have mine. It’s not right to straight up attack somebody because you don’t think like them, and that is definitely not what I was aiming to do. All I did was disagree with her and i left it at that.

    On the other hand, you have zero proof that I judged her for having an opinion about Leeteuk’s dancing. I simply disagreed and that is all. Unlike you, I disagreed in a respectful manner. I never called anyone names, and I certainly did not disrespect anyone in the process.

    Finally, I’m not going to apologize for having a different opinion from somebody else. If you don’t like that then it’s not my problem. I said what I said and you have no right to try and change that.

  • xiaodan

    cute, writing whole paragraphs just to tell someone they have a different opinion while still missing the fact that they wrre being inconsiderate to someone.

  • xiaodan

    “didn’t do” what didn’t you do? indirectly call him a child even if he’s an adult?

  • 🇯🇲EAU DE KANDI🇯🇲

    Why are Hongbin and Song on the list if they aren’t included in the poll?

  • wei

    they are included in the poll (there is an arrow you have to click on that to see all the options in the poll)

  • Hoe101

    I’m not writing a paragraphs to tell someone that they’re opinion is different —that conversation has been done. I’m writing whole paragraphs because suddenly you think it’s okay to tell me off and call me names just to prove that I “shouldn’t have an opinion”

  • Hoe101

    A child and a teenager are two different things so no, I did not indirectly call him a child but I did call him a teenager. His title may officially be an adult but y’all can’t treat him as if he’s been doing this for years.

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    I respect your opinion about Jin being the most handsome…but stop defaming the other members for gods sake ! Tae wears a lot of makeup? Bruh, the same artist puts makeup for JIN too🙄…see, they all are good looking and maybe Jin is more good looking to you…but Tae is no lesser than him. Got it ?😊 This is the most decent and calm way one person could react😊

  • aswooi

    im so happy to wonpil in one of these lists! !! and even tho i didnt vote for nana im happy hes top two!!! thats my baby right there!

  • Sonnet Shreya

    his visuals can’t be compared to others that’s why

  • Sonnet Shreya

    literally agreed. I know V is really handsome but ARMYs are just too much.

  • Sonnet Shreya

    gurllll you tell them . Taeyong is just a masterpiece and visual god.

  • Sonnet Shreya

    yeah. that’s just YOUR opinion.

  • Sonnet Shreya

    yeah everyone in nct deserves to be on this list. like boom they look hella hot irl

  • Sonnet Shreya

    same YOUR opinion doesn’t matter to us either way. V is handsome and I respect him too. But you’re just forcing your opinion, I guess? Just accept the fact your fav isn’t so superior.

  • Sonnet Shreya

    haha agreed

  • Sonnet Shreya

    yeah my babies nct <33 they're kings

  • mrym

    Some people are weird! They just watch bts and maybe exo
    and say the members are the MOST HANDSOME in the world????
    WTF??? I know they have special visuals but… not all of them!!
    so stop this f… u r doing

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    “Some people are wierd”? Oh no, you are wierd !! Can’t you people understand English ?? I’m talking about my opinion… LISTEN… “MY OPINION” “MY CHOICE” “MY POINT OF VIEW”…..it doesnt have anything to do with you ! You better stop it, IF YOU WANT ! I WILL NEVER !!

  • Hailz

    Sorry to say this but people saying V isn’t good looking enough to be on there in the comments get your eyes tested I’m an army BTW and actually think jimin should be the visual and if you vote for four then click the one for all you can give a vote to all instead of picking as more than one are my bias from my main groups n thought its fairer that way yes I obvially voted for 4 of my bias’s that’s why I clicked all as fifth choice so don’t feel so bad !👍

  • Nishise

    All my biases are visuals. I didn’t choose them on purpose… I’m surprised Mingyu SEVENTEEN wasn’t on there.

  • Jazmin


  • Nayanthara Baiju

    Ik, you can 🤫😇😇

  • Woah! Watch out! Don’t cut yourself on all that EDGE! xD

  • It’s funny how the original comment comparing an entire fan base of 99% harmless people to cancer and using a racial slur for Asians was perfectly fine to you, but whatever the comment you replied to was was the breaking point 😂 this is why I focus on BTS, Day6, and girl groups. Kpop BG fans are a bunch of nasty hypocritical children that stay mute on the things the entirety of the Kpop world does/says to BTS and their fans, yet the second a BTS account with two followers tweets that Exo needs to take a shower or something completely not that deep, y’all start throwing up blood and writing essays about why BTS and their fans deserve ‘genocide’ (yeah, that was a literal hashtag… and I have yet to see any kpop fans say anything against that, so until that point… y’all gonna have to pump the brakes on the ‘we’re all innocent and morally superior’ train whew)

  • Original commenter: BTS fans are cancer and r*ts
    You: 🙂 y’all hear something? I don’t.

