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TAEGI Profile and Facts

TAEGI Profile & Facts

TAEGI (태기) is a South Korean singer who officially debuted with album “아포가토” (together with QUACY (쿼시)).

Stage Name: TAEGI (태기)
Birth Name: Lim Taegyun (임태균)
Birthday: November 22, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Instagram: taegi1766
Soundcloud: TAEGI 
Youtube: 태기 TAEGI
Genre: Indie, RnB
Label: n/a
Crew: n/a

Taegi Facts:
– He’s from Busan, South Korea.
– Taegi really likes his song “PUPPY! (feat PAVII), and he recommend people to listen to it.
– “Puppy!” is a sweet song, he took care of his friend’s dog for a week, but he got so attached to it and than he wrote a song about it.
– He chose the name ‘Taegi’ from his grandmother, because he liked it he use it for his stage name.
– He created a virtual agency called “buellestudio”.
– He joined the university music club,  after 1 year tried to record a song that he made.
– “Anywhere” is the first song that he composed and released on his Soundcloud.
– Taegi thinks, he is a person who always wants to achieve his dreams. He started music at a late age but he didn’t give up.
– One of his goals is to appear on “Begin Again”, a TV show.
– Almost all songs take 1 day, but for recording he needs some time.
– He really wants to collaborate with Crush because his favorite artist is Crush.
– Taegi really wants to try Alternative rock.

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