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Oh Man-seok Profile & Facts

Oh Man-seok Profile: Oh Man-seok Facts

Oh Man-seok (오만석) is a South Korean actor under PLKGOODFRIENDS and the vocalist of a band called Little Wing.

Birth Name: Oh Man-seok (오만석)
Birthday: December 19, 1974~January 30, 1975
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 175cm (5’8″)
Weight: 64kg (141 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @goodfriends_2020
Twitter: @argang5
Agency Profile: OH MAN SEOK

Oh Man-seok Facts:
– He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– Education: Yeongdong High School, the Korea National University of Arts with a BFA in Acting.
– He majored in theatre.
– After graduating from university, he mainly performed in theater and musical stages.
– He made his stage debut in the play “Faust” in 1999.
– He debuted as a theatre director with “The Happy Life” (2008-2009).
– He is the CEO of the OD Musical Entertainment Company.
– He got married for the first time to Jo Sang-gyeong in 2001 and got divorced in 2007. They’ve met each other at the university and after a year and a half of dating decided to get married.
– He dated actress Jo An (Jolly Widows co-star) for nearly two years, before breaking up in late 2011.
– He remarried in 2018 to a non-celebrity and the name of his wife is known.
– He has a daughter named Oh Young-joo from his first marriage.
– He loves beef bone soup and fried pork cutlet. (Cook & Talk)
– He often cooks at home but doesn’t consider himself very good. (Cook & Talk)
– Instead of a knife he uses scissors more often in the kitchen. (Cook & Talk)
– A program that he’d like to host is something like Entertainment Weekly.
– If he could change something about himself, he’d turn into the EPL soccer director for one year.
– He often lends money out of affection and love and doesn’t get it back. (Showbiz Korea)
– He isn’t able to pick between doing movies or musicals. (Showbiz Korea)
– He isn’t satisfied with his own acting in “True Fiction”. (Showbiz Korea)
– His all-time favorite item is balls: soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs, etc.
– He loves a good ball game. He does a lot of such sports as hobbies. (Showbiz Korea)
– When he is able to help someone, he is happy to do so. It’s natural for him to help out. (Showbiz Korea)
– He never borrowed money from someone nor monetary aid. (Showbiz Korea)
– He played a role of a drag queen named Lola in the musical “Kinky Boots” receiving comments like “a man who is gorgeous even as a woman”, “a man more beautiful than a woman”.
– In 2014/2015 he was known as the king of variety shows.
– When he’s on a break, he travels often and exercises. (Showbiz Korea)
– One of his hobbies is to search for travel products. (Showbiz Korea)
– Some of the places he traveled to are London, Paris, Los Angeles, Las Vegas. (Showbiz Korea/Happy Together)
– Some of his friends are actors Jang Dong-gun, Kim Seung-woo, Oh Ji-ho, Lee Sun-gyun, and others. (Showbiz Korea)
– His tip to take care of friends is to exercise with them like play all kinds of sports. (Showbiz Korea)
– He plays golf. (Showbiz Korea)
– He plays baseball as an outfielder. He played with Playboys [celebrity basketball team] for a long time. (Showbiz Korea)
– His position in soccer is a midfielder. (Showbiz Korea)
– He has a drinking habit that he wants to hide. He falls asleep when he drinks a lot. (Showbiz Korea)
– His most embarrassing situation when drinking is blacking out in-between changing the location/bar and going from drinking beer to soju. (Showbiz Korea)
– In 2012, he sang an OST for “Wild Romance” titled “How Can I Change?”.

