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Who is the prettiest female idol?

Who is the prettiest female idol?
Beautiful Kpop female

Cheng Xiao – WJSN

Yoona – SNSD

Juhyun \ IRene – RedVelvet

Jiwon – Cherry Bullet

Eunbi \ Eunha – Gfriend

Minju – I*ZONE

Gahyun – ALiKE

Chaeyeon – DIA


Sejeong – Gugudan

Eunbin – CLC

Hayoung – Apink

Tzuyu – Twice

Xiyeon – Pristin

Dabin \ Yeonwoo – Momoland


Heejin – LOONA

Naeun – April

Nagyung – Fromis_9

Jisoo – BlackPink

Doyeon – Weki Meki

Yuqi – (G) I-dle

Hyeri – Girl’s Day

Sohee – Elris


JIU – Dreamcatcher

Seolhyun – AOA

Amber – f(x)


Kim Chungha

Ryujin – ITZY


Wang Yiren – EVERGLOW

Solbin – LABOUM

NANA – After School

Post by taewoo26

Who is the prettiest female idol ?

Who is the prettiest female idol? What’s your opinion? Feel free to comment below! 🙂

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  • Lily Perez

    It’s Xiyeon or Siyeon. She changed her name and I’m sure she’s not comfortable with being called Junghyeon anymore

  • taewoo26

    Thank you! I will correct it ❤

  • mary


  • Carol

    Can’t believe Sana’s not on the list

  • Chloe Russell (the superior se

    She isnt here but i think its im nayoung from pristin although i know she isnt an official visual

  • A_Diq

    why did u put the same person in the list? (minju and tzuyu) :v

  • taewoo26

    I am sorry but i just put one member from each group

  • taewoo26

    I am sorry but i just put one member from each group .

  • David P.

    I think Suzy’s beauty can’t compare with any other visual, she’s like the Visual of Korea! Also you forgot Sohee from Elris .

  • taewoo26

    Yes i also think that she is extremely pretty . Also , thank you for your recommendation , i will add her 💛.

  • taewoo26

    I Am sorry but i just put one member from each group


    i would’ve said soojin rather than yuqi

  • Katie

    My top Five

  • Katie

    I shook I didn’t think Tzuyu would be first!!!!

  • Vincent Leonardo

    1. Jisoo
    2. Jisoo
    3. Jisoo
    4. Jisoo
    5. Jisoo

    Just kidding, I picked Jisoo, Cheng Xiao, Doyeon, Eunha, and.. “all of them”



  • JeonHeeJinStoppedMeFromSuicide

    1. Heejin
    2. Jisoo
    3. YeonWoo
    4. Somi
    5. Nagyung

  • Klutzer

    1. Yoohyeon of Dreamcatcher
    2. IU
    3. SuA of Dreamcatcher
    4. JiU of Dreamcatcher
    5. Bona of WJSN

  • soft starlight

    It’s XIYEON not XION. please edit it, thanks!!!

  • soft starlight

    Btw where is JOO KYULKYUNG??

  • Ezgi

    My top five

  • taewoo26

    thank you for suggestion , i will add IU and jiu , i can’t add the others because i just put one member from each group 💛.

  • taewoo26

    YAS they are all extremely beautiful but unfortunately , i can’t add more than one person from the same group!🙂

  • taewoo26

    thank you , i will edit it 💛

  • taewoo26

    sorry but i just put one member from each group!🙂💛

  • taewoo26

    That’s because it’s Twice !!

  • SG Lopez

    TWICE Tzuyu
    APINK Hayoung
    GIDLE Yuqi

  • Lissandra123

    Yuqi. Elkie from clc but she’s not an option.

  • Sayr

    If Soojin was an option I would have chosen her. But man, Miyeon and Minnie are breathtaking too~ g-idle is a full visual group, like all of them should be on the beautiful faces list.

    I think Yeonwoo is probably the prettiest though, like wow…she is next level.

  • Running Girl

    1) Yoona
    2) Sejeong
    3) Seolhyun
    4) IU
    5) Hyeri

  • Jisoo

  • That was easy, I just picked “All of them”

  • taewoo26

    i didn’t do it depending on official visuals , i did it 50% depending on official visuals and 50% depending on my personal opinion

  • taewoo26

    YAH ! that’s the best choice

  • Surelia Fallers

    Can’t I just choose Amber?

