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Spotlight (VAV) Album Info


“Spotlight” is VAV’s 3rd album.

Artist: VAV
Released: January 29th, 2018
Formats: Download, streaming
Recorded: 2017
Genre: Dance/Electric/R&B
Length: 28:07
Label: A Team
Distributor: Genie Music
Writer: –
Charts: None, VAV is a small group and sadly doesn’t make it on charts a lot
About Spotlight:
– The album has 8 songs on it, Spotlight(title), Gorgeous(title), Give It To Me, She’s Mine, ABC/Middle Of The Night, Flower/You, Venus/Dance With Me, and Winter Breeze.
– The song spotlight was inspired by Michael Jackson and Prince
– The songs are anywhere from 2 to 4 minutes long: 3:35 (Spotlight), 3:10 (Gorgeous), 2:58 (Give It To Me), 3:46 (She’s Mine), 3:26 (ABC/Middle Of The Night), 3:09 (Flower/You), 3:22 (Dance With Me), 4:41 (Winter Breeze).

Video links:
Gorgeous Music Video
Spotlight Music Video
Gorgeous Music Video Making
Spotlight Music Video Making
Spotlight Music Video Performance Ver.
Spotlight Stage

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