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VAPO (Mine Field) Profile and Facts

VAPO Profile and Facts:

VAPO is a South Korean rapper under Mine Field and 91 Croco.

Rap Name: VAPO
Former Rap Name: Bruninho
Birth Name: Heo Wonhyuk / 허원혁
English Name: Bruno Heo
Birthday: 19th of August, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Nationality: Korean
IG: nardaramjis
Twitter: Imsovapo
SoundCloud: VAPO
91 Croco’s IG: 91croco

VAPO Facts:
– His MBTI is ENFJ.
– Born in the year of the Ram.
– Family: Parents, stepmom, an older sister, two half siblings.
– To him, his half siblings are also family.
– His family moved back to Korea in 2021.
– VAPO’s older sister still lives in Brazil.
– “VAPO” comes from Brazil, mainly from soccer players.
– “VAPO” means “Let’s go forward” and “No one can beat us.”
– His parents showed support to his choice to be a rapper.
– At first, his older sister didn’t support him.
– His brother is his most loyal supporter in his rap career.
– Began composing and writing in early 2020.
– He’s the 5th member of the label.
– Joined Mine Field in Dec. of 2021.
– In December of 2021, he joined the crew, 91 Croco.
– The crew only has two members: VAPO and M1NU.
– Prefers to write songs in Portuguese.
– Speaks Portuguese, English, Korean.
– He isn’t 100% fluent in Korean.
– A TikTok star before HSR.
– Former contestant on HSR4.
– Got to the Semi Final, then eliminated in the Finals.
– He was in the Team ‘Simon Dominic and Loco‘.
– Performed Meu Tempo with BIBI and Simon D during the semi final.
– Known as the person whom got kissed by BIBI.
– Still friends with the other HSR4 contestants.
– He’s best friends with M1NU.
– Him and M1NU are currently living together.
– He wants to work with Coogie and SIK-K.
– His favorite Brazilian artists are Matuê and Teto.
–  Mainly listens to American music.
– When he writes lyrics for his songs; the results depends on his emotions of that very day.
– VAPO tries to listen to all the famous artists; Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber and Lil Uzi.
– His career dream is to become a famous rapper in Korea and in the USA.
– He wants to show his fans all the type of music styles that he can pull off.
– Featured on Touch The Sky‘s no drama in May of 2021.
– His latest SoundCloud release was in Dec. of 2021, Falling Love.
– In Dec. of 2021, he featured on Chu Seo Jun‘s ‘Winter Blu‘.
– On the 8th of Jan. 2022, he released an single ‘Sirius‘ featuring M1NU.
– In May 2022, he appeared on dingo freestyle’s Rising Verse.
– On the 19th Sept. he was interviewed by RollingStone Korea.
– Later this year, an EP album with 11 songs will be released.
– His ultimate goal is to become more famous. He also wants to be a person who he can recognize as the best artist.

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Latest Release: Wanna Know ft. MASON HOME

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