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‘The Red’ (Red Velvet) Album Info

“The Red” (Red Velvet) Album Info

The Red 
is the first studio album by Red Velvet. It was released on September 9, 2015 with Dumb Dumb serving as the title track.

Artist: Red Velvet
Release Date: September 9, 2015
Recorded: 2015
Genre: K-Pop
Length: 33:05
Label: SM Entertainment
Writers: Seo Ji-eum, Kim Dong-hyun, Kenzie, Jo Yoon-kyung, Ku Tae-woo, Misfit, 100% Lyricism, Hyun Hwang (MonoTree), and Im Seo-hyun
Producers: LDN Noise, Deanna Dellacioppa, Taylor Parks, Ryan S. Jhun, Alex G, Anne Preven, Will Gray, Jaden Michaels, iDR, Nermin Harambašić, Jin Suk Choi, Rodnae “Chikk” Bell, Charite Viken Reinås, Herbie Crichlow, Lauren Dyson, Daniel “Obi” Klein, Oliver McEwan, Ylva Dimberg (The Kennel), Johannes “Josh” Jorgensen, Charli Taft, Jinbo, Deekay, Dem Jointz, MonoTree, Marcus Winther-John, and Andy Love

1. Dumb Dumb – 3:22
2. Huff n Puff – 3:01
3. Campfire – 3:16
4. Red Dress – 3:02
5. Oh Boy – 3:08
6. Lady’s Room – 3:15
7. Time Slip – 3:39
8. Don’t U Wait No More – 2:51
9. Day 1 – 3:26
10. Cool World – 4:05

Dumb Dumb MV
Dumb Dumb Teaser 1
Dumb Dumb Teaser 2
Dumb Dumb Teaser 3
Dumb Dumb Teaser 4
Dumb Dumb Teaser 5

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