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Od Rhomp Profile and Facts

Od Rhomp Profile & Facts

Od Rhomp (오드럼프) is a South Korean Rapper. He and Sycho released mini-album “SOUSSTANK” with TANKK!!!‘ M/V on July 22, 2020.

Stage Name: Od Rhomp (오드럼프)
Birth Name: Son Kihoon
Birthday: Febuary 28, 1995
Zodiac: Pisces
Instagram: Od.rhomp
Soundcloud: Od Rhomp
Youtube: 오드럼프
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop, Indie
Crew: #8 (Hashtag and Gr8vattic)

Od Rhomp Facts:
– Od Rhomp is from Ansan, South Korea, but currently lives in Seoul.
– He is a SMTM 777 contestant.
– Od Rhomp means ‘odd man’.
– Od Rhomp’s  lyrics are hard to understand because he writes them like poetry or uses Korean memes to describe the situation.
– 5 years ago, he released the song ‘안경‘ on SoundCloud. The song explains that life is hard, and reality and dreams are far away.
– He is a”Say, what you wanna say (하고싶은말을해라)” contestant.
– He got interested in music and started to rap while in high school.
– Od Rhomp likes Garion, Minos, Huckleberry P, San E, etc.
– He met the Hashtag members (Sycho, KJ, Roocent) in University.
– Most Korean universities have hip-hop clubs, so when he was a freshman, he joined his university’s club.
– He completed his military service in 2014 – 2016. After his military service finished, he went back to rapping with his crew.
– Because Hashtag and Gr8vattic are very close, they planned a concert together and called it #8. #8 is an idea from Od Rhomp.
– He has a good memory. He is lazy. He does not get angry easily and is a loyal friend.
– On average, it takes him an hour or less to make a song.
– The quickest he has ever made a song was thirty minutes.
– He is inspired by Takeone because his lyrics are very cool and difficult to understand.
– In his songs, he likes to talk about life, the mind, and money.
– Od Rhomp’s dream is not to worry about money.
– His goal is to make music full time to make money.
– He wants to collaborate with many  musicians, especially rappers.
– Od Rhomp chose “쌍문동 청기와즈 2 – Sycho, KJ, Od Rhomp, Roocent, Doubdub” as his favorite song because it is a family song.
– His favorite color is olive.
– Od Rhomp is a part of the project Team GR8VATTIC – Bluray (Prod. G-Slow).

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