  • taewoo26

    she is beautiful , but i don’t think that she is supposed to be in that list !😅 But if u want i can add her 💛.

  • Surelia Fallers

    Please do 🙂

  • orbit

    All female idols are beautiful.

  • Momoland


  • taewoo26

    I added her , and thanx 🖤

  • Athyya WS


  • Surelia Fallers


  • jo yuri stan

    It should be IZ*ONE, not I*Zone. 🙂

  • taewoo26

    Thanx 🖤 i edited it

  • JeongI.NsNetfelixAccount

    #GiveAmberMoreLoveAndSupportToHelpHerFindHerChest 😀

  • JeongI.NsNetfelixAccount

    They’re all really pretty. I chose All Of Them

  • Radella

    I choose: Tzuyu-Twice, Irene-Redvelvet, Suzy, Jisoo-Blackpink, and Yoona-SNSD

  • lyn loves mx

    xiao, heejin and nakyung

  • jonejikseu

    i just realized most of my biases are visuals lol

  • felipe grin§

    Suzy, Nana, ChaeYeon, Irene, HyunJin

  • Matthewjared Cox

    Let’s be honest. Objectively, Seolhyun is better looking than whoever your bias is, so almost all of you are lying. Btw, Choa is my AOA bias, or she was, so do not think this is even my bias. It is a scientific fact.

  • Vanessa

    JiU? she’s underrated 🙁

  • Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad

    Lol… I think your the one who’s being biased though…. Seolhyun is very pretty but there are more girls from this list that are prettier than her like Irene and Jisoo

  • Matthewjared Cox

    Irene and Jisoo are pretty, but prettier than Seolhyun, you’re not correct, especially Jisoo, she should be on the bottom half of this list with her average looks compared to the others. If you measure their bodies and get the ratios of leg to hips and measure the symmetry of the face, Seolhyun is the clear winner scientifically. This isn’t bias. I told you my bias is Park Choa, but I still am honest enough to know and admit that Seolhyun is prettier than my bias. Come, join the honesty club. Admit it.

  • Aimee Noa Waning


  • Aimee Noa Waning

    JiU is so underrated?! This girl is so beautiful!

  • Joy from Red Velvet… Sakura from IZ*One… ChaeYoung from TWICE… ?????????!!!!!!!!! (Yes, i understand they chose the visuals from groups but i just wanted to mention her lol…)

  • Rin

    Hani, Jiyeon, Nana

  • Melo Hetu

    Twice tzuyu dont deserve to be on this list!! She’s maby not the ugliest in the world but he have alot of other girls prettier than her like momo(twice)

    1 iu
    2 jisoo
    4 somi
    5 yuqi

  • Yuna

    Why are u so hater everyone respects her visual tho and she is official visual of twice

  • aswooi

    the only bias i i had on this list was amber and shes close to the bottom of the list 🙁 like, i know there are prettier people than amber but at least use a decent pic of her

  • ImmaFatCat

    I bet you a billion dollars, Tzuyu is ten times prettier than you.

  • Jade Lopez Murillo

    Woah, Minju.

  • molly

    they’re all stunning, omg.

  • Melina DePrez2005
  • EeZEe Vee

    Actually, she does. How would u like it if i said iu didn’t deserve to be on this list?

  • EeZEe Vee

    Like stop hating on her she’s probably like eleventy thousand times prettier than you anyways.

  • EeZEe Vee

    Come, join the club where we are NOT biased and we DON’T insult other ppl’s biases. honestly, I think that irene and jisoo are prettier than seolhyun. so don’t go pretending you know facts when clearly, you do NOT. just look at the rest of the comments. 99.9% of the comments are people saying how they chose irene and jisoo. does anyoe say that they picked seolhyun? NOPE. If you’re going to pick anyone from snsd, pick yoona. she’s probably prettier than seolhyun too. but seolhyun IS VERY BEAUTIFUL.

