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Kvmper Profile and Facts

kvmper Profile & Facts

Kvmper (캠퍼) is an independent South Korean rapper and singer, who officially debuted with “Pepsi Blue ft. whalethemigaloo (prod. Vincent)” on 2020.

Stage Name: Kvmper (pronouced “camper”) (캠퍼)
Birth Name: Park June (박 준 )
Birthday: June 2, 1998
Zodiac: Gemini
Instagram: yuwolnalssi (artwork) / kvmper
Soundcloud: kvmper
Genre: R&B/Soul, Rap/Hiphop, Pop, Indie

Kvmper Facts:
– He’s from Anyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea.
– The first time he made a song was in 2017.
– Kvmper has released “Pepsi Blue ft. whalethemigaloo (prod. Vincent)” which is available on all Korean music platforms, but is also available on his Soundcloud.
– His hobby is photography.
– Kvmper has amazing graphic design skills.
– Kvmper is part of the ASXL crew, with members Thatboymint, BTW Keeplo ,BoymeetswrldHEMOand Ysol.
– He’s part of the Blueprintmagazine, with members Ralph, Kun, 64, Vaowl, Huka, Joy, Crowel/HAYATE.
– He released “VRTL WRLD (Virtual World)” album in 2020 with Boymeetswrld and collaborated with Hemo on his Soundcloud.
– He recommends listening to ‘WKND (feat. Thatboymint)‘ because he tried a lot of new things when it came to the instrumental and production of that song.
– He chose “kvmper” for his name stage, because he likes the vibes of camping and campfires.
– He started graphic design as hobby in 2019 when he was in the military service.
– Hip-hop music began to become popular in Korea when he was in high school. At that time he only listened to it, but when he met Thatboymint at school, he was interested in trying making music.
– Kvmper majored is cultural contents and studied at the same university as Ysol (producer).
– He and Thatboymint were close friends long before the ASXL was established. They made it (ASXL) together.
– He’s rational. He’s not satisfied with his music and thinks he needs to improve.
– The amount of time it takes him to make songs varies. Sometimes it will take him a day. Other times it will take him months.
– “Cocky (feat.104)’s” demo version was made in April 2020, but he later found the project file in 2021 and finished it.
– He made the track ‘koyangee‘ on his Soundcloud overnight.
– He wants to make a new album in the summer of 2021, and he is gonna take a break from music for a while after that is released.
– His dream is to earn money by doing what he wants to do, and he is not interested in working for a company in order to survive.
– He wants to collaborate with rapper Punchnello, because Punchnello was his senior in highschool.
– When he doesn’t have any inspiration or ideas for making music or working on graphic design, he plays online games like FIFA.
– Kvmper feels good when others compliment his work.
– His favorite color is black.
– Kvmper’s favorite song is “Surf” by Mac Miller.

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