    Another commenter: probably says the same about Dxo fans
    You: that is so inappropriate and wrong. Can’t even believe you’d start a fanwar this way.

    (And aren’t you an admin on this site? The unprofessionalism and clear bias you show as somehow who helps make this site is… appalling)

  • Can y’all like… let people have opinions? Not everyone holds an obsessive concerning BTS hatred like y’all edgy 13 year olds do. No one cares who you find more attractive that Taehyung, start your own comment thread.

  • PLEASE seek help holy shit the obsession you have is unhealthy… kpop fans are theeee worst. Nobody can praise BTS without y’all deadass having a mental breakdown 💀💀💀 everyone else here is praising their faves this same way, yet you only start throwing a tantrum when people praise BTS. And then you call them ugly which… the immature typical kpop 13 year old with a BTS inferiority complex JUMPED! Hope middle school gets easier for you, beloved

  • Anyone who asks me why I legitimately hate kpop fans can just read this comments section lol everyone is allowed to praise their faves, but the second someone praises BTS members, you have the right to call the person delusional and say that BTS is ugly? Yeah lol maybe if you focused on your faves rather than your debilitating inferiority complex towards BTS, you wouldn’t HAVE that huge objective success gap causing your inferiority complex 🤷🏻‍♀️ Tea!

  • Guest

    Honestly, why can’t you just be happy for someone other than a BTS member winning in ANYTHING AT ALL? Like WTH, BRO?! I’m an ARMY too, but recently, I’ve been out of it recently, becuase of lame, BTS centered “Kpop fans” like you. Like grow up, becuase there are way more group in KPOP that aren’t BTS. THere are other talented and good looking groups out there. I will agree that Tae-hyung is one of the most handsome kpop idols out there, but that doesn’t mean you can be upset about another idol winning first place. Have you seen NCT members? Have you seen STRAY KIDS members? Have you seen SEVENTEEN members? Have you seen EXO members? Have you seen GOT7 members? Have you seen DAY6 members? No, because you’re a delusional ARMY who doesn’t see anything out of BTS. Please be happy for other idols winning things. And I recommend you check out those groups I mentioned to let your narrow mind be opened. I voted for some people I didn’t even know! Why? Because I thought they were good looking with a nice face shape. Not becuase I was biased to a group or a certain member.

    Please take this into consideration.

    If you want your mind opened, here are some amazing videos to help with that:


    GOOD DAY TO YOU! 🙂 I hope this changes your mind!

  • YoonTaeKyung

    I didn’t even notice the first commenter (actually there’s many comments of him/her and many people replied and their comments are enough to tell him/her that (s)he’s wrong)
    plus, the one i replied to is spreading hate on EXO everywhere and on every poll i post, such as “your favorite kpop sub-unit” she commented “all except exo” which is very annoying. I had to reply to her plus i didn’t offend anyone with my comment.
    and yeah I’m one of the authors but that doesn’t mean i should pretend not seeing her toxic comments.
    + stan day6👍


    wonwoo 💕💕💕

  • *insert clever username*

    Not a fan but Minhyuk is so handsome I-

  • *insert clever username*

    They add one member of every group and Taehyung is more popular and his visuals are more popular thsn Jin’s

  • *insert clever username*

    He didn’t win in 2018 lol

  • *insert clever username*

    Are you salty because your oppa didn’t make it?

  • *insert clever username*

    Only 1 member from each group is added and Jongin is already here

  • *insert clever username*

    I think the creator added the 2nd visuals for some groups

  • *insert clever username*

    I think they add only visuals, and I agree with them putting Sehun over Kai, because Sehun is praised for his visuals everywhere. I agree with Jin, Younghoon and Taeyong too but I disagree with the rest.

  • *insert clever username*

    Visuals depends on Korean beauty standarts and he isn’t even the best visual in his group

  • *insert clever username*

    Don’t be delusional….TC Cantler comment section as filled with armies saying ”TaEhYuNg sHoUlD Be nUmBeR 1”

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    So?? What do you mean?

