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The J-Line in All Active Girl Groups

Japanese Members of Girl Groups

While there are many girl group members that aren’t Korean, have you ever wondered who all of the Japanese girl group members in K-Pop are?  Well, here’s a list of every active girl group member who is confirmed to be Japanese or half Japanese!

Last Updated: July 2, 2023 (note: many comments before this update mentioned Babymonster, however since they have not debuted yet they won’t be included.  I chose to include the members of tripleS that haven’t been on a song yet because the group itself has debuted.)

(Active: Any member in a group that has released music or posted on social media in 2022.  Counts members who are on hiatus, but not members that have left their groups or their groups have officially disbanded)

Japanese Members (oldest to youngest):

Stage Name: Léa (레아)
Birth Name: Ogawa Mizuki (小川 美月)
Birthday: August 12, 1995
Born in: Tokyo, Japan


Stage Name: Momo (모모)
Birth Name: Hirai Momo (平井 もも)
Birthday: November 9, 1996
Member of: TWICE
Born in: Kyoto, Japan


Stage Name: Sana
Birth Name: Minatozaki Sana
Birthday: December 29, 1996
Member of: TWICE
Born in: Osaka, Japan


Stage Name: Mina (미나)
Birth Name: Myoui Mina (名井 南)
Birthday: March 24, 1997
Member of: TWICE
Born in: San Antonio, Texas, USA (her parents are both 100% Japanese)

Stage Name: Juri (쥬리)
Birth Name: Takahashi Juri
Birthday: October 3, 1997
Member of: Rocket Punch
Born in: Ibaraki, Japan


Stage Name: Sakura (사쿠라)
Birth Name: Miyawaki Sakura (宮脇 咲良)
Birthday: March 19, 1998
Member of: LE SSERAFIM
Born in: Kagoshima, Japan


Stage Name: Mashiro (마시로)
Birth Name: Sakamoto Mashiro (坂本 舞白)
Birthday: December 16, 1999
Member of: Kep1er
Born in: Tokyo, Japan

Stage Name: Haru (하루)
Birth Name: Abe Haruno (阿部春野)
Birthday: February 21, 2000
Member of: Nature
Birthplace: Miyagi, Japan


Stage Name: Hana (하나)
Birth Name: Hayase Hana (早瀬 華)
Birthday: February 27, 2000
Member of: ILY:1
Born in: Osaka, Japan


Stage Name: Giselle (지젤)
Birth Name: Uchinaga Aeri (内永 枝利)
Birthday: October 30, 2000
Member of: aespa
Born in: Seoul, South Korea (father is 100% Japanese, mother is 100% Korean)

Stage Name: Momoka (모모카)
Birth Name: Matsuda Momoka (松田桃花)
Birthday: December 26, 2000
Member of: PinkFantasy
Born in: Hyogo, Japan


Stage Name: Remi (레미)
Birth Name: Katsuno Rise (勝野莉世)
Birthday: April 26, 2001
Member of: Cherry Bullet
Born in: Tokyo, Japan


Stage Name: Leia
Birth Name: Larissa Ayumi Cartes Sakata
Birthday: May 14, 2001
Member of: BlackSwan
Born in: Curitiba, Parana, Brazil (mother is Brazilian, father is Japanese)


Stage Name: Ririka (리리카)
Birth Name: Kishida Ririka (岸田 莉里花)
Birthday: July 2, 2002
Member of: ILY:1
Born in: Hyogo, Japan


Stage Name: Tsuki (츠키)
Birth Name: Fukutomi Tsuki (福富月)
Birthday: September 21, 2002
Member of: Billlie
Born in: Hyogo, Japan


Stage Name: Miku (미쿠)
Birth Name: Kate Miku (片衛美紅)
Birthday: October 9, 2002
Member of: PinkFantasy
Born in: Wakayama, Japan


Stage Name: Yuki (유키)
Birth Name: Mori Koyuki (もうりこゆき)
Birthday: November 6, 2002
Member of: Purple Kiss
Born in: Tokyo, Japan

Stage Name: MiU (미유)
Birth Name: Ito Miyu (伊藤 美優)
Birthday: January 9, 2003
Member of: LIMELIGHT
Born In: Tokyo, Japan


Stage Name: Shana (샤나)
Birth Name: Nonaka Shana (野仲 紗奈)
Birthday: March 13, 2003
Member of: LAPILLUS
Born in: Kochi, Japan


Stage Name: Hina (히나)
Birth Name: Nagai Hina (長井 陽菜)
Birthday: April 7, 2003
Member of: LIGHTSUM
Born in: Kanagawa, Japan


Stage Name: Kazuha (카즈하)
Birth Name: Nakamura Kazuha (中村 一葉)
Birthday: August 9, 2003
Member of: LE SSERAFIM
Born in: Kochi, Japan


Stage Name: Sora (소라)
Birth Name: Sakata Sora (酒田空)
Birthday: August 30, 2003
Member of: woo!ah!
Born in: Fukuoka, Japan (father is Japanese, mother is Korean)

Stage Name: Seira (세이라)
Birth Name: Tai Seira (田井星空)
Birthday: January 27, 2004
Member of: Busters
Born in: Osaka, Japan


Stage Name: Rei (레이)
Birth Name: Naoi Rei (直井れい)
Birthday: February 3, 2004
Member of: IVE
Born in: Aichi, Japan

230617 Kamimoto Kotone w/ TripleS Yeonji @ Tokyo Haus - Photo Thread : r/GirlsPlanet999Stage Name: Kotone (코토네)
Birth Name: Kamimoto Kotone (嘉味元 琴音)
Birthday: March 10, 2004
Member of: tripleS
Born In: Tokyo, Japan


Stage Name: Hikaru (히카루)
Birth Name: Ezaki Hikaru (江崎 ひかる)
Birthday: March 12, 2004
Member of: Kep1er
Born in: Fukuoka, Japan


Stage Name: May (메이)
Birth Name: Hirokawa Mao (廣川茉音)
Birthday: November 16, 2004
Member of: Cherry Bullet
Born in: Tokyo, Japan


Stage Name: Takara (타카라)
Birth Name: Yasuda Takara (安田タカラ)
Birthday: January 19, 2005
Member of: Busters
Born in: Osaka, Japan


Stage Name: Yuna (유나)
Birth Name: Iimura Yuna (飯村 柚那)
Birthday: April 23, 2005
Member of: CSR
Born in: Ibaraki, Japan

Kaede (tripleS) profile, age & facts (2023 updated) | kpoppingStage Name: Kaede (카에데)
Birth Name: Yamada Kaede (山田楓)
Birthday: December 20, 2005
Member of: tripleS
Born in: Toyama, Japan


Stage Name: Haruna (하루나)
Birth Name: Osato Haruna (大里 春菜)
Birthday: January 30, 2006
Member of: Billlie
Born in: Osaka, Japan


Stage Name: Mire (미레)
Birth Name: Aoyagi Sumire (青柳 菫)
Birthday: March 26, 2006
Member of: TRI.BE
Born in: Tokyo, Japan

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