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November 2021 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

If there’s any songs I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.) (OST’s Not Included) (Always listed by Title Track & not album name).

🌪 October 27th 🌪
Wonho ║〘On The Way ~ Embrace ~〙[Japanese Debut]
Ailee ║〘가르치지마〙[Comeback]
BUGVEL ║〘Warning/彩雲〙[Debut]
JUST B ║〘TICK TOCK〙[Comeback]
TXT ║〘FROST〙[Release]
Secret Number║〘Fire Saturday〙[Comeback]

🌪 October 28th 🌪
Park Jihoon ║〘Serious〙[Comeback]
DKB〘왜 만나 (Rollercoaster)〙[Comeback]
F.HERO x MILLI ║〘Mirror Mirror (ft. Changbin of Stray Kids)〙[Release]
Wild Idol ║〘Diving to the Top〙[Release]
MARS [From show ‘Idol: The Coup’ ║〘Cloud9〙[Release]
Cielogroove ║〘Yellow (ft. Lee Youngbin)〙[Release]

🌪 October 29th 🌪
MINIMANI ║〘나에게 (To me)〙[Comeback]
SOMI ║〘XOXO〙[Comeback]
SB19 ║〘Bazinga〙[Release]
SWAY ║〘Sunset〙[Release]
4eve ║〘Trick or Treat〙[Release]
Colde, Soyeon (G)I-DLE) ║〘New Vision〙[Project Release]
Son Taejin [Forte di Quattro] x Wendy [Red Velvet]║〘Be Deep(깊어지네)〙[Collab Release]
Taeho [IMFACT] ║〘Tell Me〙[Solo Release]

🌪 October 31st 🌪
VAV ║〘보고싶어서 (Cause I Miss You)〙[Release]
MCND ║〘고양이 춤 (Cat Waltz)〙[Release]
PIXY ║〘Bewitched (Eng Ver.)〙[Release]
Pink Fantasy ║〘기기괴괴(奇奇怪怪)〙[Release]


✶ November 1st ✶
2am ║〘Should’ve known〙[Comeback]
BE:FIRST ║〘Gifted〙[Debut]
J.SOUL BROTHERS From EXILE Tribe ║〘Honey〙[Release]
SPARKY ║〘Eventually〙[Release]

✶ November 2nd ✶
Super Junior D&E ║〘ZERO〙[Comeback]
Leo [VIXX] ║〘남아있어 (ImStillHere)〙[Comeback]

✶ November 3rd ✶
LABOUM ║〘Kiss Kiss〙[Comeback]
Tei ║〘순리〙[Release]
NECTA ║〘fck art let’s dance〙[Release]
Yumin ║〘감아 (Tic Toc)〙[Release]
NCT 127 x KARTRIDER ║〘Freeze〙[Release]
MJ [ASTRO] ║〘Happy Virus〙[Solo Debut]
msftz ║〘Heart〙[Release]

✶ November 4th ✶
TO1 ║〘No More X〙[Comeback]
Monday Kiz ║〘Pisces (물고기자리)〙[Comeback]
HyunHo [D-Crunch] ║〘Hope〙[Release]
Nody Cika ║〘Zzz〙[Release]

✶ November 5th ✶
HUTA [BTOB] ║〘알아 (Good Night)〙[Solo Release]
BoA ║〘My Dear〙[Release]
ADORA ║〘MAKE U DANCE (ft. Eunha of VIVIZ)〙[Debut]

✶ November 6th ✶
Riona [Posh Girls] ║〘Tell Me Why〙[Solo Release]
Shin Onyu & Kim Kang ║〘Sunset Island〙[Collab  Release]

✶ November 7th ✶
Johan Kim x Chancelllor ║〘Beautiful (Prod. Devine Channel)〙[Collab Release]

✶ November 8th ✶
GIHWAN ║〘Running To You〙[Release]
YunGGI ║〘밀리언 (UNDERRATED)〙[Release]
MIN ║〘ONION〙[Pre-Debut Release]
Blitzers ║〘내적댄스 (Hop-in)〙[Release]
Gihwan ║〘Running To You〙[Release]
Junyong [NOIR] ║〘Run〙[Release]
XAXA ║〘Remember (ft. Owell Mood)〙[Release]
Dine On ║〘Starry〙[Release]
Lee SaeBom (이새봄) ║〘I’m Fine〙[Release]
LUNA [Group from show ‘Let Me Be Your Knight’] ║〘Beautiful Breakup〙[Release]

✶ November 9th ✶
ONEUS ║〘월하미인 (月下美人: LUNA)〙[Comeback]
VICTON ║〘Sweet Travel〙[Release]
NIve ║〘party without u〙[Release]
TXT ║〘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) (ft. Ikuta Lilas)〙[Japanese Release]

✶ November 10th ✶
Billlie ║〘Ring x Ring〙[Debut]
B1A4 ║〘오랜 날 아끼고 아꼈던 그 말〙[Release]
JUNNY ║〘HIDE & SICK〙[Release]