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    Listen, whoever you are !! I couldnt have said my opinion in a more decent way !! “Delusional ARMY”? WHATEVER YOU CALL ME, IDC & IDGAF ! I stan upto 6-7 kpop bands and yes, my ultimate is BTS…but that doesnt mean that i have to choose members in my Ultimate band….i honestly think KIM TAEHYUNG as the most handsome man that I HAVE EVER SEEN !!!


  • What a load of hooey.

    Wonpil and Hongbin are near the bottom sobs

  • Drone_Kid

    can we get an ateez member in here maybe Yeosang the chicken master? Thanks bye <3
    but damn i barely know anyone on here but theyre all handsome asf im lOST XD

  • SourApplez

    yes omg

  • SourApplez

    y e s

  • Alisha

    You know what? I’m going to be super nice about this. I 100% agree that you should be able to have your own opinion. That is 100% TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FINE. However, I will not tolerate anyone saying that whoever won first place doesn’t deserve it, becuase they work hard too. In fact, I was perfectly fine with your comment until you got to “sry Cha Eunwoo.” I honeslty, find that a bit. . . hmm, how should I say this? Offensive? I think that you are respected to have your own opinion, but you whouldn’t go around telling others that idols (other than the one you’re talking about) aren’t as good as your own. Please respect the idols and whatever place they get. Have a nice day! 🙂

  • Alisha

    Also, one more thing. “Six to seven groups?” Yeah sure. If you scroll down, you’ll see the comment, “Do you stan BTS only?” and you replied, “Nope, I stan Big Bang and EXO, too.” Lol, you tried. Lets not be two tongued, please.

  • Dewani Anggarina

    Gi Kwang ♥♥♥

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    So you know how to see the old comments right?? But don’t you know to see the date as well?? It was clearly 2 months ago !! Don’t you think a person can stan many bands in 2 months ?😂😂😂 “Lets not be two tongued”? Lets not be over smart babe😉

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    So…what do you people expect me to do?? However idc !! So…is it okay when I said Tae deserves the first place?? How can you even point out “sry Cha Eunwoo”? That is the most respectful and humble way of saying…i guess !! I asked “SORRY”..You know what sorry means right?? I never said Cha Eunwoo doesnt deserve the first place…but for me…it is always TAE..! I JUST SAID MY OPINION…THATS ALL..IF YOU STILL WANNA DRAG ME..YOU CAN ! IM NOT GONNA GIVE UP THOUGH😉😉😊👋🏻

  • Alisha

    Lmao. Girl, did you just say that we should keep our opinions to ourselves? That makes me laugh. We could say the same thing about you. So you’re allowed to say that Kim Taehyung (no hate to him, he’s freaking cute, and he was my first BTS bias) is the hottest kpop idol, but we aren’t allowed to object, becuase of you and your “keep your opinion to yourselves?” Girl, you have lost your mind. I’m done being nice.

  • Nayanthara Baiju

    Yeah, ik, i shouldnt have said that…! But every other lines i said remains the same ! I never asked u to be nice to me ! You share ur opinion and i share mine …..thats all !!

  • Evie

    Lmao, wheres moonbyul😂 literally the most handsome idol out there

  • Sweta

    Where is jungkook and jin

  • Linnea Boqvist

    It’s only One member from each group

  • Riyah Daruca

    What’s even handsome/bias in The Boyz? There’s no visual hole lol. But you should have put Kim Younghoon for The Boyz because he is JUST REALLY HANDSOME.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Doctors actually did talk about Jin

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단
  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Just gogle it. Plastic surgeons talked about Jin and Taehyungs face boo

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Taehyung is the most beautiful. He’s really gorgeous, he deserves to be first

  • carat cute

    Sorry but (I’m an ARMY too) I think that Eunwoo deserves his place because he’s handsome.

  • carat cute

    WONWOO <3 so handsome .. I'm so proud of him and of people who finally can see his visual 🙂

    Also as a CARAT.. I agree that Eunwoo is 1st because he's really handsome… like … another level..
    but everyone in this list are .. don't worry fans .. it's not because your fav is not 1st that he's not handsome or whatever 😉

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Sorry but i think Taehyung deserves the place because hes handsome.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    I wasn’t trying to imply that Eunwoo doesn’t deserve it

  • Michelle

    It depends the fan, also I have seen army’s attack other people because they didn’t praise bts. I am an army so don’t come at me, but I do understand. BTS has a lot more fans then most groups and thats fine. Everybody can like who they want, every kpop fan once in awhile attacks another group. That fine just don’t hat other groups. I don’t know the point of this I was just saying…:)

  • why isn’t my fave first???1121

  • Cherry Lee

    The ‘all of them’ button needs more clicks ;-;

  • Teamreal

    Lol chose those who has not surgery history. Yes! They all handsome but the other had done surgery. Just few of them have not surgery history.

