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‘Palette’ (IU) Album Info

‘Palette’ (IU) Album Info

Palette (팔레트) is the fourth studio album by IU, released on April 21, 2017.

Artist: IU
Release Date: April 21, 2017
Recorded: 2017
Genre: K-Pop
Length: 39:56
Label: LOEN Entertainment
Imprint: FAVE Entertainment
Writers: IU, Oh Hyuk, Lee Jung-Hoon, G-Dragon, Sunwoo Jungah, Lee Bryung-Woo, Kim Eana, and many more
Producers: IU, Kim Je-hwi, Lee Jong-Hoon, Sunwoo Jungah, Yook Suk-chul, Son Seung-je, Kim Hee-won, Lee Bryung-woo, Hong So-jin, and many more.

Track list:
1. Dlwlrma – 3:02
2. Palette ft. G-Dragon (Title track) – 3:37
3. Ending Scene – 4:09
4. Can’t Love You Anymore with Oh Hyuk – 3:15
5. Jam Jam – 3:38
6. Black Out – 3:47
7. Full Stop – 3:56
8. Through The Night – 4:13
9. Love Alone – 4:41
10. Dear Name – 4:49

Palette MV
Through The Night MV
Palette MV Teaser 1
Palette MV Teaser 2
Dear Name Teaser
Ending Scene Teaser
Jam Jam Teaser

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