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DEVIL GUN Member Profile & Facts

DEVIL GUN Member Profile & Facts

DEVIL GUN was a Japanese idol group formed in September 2016, and disbanded on July 29, 2017. They were under ANFORT Promotion. The final lineup consisted of Kamimaru Botan and Onishi Kaai.

DEVIL GUN Members Profile:
Kamimaru Botan

Stage Name: Kamimaru Botan (神丸ぼたん)
Birthday: March 4
Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan
Height: 157 cm
Blood Type: AB
Zodiac: Pisces
Twitter: @BotanKamimar
Instagram: kamimaru.botan

Kamimaru Botan Facts:
– Her favourite things are JoJo, comics and ramen.
– Her skills include painting, design and selfies.
– Her hobbies include mobile games and western-style clothes.
– She is a former member of the group MONSTER GIRLFRIEND.

Onishi Kaai

Stage Name: Onishi Kaai (大西可愛)
Birthday: July 10, 1993
Height: 157 cm
Blood Type: AB
Zodiac:  Cancer
Blog: Cheerz

Onishi Kaai Facts:
– Her hobbies include music, movie appreciation and TV games.
– Her skills include drawing.
– Her favorite color is light blue.
– Her favourite flower is ‘Queen of the Night’.
– Her favorite thing is zombies.
– She is a former member of Kuruizake Center Road.
– She is a former member of DP-1.
– Her nickname is Zombie-chan (ゾンビちゃん).

Former Members:
Nitou Rechi

Stage Name: Nitou Rechi (二等れち)
Birthday: February 18
Height: 165 cm
Zodiac: Aquarius
Twitter: @nitourechi (deleted)

Nitou Rechi Facts:

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