  • Teamreal

    Im not an army but tAehyung deserves the first place .

  • Teamreal

    Both of them aren’t handsome

  • Teamreal

    Youre so funny 😂 jimim should be be the visual ? Youre kidding , right ? 😂😂😂 have you seen them in person . I’ve seen them in person and taehyung is really so handsome even without make up plus he didn’t undergone surgery to look handsome like what others do. As you can see the photos of him since he was young , nothing change .

  • Freda Benesio Aspero

    Taehyung is my most handsome kpop🥰

  • Hailz

    So are you basically saying jimin has had surgery or do you mean the ones in the list ? And when did I say taehyung wasnt handsome ffs he was my very first bias when I got into kpop 🤣
    Oh btw seoham of knk has had no surgery either hes naturally handsome ..he dont need make up either he wasnt a model for nothing…just saying that bout your most have surgery comment lol same goes for Lee minhyuk of btob also naturally beautiful so just cause you have seen yhem in rl doesn’t mean anything to me because you’re basically putting down other idols in that comment saying they need surgery to look good ! Which I dont agree with one bit! Also mark GOT7 is a model cause of his natural beauty so dont come being a smart ass to me ! 👌 oh and be careful with how you say things or are you one of these solo stans that will throw other members under the bus JS

  • carat cute

    okay ..

  • This poll is a proof that Taehyung is the most handsome kpop idol!1!1

  • lol-

  • Tamira Jones

    Vkook which is v and jungkook they r fire

  • Tamira Jones


  • Nayanthara Baiju

    Omg….KIM TAEHYUNG is in the first place💜….3 months ago, I had an argument with many people…they said Tae shouldnt be in the first place….for those who said that…please look for yourself….he is the most HANDSOME…and no one can change that !! ( MY OPINION )

  • Ria


  • kyo

    -sobs in stressed & confused multifandom-

  • People use these biased polls as proof that their faves are the most handsome people on the earth..imagine being THAT embarrassing.

  • V

    Kim Taehyung

  • V

    Kim Taehyung 😍

  • Anita P. Rice-Oxley Kim

    Jimin? on a list about more beautiful men? Sorry but no. Jimin is attractive, but doesn’t escape the beauty standard. When we talk about high standards of beauty, you can not include Jimin. I tell you this without the intention of offending or starting a discussion because it is not worth it. This vote is via fanvote, it is not rigorous and even so KIM TAEHYUNG leads. But I refer to professional surveys, where there are experts on the subject. Nor am I referring to Tccandler, because that poll lost some validity by using army for a more notorious influence. I refer to IMAGAZINE, which just today chose KIM TAEHYUNG as ‘Fashion Face award 2018’. This is the link http://www.i-magazine.tv/pages/I-MAGAZINE-Fashion-Face-Award-Year-2018-Asian-Male … if you read the evaluation criteria and the judges, you will give what I’m talking about

  • AZ Haskell

    I feel u

  • Kay Smith

    uM im sorry where is worldwide handsome? like, yes they’re all handsome but- Kim seokjin should be in this poll (not saying that because he’s my bias btw)

  • Nailja Umbatova

    You know what´s up girl <3 Taekook is everything, the only "ship" that is 100% real.

  • 💜Army BTS 💜 #Taehyung is so Po
  • SceneryV
  • LoyalARMYofBTS

    I vote Kim taehyung

  • Kim Taetae

    Nobody is the “most handsome on earth” and those poll are bias to fans

    BUT Taehyung won in 2017 most handsome face (not voted by fans)
    and this year he won #1 international fashion face award (again not voted by fans- this was by critics).
    Of course he wins a’ lot of fan polls also, but this just determine popularity.

    But the ones that he wins by critics are different, it means he might not be “the” most handsome because it cant really be determine

    BUT we know that he is ONE of the most handsome people in the world.

  • Tae’sTongueIsBack

    I vote for #BTS #KIMTAEHYUNG.