Oh Man-seok in Drama Series:
Youth of May (오월의 청춘) | 2021, KBS2 – Hwang Ki-nam
Hello Dracula (안녕 드라큘라) | 2020, JTBC – Jong-su
Crash Landing on You (사랑의 불시착) | 2019-2020, tvN – Cho Cheol-gang
Beautiful World (아름다운 세상) | 2019, JTBC – Oh Jin-pyo
Partners for Justice 2 (검법남녀2) | 2019, MBC – Do Ji-Han
Partners for Justice (검법남녀) | 2018, MBC – Do Ji-Han
Squad 38 (38사기동대) | 2016, OCN – Park Deok-bae (cameo)
Another Miss Oh (또! 오해영) | 2016, tvN – film director Oh Man-seok (cameo, ep. 18)
Pluto Secret Society (플루토 비밀결사대) | 2014, EBS – Choi Ki-chan’s colleague (cameo, ep. 4)
Prime Minister & I (총리와 나) | 2014, KBS2 – gangster (cameo, ep. 12)
Wang’s Family (왕가네 식구들) | 2013, KBS2 – Heo Se-dal
Drama Special “The True Colors of Gang and Cheol” (드라마스페셜 _ 강철본색) | 2012, KBS2 – Noh Chul-gi
Wild Romance (난폭한 로맨스) | 2012, KBS2 – Jin Dong-soo
Warrior Baek Dong-soo (무사 백동수) | 2011, SBS – Crown Prince Sado
What’s Up (왓츠업) 2011, MBN – Sunwoo Young
Drama Special “Special Task Force MSS”| 2011, KBS2 – Noh Chul-gi
Drama Special “Spy Trader Kim Chul-soo’s Recent Condition” | 2010, KBS2 – Kim Chul-soo
Road No. 1 (로드 넘버원) | 2010, MBC – North Korean soldier (guest, ep. 16-17)
Jolly Widows (다 함께 차차차) | 2009, KBS1 – Han Jin-woo
Chil-woo the Mighty (최강칠우) | 2008, KBS2 – Kang Chil-woo’s father (cameo, ep. 1)
The King and I (왕과 나) | 2007, SBS – Kim Cheo-seon
Drama City “Transformation” | 2007, KBS2 – Monk
Surgeon Bong Dal-hee (외과의사 봉달희) | 2007, SBS – Oh Jung-min (guest, ep. 13-14)
Hyena (하이에나) | 2006, tvN – Choi Jin-beom
The Vineyard Man (포도밭 그 사나이) | 2006, KBS2 – Jang Taek-gi
MBC Best Theater “That Man’s Jealous” | 2006, MBC – Korean language teacher
Shin Don (신돈 외 다수) | 2005, MBC – Wonhyeon
Age of Warriors (무인시대) | 2003, KBS1 – Yangpyo

Oh Man-seok in Movies:
Honest Candidate (정직한 후보) | 2020 – Jang Deok-joon (cameo)
True Fiction (살인소설) | 2018 – Lee Kyong-Seok
The Bros (부라더) | 2017 – Representative Oh (cameo)
Detour (올레) | 2016 – Eun-dong
Chasing (잡아야 산다) | 2016 – 340 bus driver
Countdown (카운트다운) | 2011 -Swy
Finding Mr. Destiny (김종욱 찾기) | 2010 – Kim Jong-mook (cameo)
Our Town (우리동네) | 2007 – Kyung-ju
Soo (수) | 2007 – Jeom Park-yi
Fly Up | 2006 – narration (documentary)
A Cruel Attendance (잔혹한 출근) | 2006 – Sponge (cameo)
Liar (라이어) | 2004 – Alex
To My Love | 2000 – unknown (short film)

Oh Man-seok in Musicals:
Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder (젠틀맨스 가이드: 사랑과 살인편) as D’Ysquith – 2021/2020/2019/2018
Hedwig (헤드윅) as Hedwig – 2019/2018/2017/2012
Man of La Mancha (맨오브라만차) as Cervantes/Don Quixote – 2018
Those Days (그날들) as Jeong-hak – 2017/2016/2013
Okepi (오케피) as Conductor – 2016
Kinky Boots (킹키부츠) as Lola – 2015
Rebeka (레베카) as Maxim DeWinter – 2014/2013
200 Pounds Beauty (미녀는 괴로워) as Han Sang-jun – 2011
The Toxic Avenger as Melvin Ferd the Third, Toxie – 2010
Dreamgirls as Curtis Taylor Jr. – 2009
The Organ in My Heart (내 마음의 풍금) as Kang Dong-soo – 2008
A Day (하루) as Kang Young-won – 2007
Singin’ in the Rain as Don Lockwood – 2004/2005
Geum River Opera (가극 금강) as Ha-nui – 2004/2005
Grease as Danny Zuko, Doody, Eugene Florczyk – 2003/2004
Return to the Forbidden Planet as Bosun – 2002
Oh! Happy Day as Eros – 2002
The Rocky Horror Show as Rocky – 2001
A Serenade of Sorrow (애수의 소야곡) as Chang-ho – 2001

Oh Man-seok Awards:
[2019] 37th MBC Drama Awards Excellence Award for an Actor in a Monday-Tuesday Miniseries (Investigation Couple 2)
[2009] KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Daily Drama – Actor (Everybody Cha Cha Cha)
[2006] KBS Drama Awards: Best New Actor Award (The Vineyard Man)
[2006] KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Yoon Eun Hye (The Vineyard Man)
[2006] KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (The Vineyard Man)

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