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Which Songs Released in February 2020 are your Favorites?

Songs Released in February 2020!

Crossroads by GFriend

Sorry Mama by DKB (Debut)

Dun Dun by Everglow
Nun Nu Nan Na by Cignature (Debut)
Open My Door by Episode (Debut)
So What by LOONA
Winter by SAAY
Dive by iKON
Cool by BVNDIT
Reveal by The Boyz
Bouncy by Rocket Punch
Hands Up by Cherry Bullet
Dr. Bebe by Pentagon
Red Moon by KARD
Fiesta by IZ*ONE
Gotta Go by Sunmi
Scream by Dreamcatcher
Queen by 3YE
Timeless by UNVS (Debut)
MONSTER by D1Verse
ICE AGE by MCND (Debut)
Call My Name by BLACK6IX
Eclipse by Moon Byul
Timing by High School
It’s Gonna hurt by XENEX (Debut)
Dazzle Dazzle by Weki Meki

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Which Songs Released in February 2020 were your Favorites? (Pick 5)

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