  • Lady Shiguango

    I vote for #KIM TAEHYUNG

  • Elena Agurto

    esto debe estar maloo!! como es posible que de 1 pasemos a 5 con Tae!!! de la noche a la mañana?¡!!! quien lo cree eso

  • Elena Agurto

    tae is the most handsome in the world!! sooo!! of corse he deserves!

  • RMintro💜💜

    I vote for #KIM TAEHYUNG from #BTS

  • 💜 TAEGER4LYF 🐯

    BTS + ARMY = FAMILY https://media1.giphy.com/media/74AyHXbMmW7cI/giphy.gif

  • Alejandra GV 💜

    I vote for #KIM TAEHYUNG from #BTS

  • 1 Vote for #KIM TAEHYUNG #BTS

    1 Vote for #KIM

  • 💜Army BTS 💜 #Taehyung is so Po
  • killua

    I vote for #KIM TAEHYUNG from #BTS

  • Vk21

    I vote for #KIM TAEHYUNG from #BTS

  • Minam Nokar

    Voted for Kim Taehyung 💜

  • suyeon

    I vote for #KIM TAEHYUNG from #BTS

  • Melya

    I vote for Kim Taehyung 💜🐯

  • LM

    I vote for #KIM TAEHYUNG from #BTS😍💜

  • jenniekim

    i vote kim taehyung bcs i have a straight mind and think logically. he is indeed the most handsome. probably in this world even.

  • Samia

    I vote for Kim taehyung💜💜💜#BTS

  • Bích Thảo

    I vote for #KIM TAEHYUNG from #BTS

  • SylviaAnanda

    I vote #KimTaehyung from #BTS

  • Dorji v Wangmo

    I vote for bts kim taehung I love you so much …. The only guy whom I truly support and love for 6 years


  • LeVistoria

    I vote for Kim Taehyung (BTS)

  • haming

    I vote for Kim Taehyung (BTS)

  • rmisnamjoon kim

    I vote for #KIM TAEHYUNG from #BTS

  • bts forever

    I vote for #KIM TAEHYUNG from #BTS

  • Kimonia Clarke

    I vote Bts V also known as KimTaehyung.


  • RishitaRastogi

    I vote for #KimTaehyung from BTS. He is handsome. There are no need to explain why?!💜

  • elidusツ

    Okay, I have a list of groups and idols that SHOULD be here:
    – Hyunuk from IN2IT (My favorite visual in all of K-pop
    – Jinhong from 24K
    – Sungoh from 24K
    – More members of The Boyz
    – More NCT members
    – VIXX
    – Stray Kids

    I’m not saying the idols here aren’t good looking, I just think these underrated visuals deserve more recognition 🙂



  • Hoh

    Lee GikWang is soooo underated , he is sooo handsome and beautiful too , that’s my opinion, but they are all good looking btw

  • Sheesh

    Why is GikWang so underated, i mean , i’m an army , but i think GikWang deserve his place here, he is so handsome 😭❤️

  • Atiny out there

    I feel u ;-;

  • Hồng Ngọc

    Taehyung BTS is my life. I want to vote for Taehyung BTS

  • Hồng Ngọc

    BTS Taehyung 💜

  • Hồng Ngọc

    BTS Taehyung (V)

  • Hồng Ngọc

    I vote for V of BTS

  • Hồng Ngọc

    BTS Taehyung

  • Iria

    I vote for Kim Taehyung from BTS

  • Alisha


  • Ellin Lee

    BTS Taehyung

  • Disi

    BTS Taehyung

  • Hồng Ngọc

    BTS Taehyung


    #KIM TAEHYUNG # BTS – the best ever

  • Uyuyi

    Bts taehyung.

  • manol iliev

    BTS Taehyung

  • Shasha16 ♡

    BTS Kim Taehyung 💜

  • Nabaa Karem

    V bts

  • Nabaa Karem

    V bts is the most handsome guy I ever seen

  • Nabaa Karem

    V bts

  • Sara I

    V of BTS is oustanding thoo

  • Iris Moya


  • Tamara Arutyunyan


  • Jassmin Amairia

    V taehyung bts

  • Jassmin Amairia

    *V taehyung bts

  • orbitzen

    ‘not by fans’ sure jan

  • Kpop bts army

    V ❤❤

  • Nada T’b


  • Shedeleen Hadjimuddin

    Bts V(kim Taehyung)

  • orbitzen

    haha welcome! and yes. there are 21 visuals lmao

  • Kim taehyung

    Kim taehyung

  • Wissal

    V 💗💗

  • Yassmin koki

    Kim taehyung❤❤❤❤

  • Yassmin koki

    Kim taehyung. Vvvvvvv❤❤

  • Sara

    V BTS

  • Jaira castro

    Voto por V de BTS, Kim taehyung.

