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Rocking Doll Members Profile

Rocking Doll Members Profile

Rocking Doll 
(록킹돌) is a girl group under SRP Entertainment. The group consists of Roa, Ahri, Juri and Rena. They debuted on December 19, 2021 with their self-titled single.

Rocking Doll Official Fandom Name: 
Rocking Doll Official Fandom Colors: 

Rocking Doll Official Accounts:
Twitter: Rockingdoll_
Instagram: srp_rockingdoll_official
YouTube (company channel): SRP Entertainment
Daum Café: rockingdoll
TikTok: @official_rockingdoll

Members Profiles:

Stage Name: Roa (로아)
Birth Name: Kim Hyein (김혜인)
Position: N/A
Birthday: June 19, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Planet: Libertia

Roa Facts:
— Her MBTI personality type is ISFP
— Her unexpected charm is that she’s “different from a fierce face, pure mind”
— Her other charming point is a pawprint mole pattern on her face
— She’d remove her moles for 100 million won
— She’s good at imitating voices
— She likes spicy food such as super spicy chicken legs
— She likes ballad songs
— She enjoys OH MY GIRL‘s bright concept
— She likes walking alone
— She likes mint chocolate
— She’s said to have a great cheerful side
— She says that, in 10 years, she’ll be a multitainer and will engage in numerous activities; she’ll also be a CEO, the best barista and will be a sort of Wiki guide for tasty restaurants
— Her role model is 2PM‘s Junho


Stage Name: Juri (주리)
Birth Name: Lee Juri (이주리)
Position: Main Dancer
Birthday: October 27, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Planet: JR10

Juri Facts:
— She has a pet dog named May.
— Her MBTI personality type is ESFP
— Her charming points are the mole under her eyes and her lips
— One of her main specialties is dancing
— She doesn’t like mint chocolate
— She says that, in 10 years, she’ll be a great singer and live a successful life
— Her role model is Rosé


Stage Name: Ahri (아리)
Birth Name: Maeng Hwisu (맹휘수)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: February 23, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 166 cm (5’6″)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Planet: Arielis

Ahri Facts:
— She’s from Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea
— According to herself, she and Rena are the most sentimental members
— Her MBTI personality type is INFJ
— Her main specialty is singing
— One of her charming points is her mole
— Someone tried to wipe her mole off, thinking it was food
— She believes pink is her life
— She likes mint chocolate
— She says that, in 10 years, she’d like to perform at Coachella
— Her role model is G-Dragon


Stage Name: Rena (레나)
Birth Name: Hong Hyunjoo (홍현주)
Position: Maknae
Birthday: April 11, 2006
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 165.6 cm (5’5″)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Planet: Pure Jersey

Rena Facts:
— She and Ahri are the most sentimental members, according to Ahri
— Her MBTI personality type is ENFP
— Her charming point is her lips
— She’s a person who full of energy
— She’d like to travel to Japan
— She likes loud music and songs with good vibes
— Her favorite lip brand is MAC
— Her opinion on mint chocolate is 50/50
— She says that, in 10 years, she’ll be traveling around the world while drinking a cup of coffee
— Her role model is HyunA

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