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Sweety Members Profile

Sweety Members Profile

Sweety (스위티) was a co-ed kid group under Yuwon Ent. then Basic Ent. The group was composed of 9 members. They debuted July 2008 with their first mini album “So Sweet“, they quitely disbanded in 2009. People say that they were the predecessor group of GP Basic. All members were also models, actors or other. Their average was 10.7 years old.

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Sweety Official Sites :
Genie : 스위티 (Sweety)
Youtube (Topic) : 스위티

Members Profile :

Stage Name: Hyemin (혜민)
Birth Name: Lee Hyemin (이혜민)
Position: Oldest, Main Vocalist
Birthday: 24 June, 1995
Height: 158cm
Weight: 39kg

Hyemin Facts :
-She was at Byeolmang Middle School.
-Members said se is full of Charms.
-Before going on stage she encourage the members like a leader.
-When she was 7 years old, she saw her mother singing and it made her want to do the same.


Stage Name: Minji (민지)
Birth Name: Park Minji (박민지)
Birthday: 11 september, 1995
Height: 151cm
Weight: 39kg

Minji Facts :
-She joined after Youngeun left, in September, 2008.
-She was at Seoun Middle School.
-She can play piano and violon.


Stage Name: Yerin (예린)
Birth Name: Seo Yerin (서예린)
Position: Sub Vocal, Dancer
Birthday: 17 January, 1996
Height: 168cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood Type: O

Yerin Facts :
-She was at Samsan Middle School.
-She is/was the taller member.
-She auditioned for Hello! Projet in April 2009, but failed.
-Her nickname was “Ice Princess”.
-She wanted to be an actress.


Stage Name: Kyungbin (경빈)
Birth Name: Kim Kyungbin (김경빈)
Position: Main Vocal
Birthday: 14 May, 1996
Height: 156cm
Weight: 42kg

Kyungbin Facts :
-She was at Daejeon Beopdong Elementary School.


Stage Name: Jimin (지민)
Birth Name: Hong Jimin (홍지민)
Position: Main Vocal
Birthday: 27 December, 1997

Jimin Facts :
-She is describe as a Smiling Angel.
-Her nickname is “Cute Jimin”.
-She was doing a model audition when judge said that she was singing well and tell her to audition for Sweety.
-She wanted to become a national singer that everybody know.


Stage Name: Seungmi (승미)
Birth Name: Byon Seungmi (변승미)
Position: Rapper
Birthday: 14 December, 1998
Height: 166cm (5’5″)
Weight: 48kg (105lbs)
Blood Type: A

Seungmi Facts :
-She is a former member of GP Basic and D-Unit.
-She participated to Unpretty Rap star, The Unit and The last audition of my life.
-She is under MBK Ent. since 2017.
-Her nickname is “Black bean tea”


Stage Name: Jinnie (지니)
Birth Name: Hong Yujin (홍유진)
Position: Sub Vocal, Dancer
Birthday: 25 December, 1998
Height: 147cm
Weight: 30kg

Jinnie Facts :
-She was at Anyangyangji Elementary School.
-Her nickname is “Quirky Jinnie”.
-She started dancing at a dance school at 6 years old.


Stage Name: Jun-heon (준헌)
Birth Name: Kim Jun-heon (김준헌)
Position: Rapper
Birthday: 26 June, 1999
Height: 146cm
Weight: 40kg

Jun-heon Facts :
-He is the only boy in the group.
-He’s nickname is “though guy”.
-Seungmi said that they choosed his nickname because he was Handsome and manly while rapping.
-He wanted to be an actor and learned theater during 2/3 years.
-He changed his dream when he saw Lee Jun-Hyung singing.
-He wanted to be a singer full of talent.


Stage Name: Yujin (유진)
Birth Name: Seo Yujin (서유진)
Position: Maknae, Face of the group, Center
Birthday: 10 May, 2002
Height: 120cm
Weight: 19kg

Yujin Facts :
-She is full of Aegyo.
-She wanted to become a pretty singer.

Former Member :

Stage Name: Young-eun (영은)
Birth Name: Seo Young-eun (서영은)
Position: Sub Vocal, Dancer
Birthday: 1995 (?)

Youngeun Facts :
-When she left, Minji had been added to the group
-She lefted in September 2008 for personal reasons
-Her Nickname is “Sunflower”.
-She practiced Sing and Dance by herself.
-When she’s sad, dancing and singing made her happy.
-When her schoolmates knew she was a singer, they treated her better.
-She wanted to become a good social singer.

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