  • EeZEe Vee

    You should add yeojin (LOONA)

  • Maya

    Ikr Chaeyoung is sooo damn beautiful. For me she is the prettiest out of Twice. Sadly she’s so underrated 🙁

  • Yeji

    Please include ITZY

  • taewoo26

    sorry but i just put one member from each group

  • taewoo26

    yes there are many k-idols prettier than tzuyu but i don’t think that momo is prettier 😅+ if i didn’t add tzuyu , her fans r gonna kill me with thier comments asking me to add her

  • Teagan Freeman

    im sorry if this sounds “racist” or anything… but i think there is a serious issue with so many female kpop idols looking SO similar and some even looking like plain carbon copies, i can only think of maybe four female idols that look completely different, Lisa, Amber, Hwasa and Wheein and maybe Momo?… this is why i dont stan many girl groups…

    (and the fact that a lot of gg have cute concepts and i kinda hate cute/repetitive concepts)

  • Watermelon Kola

    Guys beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; many people like different features. You may think that one person is obviously better looking than another, and that is 100% of just don’t push your standards onto another person they probably have different opinions than you.

  • Andy Yeoh

    Wow, Minju leading, u almost put all my bias in each group

  • Andy Yeoh

    same here

  • irem

    I got you. I feel the same too.

  • Amber

    Where is solar?

  • Yeon Jisso

    Yeon Woon (MOMOLAND

  • not sexist at all

    makes sense cuz you’re a girl XD
    i don’t like bAd asS wannabee groups as well ;P especially dem group who does frontflips backflips tumblins swag swag swag while singing, and when you listen to their mr removed it sounds sTaBLe and PeRfeCT which are clearly FAKE ;D

  • kmoments

    If you voted all of them you’re an angel.

  • a KOOKIE with a cup of TAE and

    I wanted to vote for NANA but she isn’t there. so i chosed my bae irene <3

  • rigor mor

    Heejin, Jiwon and Nagyung should have more votes than “all of them button”

  • Yvs

    And sunmi ?

  • Lily

    What about jisoo? Why isn’t she on the voting list?

  • Phaexos

    A fair amount of that is due to how many of them use the same makeup style. Also, most idols are of very similar height, weight, and body shape. And in some cases it actually is due to ones that underwent similar plastic surgeries – I swear there are only two or three rhinoplasty nose shapes in Korea. But mostly it’s because the population of Korea actually is -extremely- homogeneous.

    Three of the examples you gave of what you consider “female idols that look completely different” are not Korean – Lisa is Thai, Amber is Taiwanese-American, and Momo is Japanese. When they are surrounded by Korean girls, they subtly stand out. Amber would look different no matter what (gender role nonconformity), but if Lisa was in a Thai gg or Momo was in a Japanese gg, it’s likely you’d be a lot less focused on how unique their features are. And they’d probably have difficulty telling you apart from others of your race and ethnicity, even though that comes easily and automatically to you. It’s all about how much you’re exposed to, both consciously and unconsciously.

    Side note: I wouldn’t say this is specific to just female kpop groups. There are plenty of “carbon copies” in male kpop groups, too.

  • Phaexos

    Shocking that Seolhyun is so low on the list. She’s pretty renowned for her looks and body.

  • wtfisthislist

    Where’s WJSN Bona, I demand a relist!

  • II Thea II

    she is

  • Y’all biased

  • nadia waller

    where is Chungha?

  • I mean…. considering the fact that looks are subjective… it’s not really possible to be unbiased on what is defined as ‘prettiest’

  • Matthewjared Cox

    You do know that we’re talking about Seolhyun from AOA and not Seohyun from SNSD, right? I think in general you are confused. We’re not even in the same conversation.

  • Matthewjared Cox

    Also, I insulted no one. These girls are all pretty, but the golden ratio does not lie. It is a scientific fact. You sound like people who think the earth is flat, denying science.

  • taewoo26

    sorry but i just add one member from one group + yes she is pretty and she deserves to be in the list

  • taewoo26

    yes but people vote 4 people who they love not 4 who is beautiful

  • taewoo26

    i added her

  • taewoo26

    i added her .

  • taewoo26

    I added her

  • taewoo26

    i added ryujin

  • taewoo26

    i added her

  • VelvetBlink

    You should add yujin from clc ^^

  • Jaca


  • Yejin

    Ryujin not Rujin

  • yeon ʕ•ع•ʔ ssi

    Wang Yiren not Yerin 🙂

  • Kaycee

    Who IS NOT voting for Sunmi? Her visuals are extraordinary

  • Siti Suhaila

    I’m really curious why you didn’t put krystal ?? I think she could be one of the prettiest..

