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Aki (POCHIPURI) Profile and Facts

Aki (POCHIPURI) Profile and Facts

Aki (아키/あき)
is a member of the live idol group POCHIPURI based in South Korea.

Official Accounts:
Twitter: @PPPURI_aki
Tiktok: @pppuri_aki
Naver Blog: あきらめない (@pppuri_aki)

Stage Name: Aki (아키/あき)
Birth Name:
Birthday: April 1
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 167 cm (5’6″)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoji: 🌏
Representative Color: Light Blue

Aki Facts:
– She was added as a member of POCHIPURI on November 19th, 2023.
– Her member hashtag is #아키시떼루 (#Akisitteru)
– Family: Mom, Dad, Little Brother.
– Her “life cartoon” is Crayon Shinchan.
– A song she listens to a lot is Min Kyung Hoon‘s “Nightmare”.
– Two of the things she does at home when shes bored are going on her phone or playing with her brother
– The last thing she does before bed is make sure her alarm is at full volume.
– Her favorite singer is Yoon Jongshin.
– Her “life movie” is the American psychological horror film “Get Out” released in 2017.
– She has a lot of favorite foods including: spicy carbonara rose pasta, risotto, sprinkes, chicken feet, , ripe, burger, chocolate, red velvet cake, and green tea dessert.
– Her favorite actors are Lee Joon and Yusuke Yamamoto, and her favorite actresses are Kasumi Arimura and Nozomi Sasaki.
– She doesn’t like green pepper or paparika.
– Her “life song” is Yoon Jongshin‘s “Night View”.
– One of her hobbies is going to a café she likes.
– Her favorite seasons are fall and spring.
– The time she’s most active is at night.
– She plays Animal Corssing sometimes.
– Her favorite color is pink.
– Her favorite fruits are pineapple, shine muscat, passion fruit.
– Two dishes shes good at making are Chapaguri(짜파구리) and 치킨마요 덮밥(Chicken Mayonnaise Rice Bowl)
– She usually eats 1-2 meals a day with snacks.
– She doesn’t regularly eat breakfast.
– Her favorite instant ramin is Shin Ramyun.
– The three things she would take with her to a deserted island are her mom, her dad, and her little brother.
– If she could choose a superpower she would choose being able to move extremely fast.
– A Netflix show she wants to recommend is the South Korean show 피지컬 100 (Physical: 100)
– She likes Mint Choco Ice Cream.
– Her favorite animals are monkeys, cats, and hamsters.
– Some places she wants to visit again are Tokyo, Japan and Busan, South Korea.
– She likes spicy food even though she’s not good at eating it.
– Her favorite characters is Hello Kitty.
– She would rather go out with friends than stay home.
– The sickest she remembers being is when she got food poisoning during the summer when she was 18.
– When stressed she enjoys going out to eat with a close friend.
– The most useless thing she owns is clothes she doesn’t wear but can’t throw away.
– According to her, shes a really shy person.
– Her favorite side dishes are 고구마 맛탕(goguma mattang), 무말랭이(dried radish), 오징어젓갈(salted squid), stir-fired pork, spam, and kimchi with lots of seasoning.
– She likes the number 2.
– Shoe Size: 245-250
– Specialty: jump rope, taekwondo.

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