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Poll: Who is the most beautiful (Female) Bassist in Korea?

Poll: Who is the most beautiful (Female) Bassist in Korea?

Note: This top will includes only active band members.


Birth Name: Shin Sohyun (신소현)
Band: Pride Band (프라이드 밴드)
Position: Bassist, Leader


Birth Name: Minji (민지)
Band: 1DB(원디비)
Position: Bassist


Birth Name: Kim Areum (김아름)
Band: Rolling Quartz (롤링쿼츠)
Position: Bassist, Maknae


Birth Name: Min Ji-sun(민지선)
Band: Evenif(이븐이프)
Position: Bassist , Keyboardist, Cellist


Birth Name: Jo Hangyeom (조한겸)
Band: Walking After U (워킹 애프터 유)
Position: Bassist


Stage Name: SEI (세이)
Band: MĀRE (마레)
Position: Bassist


Birth Name: Choi Bogyung (최보경)
Band: If Enough (이프이너프)
Position: Bassist

Lee Ingyeong

Birth Name: Lee Ingyeong (이인경)
Band: MONNI (몽니) 
Position: Bassist

Jeong Dayeon

Birth Name: Jeong Dayeon (정다연)
Band: DISH CRIMSON (디쉬크림슨) 
Position: Bassist, Maknae

Park Sohee

Birth Name: Park Sohee (박소희)
Band: MSB (신문수밴드)/ Bumple (범고래와 플랑크톤)
Position: Bassist


Birth Name: Lee Luli (이루리)
Band: Seoulmoon (서울문)
Position: Bassist, Vocalist


Stage Name: Tina (티나)
Band: DIH (동이혼)
Position: Bassist

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Who Is The Most Beautiful Bassist ?

Who is the most beautiful female BASSIST in S. Korea? Feel free to comment down below!

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