  • Yunaria

    She’s not here and her name is Shin Hyejeong

  • Teagan Freeman

    firstly, i dont actually identify as a girl, secondly, im pansexual just in case that “makes sense cuz you’re a girl” thing was as in “you dont find them attractive so duh!”, also i dont stan groups just because i find them attractive, i stan them because i like their music/personalities, thirdly, im not a girl group hater if thats what this comment is
    and finally, if this wasnt any of those things and wasnt just an incorrect/arrogant statement or girl group hate or sarcasm, i kinda actually like badass concepts if its done right, like black pink and hyuna, but when normally cutesy girl groups try so hard to do badass concepts and just fail at it, THATS horrible

  • day6deservesbetter

    There is no “prettiest” all of them are really beautiful and talented💕

  • L I A

    Voted for Yuna itzy, Suzy, IU and all of them 😀

  • Zahra D

    Lisa blackpink😏

  • Gabby

    This is the first time that this isn’t a popularity contest. I voted Somi, Sunmi, IU, Ryujin and all of them

  • Gabby

    Sunmi is so pretty…

  • taewoo26

    i corrected it , thank u 🖤

  • taewoo26

    sorry but i just add 1 member from each group

  • taewoo26

    sorry but i just add 1 member from each group.

  • Bae Irene

    Wang Yiren though like damn.

  • Siti Suhaila

    Ouh… sorry.. i didn’t notice it.. but for me, amber is charming but not the prettiest in f(x)… hehe.. i guess people really have different type.. 😂

  • Leo kim

    Where’s jisoo

  • Miku The Pie

    Where’s Nana?

  • taewoo26

    i didn’t add her by myself , someone asked me to add her + i also think that krystal is the prettiest in f(x)

  • eva le

    wheres Jinsoul

  • urassaya sperbund

    all of them

  • Kelif Powdar

    They mean biased towards the person.

  • I.N

    Please use a better picture of sohee. That one is blurry. I suggest using

  • Vishua

    wheres laboum solbin? anyways yuqi xiyeon jiwon heejin nagyung etc you name it!

  • taewoo26

    i didn’t find better pic’s

  • taewoo26

    i added her 🙂

  • taewoo26

    she’s there

  • taewoo26

    sorry but i just added one member from each group

  • DrWumbo

    Sana? 🙁

  • taewoo26

    sorry but i add just one member in each group 🙁

  • taewoo26

    i edited it 🙂

  • Ivy So_16

    Where’s Red Velvet Irene 🤷🏻‍♀️?
    For me I would say my top 3 would be:
    1. Suzy
    2. Irene
    3. Jisoo ( BlackPink)

  • iufanboy

    I voted Minju and I didn’t expect that Minju is leading WOW #1 Visual indeed

  • cutie_patootie

    for me the prettiest girl right now is minjoo of iz*one.
    my top 5 would be
    1. minjoo (iz*one)
    2. irene (red velvet)
    3. suzy (miss A)
    4. sana (twice)
    5. yoona (SNSD)
    – chengxiao (WJSN), Yiren (Everglow), Eunbi (Gfriend), Seolhyun (AOA), and Somi would complete my top 10

  • Yunaria

    that’s okay, don’t worry 😀

  • ☜☆☞GoGo☜☆☞

    You know, I really think that Chaeyeon from IZ*ONE are the most beautiful woman among k-pop girl group. I think that the kindness, humbleness, and the character that shown from Chaeyeon are the most beautiful think.

  • hmm

    minju says hi 🙂

  • SamAndres

    WTF?!!! The prettiest is missing! Where’s my Nancy? T_T



  • Happiness Sejeong

    Kim Sejeong

  • Amberlie Vu


  • ajiexvape

    For me wjsn luda

  • 00paris


  • kimtaehyung

    my top 5

  • Lucas

    Where’s Mina from TWICE?!?!?!

  • Eejay Santillan Gravino

    Cause shes not a visual

  • Eejay Santillan Gravino

    Cause shes not a visual. In kpop groups only the visual should be the prettiest or handsome.

  • Eejay Santillan Gravino

    Irene was there she was even the fourth one

  • Eejay Santillan Gravino

    For me my favorite visuals are.
    1. Irene (Red Velvet)
    2. Jisoo (Black Pink)
    3. Yeonwoo (Momoland)
    4. Tzuyu (Twice)

  • Asphodeliah

    Why then Yuqi instead of Shuhua?