  • Kim kima

    Kim taehyung👌

  • Hassan Elh Ëxö


  • Hassan Elh Ëxö


  • Hassan Elh Ëxö

    Kai exo

  • Hassan Elh Ëxö

    Kim jong in exo

  • Maryam


  • Maryam


  • Maryam


  • Maryam


  • Herlina Febrianti

    Cha Eun Woo (Astro)

  • Vladine

    Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO) perfect Namja!❤

  • Никол Стефанова

    I don’t like bts but V really is handsome from here to the moon

  • baek khyun

    kai exo

  • مريم باجحزر


  • Helen

    Taehyung. Yall are blind.

  • Mary Chan

    Cha Eun Woo (Astro)!!!


  • renusa

    Kim Taehyung 😍💜✌


    Taehyung <3

  • 2Cecii Romero

    Kim Tae Hyung 💜

  • Twetar

    Kim Tae Hyung

  • Twetar

    Kim Tae Hyung (BTS)

  • MissPerfectTae


  • MissPerfectTae


  • MissPerfectTae


  • MissPerfectTae


  • MissPerfectTae


  • MissPerfectTae


  • MissPerfectTae


  • Gopika


  • Sarah Liam

    This page has to be reported. It’s so easy to prove fraud with intention to prejudice Kim Taehyung. To prove fraud doesn’t even need articial intelligence. Shame it.

  • Sarah Morris

    Kim Taehyung


    Estan perjudicando a Taehyung! porque descontaron los votos que el tenia

  • Isolde Natour

    Noone in the world is more beautiful than Kim Taehyung!

  • Nabaa Karem


  • Nabaa Karem

    Taehyung bts

  • Sana

    Kim taehyung is the most handsome❤❤

  • Adrianna Persona

    I vote Kim taehyung BTS!



  • IkarosAlpha

    I vote for KIM TAEHYUNG BTS :3 💜💜💜💜

  • Norma Condori

    Vote for Kim Taehyung👍😍

  • maybe

    Voto por el hermoso KIM TAEHYUNG 💜💜🖤

    Vote for handsome KIM TAEHYUNG 💜💜🖤

  • Guest

    1) Cha Eun Woo (Astro)
    2) Lee Min Ho (Stray Kids)
    3) Na Jae Min (NCT Dream)
    Don’t even try they are the holy trinity of visuals. In my opinion, of course!

  • jeon mnenna

    vote fore taehyung

  • Angelica Guerra Velasquez

    I vote kim taehyng de BTS

  • BTS 🌻 OT7

    i vote for Kim Taehuyng. The most handsome man

  • PurpleLove

    Taehyung the visual of kpop!

  • Adrianna Persona

    i voted kim taehyung


  • Nabila Alyan

    Kim taehyung

  • Taehyung

    Kim taehyung

  • Hani Shah

    kim taehyung

  • Jae hyung

    Kim taehyung

  • Irwai

    I’m not even a fan but literally no one is prettier than taehyung 😍

  • Tenay Fumero

    Taehyung 💜

  • Kim taehyung

    Kim taehyung

  • Taesbae💜

    come on armyyyy tae is on no.3 keep voting and make him no.1😭💜

  • Taesbae💜

    keeeeeeeeeeeeep vottttttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiing armyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2555e03c751789cc096ec62c587e8ccec4b40e51e0112230d4ae2af18fb0ddf1.jpg

  • chae hyungwon

    MOnbebes lets get minhyuk to #1!we can do it!

    우리는 당신을 사랑해. monsta x and lee minhyuk

  • Adrianna Persona

    Taehyung my bias!! I voted you

  • Adrianna Persona
  • 차혜원


  • Habeba Adel

    Kim taehyung (Bts)

  • Bibou

    Kim tae hyung

  • Meera Jordan
  • TaeOppaStan

    Actually, no one is more handsome then Taehyung….

