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Uchuu (Former POCHIPURI) Profile and Facts

Uchuu (Former POCHIPURI) Profile and Facts

Uchuu (우츄/うちゅう)
is a former member of the live idol group POCHIPURI based in South Korea.

Official Accounts:
Twitter: @PPPURI_Uchuu
TwitCasting: @PPPURI_Uchuu
Naver Blog: 우츄의 지구적응일기☆彡★彡

Stage Name: Uchuu (우츄/うちゅう)
Full Name: –
Birthday: May 9
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 160 cm (5’2″)
Blood Type: O
Representative Emoji: Fried Shrimp (🍤)
Representative Color: Sky Blue

Uchuu Facts:
– Nicknames: 우리츄(Urichuu), 우츄츄(UchuuChuu)
– Her hashtag is #우츄여행(UchuuTravel)
– Her favorite singer is Ringo Sheena.
– She likes a lot of actors, but her favorite is Timothée Chalamet.
– A song she listens to often is Ano‘s “Smile Agenai”.
– If she could choose a super power, she would choose telekinesis.
– She’s a night owl.
– The 3 things she would bring to a deserted island are sunglasses, a book, and a pillow.
– She’s not religious.
– She wants to live till age 2550.
– Her favorite season is winter.
– She can’t decide whether her favorite planet is Jupiter or Saturn.
– She usually eats one or two times a day.
– Her favorite flower is lily of the valley.
– Her shoe size: 240
– She doesn’t like the color brown.
– She likes dogs.
– A food she’s good at cooking is kimchi stew.
– Her favorite clothing brand is ililil.
– Her life motto is “Let’s live a good life”
– She prefers texting over calling.
– Her favorite Baskin Robbins flavor is Cotton Candy in Wonderland.
– She doesn’t like mint chocolate ice cream.
– Some of her hobbies are playing games, watching movies, and occasionally reading.
– She likes sweet food but doesn’t like spicy food.
– Her favorite ramen is jin jjambbong.
– She usually replies to messages 3-5 minutes after she reads it.
– Specialty: Sleeping for a long time.
– On September 8, 2023, she posted a notice on her Naver Blog saying she graduated from POCHIPURI on September 3, 2023, her graduation quote being “Then Uchuu will return to space”.

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