  • Nobody

    Really? Where is Rosé? Rosé is the most beautiful person in the world out side and inside, please all boys like Rosé and girls don’t like her because she is very lovely for the boys

  • Red

    ya’ll gotta be shitting yourself when the nation’s visual is 10th and one of the most beautiful person is the last 😔

  • Yoona lover


  • Yoona lover

    Love yoona

  • KimFernanda

    1. Irene (Red Velvet)
    2. Tzuyu (Twice)
    3. Suzy
    4. Jisoo (Blackpink)
    5. Yoona (SNSD)

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    I don’t think she’s an official visual.

  • mereee

    where is shuhua? she’s more of a visual than yuqi (i dont mean any harm to woOgI)

  • Jeremy Wiliam

    Where’s IZONE Kim Chaewon

  • Szymon Janiak

    It’s a tricky question, every single female idol is the prettiest with a lovely personality to match.

  • Марти Парти
  • disqus_EsrHhz06Q8

    chungha and doyeon are some of the prettiest girls ive ever seen. & icb yves or jinsoul isnt on this list

  • Kiki_Kpop

    I wish so many other female artists were on here like Ailee and Gain, but they weren’t and that made me a little disappointed. It’s okay though, they just didn’t make it far enough to be spoken of I guess?

  • Uhh

    Uhhh why none of the g-idle ladies are on here????

  • Eira

    I think Lisa is prettier than Jisoo

  • taewoo26

    there is yuqi

  • taewoo26

    i just add one member in a group

  • taewoo26

    both yves and jinsoul are exteremly pretty but i’ve added heejin and i just add one member from each group

  • taewoo26

    i just add one member in each group

  • taewoo26

    i just add one member in each group .

  • taewoo26

    I just add one member in each group .

  • taewoo26

    i just Add one member in each group

  • taewoo26

    I didn’t put the official visuals (i made the poll)

  • taewoo26

    cause i put yeonwoo and i just add one member in each group

  • taewoo26

    i just add one member in each group and i added tzuyu

  • Sunny Nights

    All of the Above

  • mike bike

    Hyerin from EXID…

  • SamAndres

    I don’t get this. Who are you to decide who’s visual or not? To each his own, right?

  • kyo

    solar sweetie I’m so sorry. . . the biased voters did you so dirty

  • parlisse

    heejin they did u wrong…

  • parlisse

    not really, i mean i find her pretty by she doesnt really fit koreans beauty type 🙁

  • parlisse

    they did heejin dirty

  • jnara

    why is chaeyeong of twice not on the list?

  • Max

    Where is APINKS son naeun??

  • i wanted to be a cowboy babey

    trick question. they are all beautiful hehe

  • 민주가 또??

    You put jiu’s pic, but her name is not on the poll?????

  • Dont be bias guyyy!! Me trying hard not to bias ( yoona ) and see u guys like this TT

  • JM Malate

    KIM JISOO!!!! <3

  • Ellen iloa

    So hard to choose though…
    But still my vote is for pretty Tzuyu.

  • Armymo

    Tzuyu, Suzy and Minju are BY FAR the prettiest idols.

    Followed by

  • Mai Winter

    Minju of course. She is the prettiest idol I have ever seen. She’s natural too.

  • Mai Winter

    She isn’t even visual line..

  • Mai Winter

    Or people have opinions?

  • Mai Winter

    Agree. Lisa is prettier for me.

  • Mai Winter

    Btw Yuna is the visual of Itzy not Ryujin

  • kyo

    obviously biased, but oh well, let’s just call them useless opinions

  • Leo C

    I chose 5. Minju, Yoona, Jisoo, Tzuyu, and Suzy

  • Leo C

    Wait, I didn’t see Irene was on the list. I replace Irene with Suzy

  • RJHaddict

    Put Nancy on Momoland instead. But still Tzuyu is Goddess of beauty. One of a kind.

  • mike bike

    check out her turn on king of masks, splendid and so moving to tears…

  • mike bike

    the plastic surgery has made the perfect type so plastic…

  • Francisco Samson

    lmao is it really that hard to believe that people have different opinions? do people really get salty over things like these lol.

  • BlackPink IN YOUR AREA


  • azam

    YoonA is the legend.
    Heejin & Xiyeon are on different level. Heejin looks like a mix.
    Heol~ just because Sejeong is the most popular one, she is listed here???? Official visual line is Hana, Mimi & Nayoung.

  • Ashton thecutepotato

    all of them r

  • key

    where is hyunjin?

  • Nao-chan✨

    Wtf why irene and nana are the prettiest and they are so low? Minju is pretty too but i don’t think she deserves the #1 place