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RONI Profile

RONI Profile and Facts:

RONI is a South Korean singer.

Stage Name: RONI (로니)
Birth Name: Jeong Hoyong (정호용)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: July 31, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 174 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: ro_0731
Tiktok: Roni0731
Youtube: 로니RONI

RONI Facts:
– His hometown is Jinju and he has an older brother.
– In a youtube video with Kim Miso/Ebtisam he introduced himself as XEED’s smile which was a pun on her name (it means smiling in Arabic and she also calls herself Miso in Korean which has the same meaning).
– In one of his instagram stories fellow member DOHA said RONI is XEED’s vocal.
– Before changing his stage name, Roni was a member of pre-debut boygroup Off The Cuff under the stage name Rowoon.
– He debuted as a soloist with the first single “You Are” on March 26, 2021 under stage name Roni.
– His fandom name is 로블리 (Rovely/Lovely).
– He’s been to Japan and knows some Japanese. He also wants to go to Europe one day.
– He also can communicate with his international fans in English. In case he doesn’t know a word in English during fan calls, he has a translation app ready on his phone.
– RONI really wants to show that he has lots of skills.
– In his free time he watches Netflix and dramas.
– He would rather stay home and watch Netflix than go out to party.
– RONI is a DC fan more than Marvel and likes villains over heroes.
– He likes the pokémon Charmander and also has plushies of it.
– He likes pilsner beer and red lager.
– RONI’s favorite color is light purple, but he also likes sky blue and green.
– He has a permanent eyebrow slit that he got about 10 years ago when he was playing soccer and cut it when he got hurt.
– When he was young he learned some kickboxing.
– He has dry skin.
– He prefers coffee over tea.
– RONI likes pineapple on pizza.
– He stated that sometimes it’s hard to eat healthy because his schedule is not constant but he’s supplementing with vitamins.
– If he could change his body with someone else, it would be Off The Cuff‘s Peter because “his body is normal”.
– He wants to give good vibes with his music.
– He’s a sensitive man. When watching movies, he gets really absorbed in the scenes and feelings.
– He’s also warm-hearted and gets hurt easily by others when they seem not to care about him as much as he does about them.
– His family only had one mp3-player so he had to share it with his brother and and imagined himself being a singer whenever he was listening to the music. He stated that mp3 was the most helpful thing in his life.
– He wanted to become an idol and make music himself because he really likes listening to music and also feels the lyrics of the song.
– His strength is understanding people and getting their heart when they come to him.
– His weakness is that he suppresses his feelings because he cares way too much and worries to hurt people even if they hurt him already.
– He appreciates that everyone in XEED has different positions and is helping each other. Also he feels like they care well for him.
– When the members went out for lunch together, Doha ordered a side menu for him which was unexpected for Roni but he also thought it’s sexy and very cool and he felt touched by it.
– On January 17, 2023 it was announced on XEED fancafé that Roni left the group because cancelled his contract with the agency due to personal circumstances. Also all the posts on his instagram were deleted.

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