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Park Soo-Hyun (ADORA) Profile and Facts

ADORA Profile and Facts

Park Soo-Hyun (박수현) also known as ADORA is a Korean producer and songwriter for BigHit Entertainment.

ADORA Official Accounts:
Instagram: @dora._.a

Birth Name: Park Soo-Hyun (박수현)
Nickname: ADORA
Studio Name: Adorable Trap
Blood Type:

ADORA Facts:
– ADORA used to be a trainee under the company Music K Entertainment.
– She is the only known female producer at BigHit Entertainment.
– She was originally supposed to debut in the girl group The Ark, but didn’t end up debuting for unspecified reasons.
– In 2016 BigHit recruited her from the audition “2016 New Creator”.
– She has produced/helped produce many of BTS‘ songs such as Magic Shop, So What, Forever Rain (RM), Winter Bear (V), and many more.
– She is said to have done the backing vocals in many of BTS’ songs such as SUGA‘s “Seesaw” and JIN‘s “Awake”.

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