✶ November 11th ✶
B.I ║〘COSMOS〙[Comeback]
Lilli Lilli ║〘Barcode〙[Debut]
SOHLHEE ║〘수선화 (水仙花)〙[Comeback]
ICHILLIN ║〘Feel So Fresh〙[Comeback]
ICU ║〘Look At Me (Japanese Ver.)〙[Release]
NiziU ║〘Chopstick〙[Comeback]
XTZ ║〘MARIYAM〙[Comeback]
StarBe ║〘Cheesecake〙[Comeback]

✶ November 12th ✶
TWICE ║〘Scientist〙[Comeback]
GREE ║〘Sorry for loving you(미안해 널 사랑해서) (ft. YERIN(예린))〙[Comeback]
D-CRUNCH ║〘Tell me:what you want〙[Release]
Raisa ║〘Someday (ft. Sam Kim)〙[Release]
Mark [GOT7] ║〘Last Breath〙[Solo Release]
Eric Nam ║〘ANY OTHER WAY〙[Release]
YEWON ║〘Rain of the Day〙[Release]

✶ November 14th ✶
JUST B ║〘TRY〙[Release]
OVAN ║〘산책 (Walk)〙[Release]
Yey ║〘Nova〙[Release]

✶ November 15th ✶
Bernard Park ║〘Bad Influence〙[Comeback]
T-ARA ║〘TIKI TAKA〙[Comeback]
Chawon [AWEEK] ║〘More Today (오늘따라 더)〙[Solo Debut]
Son TaeJin ║〘깊어지네 (Be Deep) (Solo Ver.)〙[Comeback]

✶ November 16th ✶
YOUNHA ║〘Stardust(별의 조각)〙[Comeback]
Kang Daniel ║〘Fly (New Version | Original Ver. By Epik High)〙[Project Release]
Jukjae ║〘서로의 서로 (One Another)〙[Release]
Lee Minhyuk ║〘Your love for me (너의 사랑이 날 웃게 해)〙[Release]
Chu Seo Jun (추서준) ║〘Headache (헤롱헤롱) (ft. Han Yo Han(한요한))〙[Release]

✶ November 17th ✶
Jeong DongWon ║〘Don’t Forget Me (물망초) | Goodbye My Love (잘가요 내사랑)〙[Release]
E’LAST ║〘To.Lie〙[Release]
Miss $ ║〘이 나이 먹고 뭐했길래 (Older None The Wiser) (ft. Jung SeulGi (정슬기), KANTO (칸토))〙[Project Release]
bobae ║〘GROW UP〙[Release]

✶ November 18th ✶
Weki Meki ║〘Siesta〙[Comeback]
BIG Naughty ║〘STAB (ft. eaJ)〙[Release]
Summer Soul ║〘White Lies (ft. Kvsh)〙[Release]
Yo Dayoung (요다영) ║〘Lovelylove (ft. 최낙타 (CHOI NAKTA))〙[Release]

✶ November 19th ✶
MONSTA X ║〘Rush Hour〙[Comeback]
Ha SungWoon ║〘Electrified〙[Comeback]
NiziU ║〘Need U〙[Release]
HAEBIN ║〘Swimming〙[Release]

✶ November 20th ✶
BXW ║〘24/7〙[Release]

✶ November 21st ✶
from20 ║〘제임스딘 (JAMESDEAN) | 스물〙[Comeback]
igloo ║〘The Top Of The Tree〙[Release]

✶ November 22nd ✶
SF9 ║〘Trauma〙[Comeback]
Jang HyeJin ║〘To me (ft. Kim Sejeong)〙[Release]

✶ November 23rd ✶
ORβIT ║〘ECLIPSE〙[Comeback]
Gaho [PLT] ║〘Right Now〙[Comeback]
ONEWE ║〘별 (STAR)〙[Comeback]
B.I.G ║〘Flashback〙[Comeback]
Bang Yongguk ║〘RACE〙[Comeback]
SE SO NEON ║〘joke!〙[Comeback]

✶ November 24th ✶
AB6IX ║〘Cherry〙[Japanese Release]
KISU ║〘Waves of you〙[Release]
JO1 ║〘Wandering (僕らの季節)〙[Comeback]
GEMINI ║〘UFO (ft. Seori)〙[Release]
Ninety One ║〘DARN〙[Comeback]
Jang Woohyuk (장우혁) ║〘어때 Tonight〙[Comeback]
Ed Sheeran ║〘Shivers (ft Jessi and SUNMI)〙[Release]
Hwasa [MAMAMOO] ║〘I’m a 빛〙[Comeback]

✶ November 25th ✶
GHOST9 ║〘Control〙[Comeback]
URBAN ZAKAPA ║〘I’ll Never Know You (모르겠어)〙[Comeback]
TRI.BE ║〘Santa For You〙[Release]

✶ November 26th ✶
2Z ║〘It Is U〙[Comeback]

✶ November 29th ✶
Stray Kids ║〘Christmas EveL | Winter Falls〙[Comeback]
CHUNGHA ║〘Killing Me〙[Release]
NADA ║〘Bulletproof〙[Release]

✶ November 30th ✶
CIGNATURE ║〘Boyfriend〙[Comeback]
Kai [EXO] ║〘Peaches〙[Solo Comeback]


Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the November Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any November comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