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PRIMROSE Coverography

PRIMROSE Coverography

Here is a list of every PRIMROSE official/unofficial cover (links are provided).

Dance Covers
[December 20, 2022] Peaches by KAI – Ruby
[June 15, 2023] 28 Reasons by SEULGI – Nahyun
[June 17, 2023] Stay Tonight by CHUNGHA – Ruby
[July 28, 2023] SPICY by AESPA – Rainie

Vocal Covers
[March 24, 2023] Crying over you by HONNIE – Ruby
[April 3, 2023] GONE by ROSÈ – Ruby
[May 10, 2023] LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME by DAY6 – Nahyun
[July 7, 2023] Boat by george – Ruby
[July 8, 2023]  PARTY by Girls’ Generation – Rainie
[August 29, 2023] The Blue Night Of Jeju Island by Taeyeon – Nahyun
[September 14, 2023] Weekend by Taeyeon – Hayun
[November 20, 2023] UN Village by BAEKHYUN – Hayun

Note 1: *means covers that were not posted to the official Primrose YouTube channel.
Note 2: If you know of any more unofficial covers or covers I missed, please comment down below to tell me where I can find them!

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