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Sulhee (HeyGirls) Profile & Facts

Sulhee Profile & Facts
Sulhee member of HeyGirls
Sulhee (설희) is a South-Korean singer under MOAI Entertainment. She is a member of the girl groups HeyGirls, 1CHU, and the South Korean-Japanese project group PUZZLE. She debuted with HeyGirls on April 29, 2021 with the single I Cook.

Stage Name: Sulhee (설희)
Birth Name: N/A
Birthday: March 8, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: l0ve_blo0m_4

Sulhee Facts:
— She’s from Seoul, South Korea.
— She joined HeyGirls on July 3, 2019 to replace departing member Heesu. She was added to the group with another member named Baekhap.
— She’s a vocalist in HeyGirls.
— Her representative emojis are 🦊 (HeyGirls), 🍒 (Puzzle)
— She is in charge of lyrics and vocal in PUZZLE
— She is PUZZLE’s leader
— She has a good sense of fashion.
— She’s often described as an enthusiastic person.
— She can play the piano.
— She enjoys tumbling and practicing sports.
— Nicknames: Snow White (백설희, Baeksulhee), Short Hair Goddess, 설테이토 (Sultato, a combination of her name and “potato”) among others.
— Her favorite scent is baby powder scent.
— Her favorite food is sushi.
— Her favorite season is spring.
— Her role model is Taeyeon.
— She can drink sports drinks fast.
— She hates scary stuff and can’t watch horror movie.
— Her family was said to be strict; as such, she couldn’t go that far.
— According to herself, she loves her fans so much that she’d marry them.

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