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Niahn Profile & Facts

Niahn Profile & Facts

Niahn (니안) is a South Korean rapper and singer under MKIT RAIN.

Stage Name: Niahn (니안)
Birth Name:
Birthday: September 27, 1991
Zodiac: Libra
Instagram: niahness
Soundcloud: niahn

Niahn Facts
– He is originally from Los Angeles, California.
– He has a dog named Cola.
– He’s close friends with fellow rapper BLOO of MKIT RAIN.
-His biggest influences in his earlier years were Kid Cudi and Pharrell.
– He says his biggest influence in recent days is the internet.
– He’s part of the ‘Young Creation Crew’.
– As a kid he was always interested in music and played piano, clarinet, and cello for nearly 10 years of his childhood life.
– He also participated in orchestra at the age of 10.
– When he was 14, he was approached by Nafla with his first song, which became a major inspiration for Niahn to begin making music himself.
– He first appeared October 1st, 2015 in a song called “09 WHY” by Loopy on Soundcloud.
– He later debuted in the duo Neonblue with BLOO in 2017.
– He took a solo debut in 2019 with Cartier (feat. Loopy).
– His background and connection to MKIT RAIN originated in childhood friendship, the boys also grew up in the same neighborhood.
– When asked who he’d like to collaborate with in the future he said; “COLA (his dog), for sure. JK, Haha. Definitely Pharrell. He just popped in my head. And recently I’ve been heavily listening to Lancey Foux, so Lancy Foux, and ‘I wanna see you girlll’ Steve Lacey. Oh, also King Krule!” (according to an interview with hiphopkr).

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