  • Drone_Kid

    i mean Jin, Hyunjin and Hyungwon are all the ‘main’ visuals of their respective groups–
    And Taeyong is the only NCT visual?? Or maybe im wrong idk–

    But Taeyong did get really high on TC Candler’s list of handsome people….?
    i feel like the only person i can really vote for is ‘All of them’ lmfao

    but IN MY OPINION Eunwoo deserves #1 lmao sorry Tae

  • Titi Nastiti

    Na jaemin

  • Titi Nastiti

    Na jaemin ( NCT DREAM )

  • Titi Nastiti

    Xiaojun ( WayV)

  • Titi Nastiti

    Xiaojun ( WayV)
    Na jaemin ( Nct Dream )

  • dramatic scenario

    I disagree. Taehyung has very good proportions especially his head and neck are just the right size for his height and body.

  • Kelly

    Kim taehyung

  • Drone_Kid

    Oh hello there, sane person who has replied to me in a very fair, justified and polite way! Just know first of all, I appreciate chu <3

    2nd of all
    Well just imo, the same can be said for most the idols in this poll tho :0
    I won't, and never ever will deny that Tae is handsome, but I feel as if his visuals are a bit generic yknow. His proportions are on pointe, as so is most of the idols on this list, but he's…..

    Now just kinda generic? Like highkey all he does is either stare into the camera or bite/lick his lips in an MV and stans suck it all up lmao

    I feel like handsomeness should be judged on how you can still look
    While doing many other things rather than just the same ol' sexy stare into camera ft. lip bite yknow

    I could say more but this message is getting long and I feel like I'm gonna be called an anti 🙁

  • dramatic scenario

    Yo, u sure termed yrself correctly as an anti 👏

    Secondly, if u were bold enough to compare Tae with Eunwoo with “but IN MY OPINION Eunwoo deserves #1 Imao sorry Tae”, u should be bold enough to allow me to make a comparison between them instead of cowardly dragging in the other competitors too. Trying to gain supporters lol! Give yrself another 👏

    Thirdly, proportion is another criteria to consider in ‘handsome’. Sorry but IN MY OPINION Tae is better proportioned than Eunwoo.

    Well, I’m not gonna defend Tae in all yr vengeful criticisms against Tae. Firstly, it’s your opinion. Secondly, I’m confident in my favourite member in my favourite group BTS. Have a nice day.

  • Guest

    Kim Taehyung is my choice as the most handsome.

  • woolbang

    Kim Taehyung (BTSV) is the most handsome Kpop Idol.

  • Tumai

    Jaemin is handsome of NCT?! im really surprised

  • Bích Thảo

    Kim Taehyung (BTSV) is the most handsome Kpop Idol.

  • matilda

    Kim Taehyung (BTSV) is the most handsome Kpop Idol.

  • Nga Thanh Tùng

    Those who love and who love BTS, please vote for Taehyung ( V ). Please everyone (other member lovers of bts) do not wonder why the other members are not in the top vote. because each group has only one representative. Furthermore Taehyung (V ) deserves to be the representative of the campaign group. He has been voted the most handsome face in the world for two consecutive years, voted by leading magazines in the world and Asia. So he is very worthy and please don’t love this person too much and hate the other person. They all belong to BTS 🙂

  • 태형 태태

    kim tae hyung

  • nctgotmyback

    Ofcourse Eunwoo and Jaemin!!❤

  • nctgotmyback

    Eunwoo is the most handsome duh

  • ivy

    kim taehyung kim taehyung kim taehyung .my last answer !

  • woolbang

    Some of these only love a few members and definitely solo stans will not vote for Taehyung. Probably they prefer him to lose since their faves are not chosen.

  • woolbang

    Can the owner of this site please inform us the closing date of this poll? I find it weird that there are no rules or instructions on how many times per day we are allowed to vote. Sometimes the result show a decrease after I vote a few times.

  • Kim Taehyung… this young man is a fairytale by himself

  • ParkWanii

    Kim Taehyung – most handsome guy in the world hands down. #TaeYouArePerfect


  • Ann Yong Kyeopta


  • Kim Phúc


  • Phạm Đoan

    1/Kim Taehyung
    2/ Jeon Wonwoo

  • Ray

    Of course he’s handsome, are you calling him ugly?

