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Songs created by Jihyo (TWICE)

Songs created by Jihyo (TWICE)

TWICE – Signal (2017)

Album: Signal
Release: May 15, 2017
Song: “Eye Eye Eyes”
Credit: Writing

TWICE – Twicetagram (2017)

Album: Twicetagram
Release: October 30, 2017
Song: “24/7”
Credit: Writing

TWICE – What is Love? (2018)

Album: What is Love?
Release: April 9, 2018
Song: “Ho!”
Credit: Writing

TWICE – Yes or Yes (2018)

Album: Yes or Yes
Release: November 5, 2018
Song: “Sunset”
Credit: Writing

TWICE – Fancy You (2019)

Album: Fancy You
Release: April 22, 2019
Song: “Girls Like Us”
Credit: Writing

TWICE – Feel Special (2019)

Album: Feel Special
Release: September 23, 2019
Song: “Get Loud”
Credit: Writing
Song: “21:29”
Credit: Writing

TWICE – #TWICE3 (2020)

Album: #TWICE3
Release: September 16, 2020
Song: “21:29 (Japanese ver.)”
Credit: Writing

TWICE – Eyes Wide Open (2020)

Album: Eyes Wide Open
Release: October 26, 2020
Song: “Up No More”
Credit: Writing

TWICE – Taste of Love (2021)

Album: Taste of Love
Release: June 11, 2021
Song: “First Time”
Credit: Writing

TWICE – Formula of Love (2021)

Album: Formula of Love
Release: November 12, 2021
Song: “Real You”
Credit: Writing
Song: “Cactus”
Credit: Writing, Composing

TWICE – Celebrate (2022)

Album: Celebrate
Release: July 27, 2022
Song: “Celebrate”
Credit: Writing

TWICE – Between 1&2 (2022)

Album: Between 1&2
Release: August 26, 2022
Song: “Trouble”
Credit: Vocal Director, Writing, Composing

Jihyo – Zone (2023)

Album: Zone
Release: August 18, 2023
Song: “Talkin’ About It” (feat. 24kGoldn)
Credit: Composing
Song: “Closer”
Credit: Writing
Song: “Wishing on You”
Credit: Writing
Song: “Don’t Wanna Go Back” (feat. Heize)
Credit: Writing, Composing
Song: “Room”
Credit: Writing, Composing
Song: “Nightmare”
Credit: Writing, Composing

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