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Queendom 2 Predictions [By Luviefromis]

Queendom 2 Predictions [By Luviefromis]

is a survival show where 6 groups compete to be called the new “Queen” However, in Queendom 2 there is a chance to be eliminated. Here is my predictions of who will be the winner, eliminated, and more! (This is my opinion, no hate intended)

Winner for Round 1: HYOLYN
Winner for Round 2: HYOLYN

I personally think Hyolyn will win especially with the 1st 2 performances she has done getting perfect scores, here is a ranking of the probability that a group will win:
1. Hyolyn, 2. LOONA / VIVIZ, 3. WJSN, 4. Kep1er, 5. Brave Girls
(I know LOONA was absent the first round but I still have a feeling they might catch up.)

PREDICTION NO.2: Eliminations
I honestly feel bad that there is a very high chance that Brave Girls will be eliminated. I think Kep1er also has a chance of getting eliminated. My ranking for eliminations would be the opposite of the winner ranking.

PREDICTION NO.3: Vocal Units
I think that HYOLYN & Minyoung will win because they seem like a great team and work together very well. Here is my ranking:
1. HYOLYN & Minyoung, 2. LOONA & Kep1er / Eunha & WJSN

PREDICTION NO.4: Dance Units
I honestly think that LOONA & Eunji have a chance with winning, I honestly feel like HYOLYN’s team won’t do as good as them based off of the interim check. Here is my ranking:
1. LOONA & Eunji, 2. WJSN & Hyolyn / VIVIZ & Kep1er

Spoiler! Final Results:


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