  • Emily Morris

    KIM TAEHYUNG!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT GOING TO ALLOW ANYONE TO SAY THAT HE IS NOT HANDSOME!! BECAUSE TAETAE IS THE MOST HANDSOME MAN ON THIS PLANET! WAIT… I MEANT “BTS” IN GENERAL! YESS https://media0.giphy.com/media/hs16jPI59RuRocLswq/giphy.gif https://media1.giphy.com/media/qrU5NW46OsG3u/giphy.gif

  • Emily Morris

    I mean we are all trying to stop the hate on Taehyung right now. Look on twitter, I mean it has calmed down but there is a hashtag that says “TaehyungLeaveBTS” This is putting a lot of pressure on to the members and we are trying to stop it, So please understand 🙂
    (Oh and a lot of ARMY just think he is really handsome because he is!!) (He also has A LOT of talent too)

  • Emily Morris


  • Emily Morris

    Omg same, ARMY for life. I PURPLE ARMY’s AND BTS!!! :)))

  • woolbang

    Of course, Taehyung is talented and handsome. In fact, he’s a whole package with great disposition.

    Solo stans not only exist among ARMY but in every other fandom too. As long as there are fandoms there will be solo stans who will not be supportive of the rest of the members and there’re bound to be more among ARMY since it’s the biggest. For those of us who truly stan BTS but have bias, let us be different from these solo stans by doing the best we can for our bias without putting down the other members.

  • woolbang

    Seems like the site is being problematic. I vote but it’s not counting, results are not showing. Or is it only me?

    Attention: Mr YoonTaeKyung/Site Owner, please address this issue.

  • Leonela Morelia

    Kai 🐻 nini. EXO ❤️

  • Angel Bae

    Kim Taehyung is handsome.

  • Thiên Dii Lãnh Hàn

    Kim Taehyung ( V – BTS ) is the most handsome in my heart :)) Only Youuu :>>

  • Zaneah Belamide

    2Why the page is lagging after clicking vote? It doesn’t show the result if the vote is counted, pls give attention to this issue. thanks

  • BTS forever

    Lol, most of the people here(mostly army, I purple you!!<3) voted for Tae! yayy… I love BTS!

  • Zaneah Belamide

    Pls give attention regarding our concern, the result after voting is not showing, it has been days and yet its not fixed.Please.Thank you.

  • KProfiles

    @zaneahbelamide:disqus Thank you for letting us know! The issue has been solved! If you encounter the problem again, please let us know! 🙂

  • مريم باجحزر

    Thiên Dii Lãnh Hàn2 days ago

    Kim Taehyung ( V – BTS ) is the most handsome in my heart :)) Only Youuu :>

  • A

    V is handsome (very) but in my terms I prefer some omen like Na Jaemin or Lee Minho. Cha Eun Woo is pretty as well.

  • A

    He’s number three for a reason. Others think 1 and 2 are more handsome 🤷‍♀️

  • A

    Sorry, Fourth.

  • Heejinsoul

    *coughs* lee taeyong

  • ettient

    cha eun woo <3

  • Winzey Shane Baronia

    Kim Taehyung V😍😍😍 Always him❣

  • Winzey Shane Baronia


  • keiii

    kim taehyungggg

  • Zizi

    YASSSSSS Finally Cha Eun Woo getting the attention he deserves

  • 2Cecii Romero

    Kim Taehyung 💘

  • sereniris

    *coughs* jung Jaehyun *coughs*

  • sereniris
  • sereniris

    what are surprised about? Na Jaemin is a pretty and lovely boy.

  • sereniris

    I think Eunwoo is more handsome than Taehyung. Eunwoo gives me a certain vibe that Taehyung couldn’t radiate. I’m not saying Taehyung’s ugly though.

  • sereniris


  • sereniris

    Lee Dongmin’s visuals are no joke😤✊

  • sereniris

    nct and stray kids are such visuals, I might die just to see them collab for a photoshoot.

  • sereniris

    we all do

  • sereniris

    Jeno deserves more votes because he is such a great visual.

  • sereniris

    lmao does getting your face analyzed by a doctor give you votes? I was an army so I know that his face was studied but I don’t think all of the contestants of this poll had their faces analyzed that it was worth mentioning because it is kind of useless to state that fact when there is a possibility that others can have the same condition. It based on popularity. BTS is a world-wide super group and it wouldn’t be shocking to know that scientists recognise them. Also, neozen did not mention anything about him being here(in poll) just because of being a member of BTS. Also, it kind of seems like you’re bragging about plastic surgeons talking about their face bc neozen did not mention anything about him not having a perfect face. I don’t think recommending neozen a research is appropriate because like I said, she did not mention him not having a perfect face. Enjoy the rest of your day:))

  • sereniris

    I am actually really confused because both of them are tae

  • sereniris