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“Rebel” (DKB) Album Info

“Rebel” (DKB) Album Info
“Rebel” is the fourth mini album by DKB. It was released on April 28, 2022 with “Sober” serving as the title track. The album comes in one version.

Artist: DKB
Release Date: April 28, 2022
Recorded: 2022
Genre: K-pop
Label: Brave Entertainment

“Sober (안취해)” – 3:43
“Get Away” – 3:31
“Rollercoaster (왜 만나)” – 3:06
“Sober (안취해) (Remix)” – 3:04

“Sober” music video
MV teaser #1 / #2
MV reaction
MV making film
“Sober” performance video
“Sober” choreography video
“Sober” fanchant guide
“Get Away” choreography video
Highlight medley
DKB:footage\Sober\Practice room
DKB:footage\Sober\Choreography spoiler
Jacket making film

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