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“Snowflake” (Kandis) Album Info

“Snowflake (Kandis) Album Info

Snowflake is the 3rd single released by Kandis. It was released on December 4th, 2023. The Single consists of 2 tracks, the title track being “Snowflake“.

Artist: Kandis
Released: December 4, 2023
Type: Single
Label: 60DGRS
Length: 5:18
Writers: Hello, Nine, Venny, Chase
Producers: Chase, Kandis
Composers: Morra, Nohc, SoundKim
Arrangers: (Track 1): Morra, Nohc, Choi Moonseok, (Track 2): Soulman
Chorus: Soulman, Hello
Cover designed by: GRYPHON of KRAPHON

Piano: Nohc

1. Snowflake
2. Snowflake (Acapella Version)

‘Snowflake’ Teaser
– Official Audios: Snowflake, Snowflake (Acapella Version)
‘Snowflake’ Live
‘Snowflake’ Spotify Link

Other Album Cover:

made by sidneycidal

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